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Born and raised in Miami, Florida, TaKisha Trenean is both an avid reader and a new author. TaKisha has always had a passion for writing and enjoys giving life to characters through penning stories. Throughout the years she would journal and write poetry as a form expressing herself and her experiences. TaKisha eventually began working on her first novel as a creative outlet to heal from a personal loss. Writing romance gives life to the hopeless romantic within her and allows the introvert within to explore life through her characters. Using music and the world around her, TaKisha hopes to create stories that readers can ultimately relate to and get lost in.

PWH: Describe yourself in three words.

TT: Sarcastic, Loyal, and Intuitive

PWH: What sparked your love for reading?

TT: Wow! I can’t remember a time when I didn’t love to read. My earliest memory was when my kindergarten teacher gifted me with a Berenstain Bears book because she recognized that not only could I read, but that I loved reading. I loved that I could experience different worlds and characters outside of my own environment. It’s an escape for me.

PWH:  How did you get your start in writing books?

TT: My first book started out as more of a hobby. I was in between jobs and the first chapter of my book came to me in a daydream and I started from there, but with no intention of publishing. At that point in time writing was therapeutic for me. I sat on that book for years. Eventually, I let a close friend in on the secret that I was writing a book and she encouraged me to get it published.

PWH:  You have written several books, what is your common message in all of them?

TT: My common message is simply Black Love, Healing, and Growth. Characters on the journey to not only find love but healthy relationships.

 PWH: What is next for you in your writing journey?

TT: Honestly I just want to write and grow my fan base.

PWH: Bonus: What advice do you have for an inspiring writer?

TT: Write! You have to start from somewhere. You can’t become the writer you want to be if you don’t put that pen to paper. Practice makes perfect! Also, there’s a place for you in this field so don’t compare yourselves to others. Write because you love it, not for money, popularity, or fame.

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