Filling the Empty Void through Faith and Healing with Renee Myers

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Life wasn’t so charmed while growing up in the Charm City.  As a kid in Baltimore, MD Renee Myers faced many obstacles.  From poverty to abuse, she endured more than most people do in their entire lifetime.  The trauma of sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional hurt and even church hurt; were the backdrop to her story that she shares today.  Despite having these dilemmas she still persisted to be an amazing woman of God.  She rose to the occasion to lead a positive life filled with healing her past hurt.  Renee found solace through her faith in God, community outreach and individual counseling.  She also chose to use writing as a way of gaining her peace.

“I am praying that my writing will help or inspire someone in my community to know it’s not how you start but how you finish. I also want someone to know that you can get healing from many sources but there are some voids that ONLY you can heal. “

Feeling that she had a story to tell, Renee pushed through her trauma and began writing.  There were days when she wanted to give up but she kept writing.  Her writing served as a therapeutic measure for her as well.  She conquered the writing process and now has published her very first book titled, A Void Only YOU Can Heal.  Her epic life story will be released in October 2020.  Her story shares her struggle in her transformation from trauma to healing. Women in the community often wear many hats.  Black women also are not often protected as they should be.


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“My writing helps women of color know that they matter because in our community alone, the black woman is not often protected.  But this book will help the black woman understand that our minds matter. Our lives matter, our healing matters and it’s ok to be: a mother, a sister, a colleague, a wife, a friend and etc while still checking in on others!“

Renee is hoping to inform Black women everywhere that self-care is also understanding that it’s ok to take care of yourself at times.  Women can’t continue to put the care of others before themselves.  Her new book is equipped with not only her inspirational story but also a poem, songs, reflection questions and community resources.   Renee is aiming to aid in the self-care and self-help healing for women in all communities.  It’s time to reclaim our own care.  It’s time to care for ourselves from within.  It’s time to reclaim our resiliency.

“I believe that when black women unify; and are HEALTHY HEALED WHOLE individuals, they can shake up the world to be a whole better place. It starts with us.”

Renee’s writing project was also no small task.  She recommends hiring others to assist you in getting your story told correctly.   No matter the duration of your writing project there are literary experts that are available to help you reach the finish line in the race to be a published author.  Her next writing project may likely be a children’s book.  She has previously written a story and would love to have her daughter see a book written by her mother for her age group.  Renee is continuing to heal in her purpose, one day at a time.  Her growth is largely due to her Christian faith and sought out therapy services.  She continues to be a work in progress yet no way close to where she came from.  To connect with Renee Myers please visit  Books may be purchased in e-book & paperback form from Amazon and Ingram Sparks in October 2020.  Follow her on social media as @avoychbookpage, @ReneeMyers and @blessedhandsbyrenee.

Writer, C. Scott, is a mompreneur, blogger, freelance writer, author and self-publisher.  Follow her on social media as @curls_coils and @mysweettealife.

Take Your Business to Another Level With CEO Charletta Taylor

Charletta  is an International Speaker/Coach/Aspiring Author.  She is the President of Quality of Life, a nonprofit whose mission is to strengthen families.  Her Business is Another Level Coaching & Consulting.  Her coaching speciality is Life & Relationships and the main emphasis is on Women’s Empowerment.  The business consulting portion of her company focuses on taking entrepreneurs to the next level.  Charletta Has an educational background in Business Management & Theology. 

Charletta has been the Guest Contributor on both local and international podcasts.  Most recently topics have ranged from Mental Health in the Black Community and Fighting Injustice.  

Charletta is now booking workshops for groups of 10 or more. Current topic: “Why Am I Here?” After this workshop, you will never again wonder why you wasted time on a dead end job, in a boring meeting, at a lifeless party, or on a date with no potential…you will learn the value of putting meaning to the people and places that you spend your time with. Because time is not money, you can always make more money but you cannot make more time. 

Contact 1-636-795-2163

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PWH: What inspired your start in coaching?
CT: My inspiration for coaching stemmed from a desire to see women achieve a successful balance in every area of their lives. In business, family, relationships, etc.   
After my mom passed I began to ask myself, “Is this how I want to be remembered?”  I was grateful for my position in Corporate America, but I wasn’t fulfilled. I wasn’t living up to the potential of my Purpose and deep down I knew it. 
I was overworked, overweight, and constantly overwhelmed.  When I changed my life, lost 60 lbs, and took control of my destiny, I wanted to show other women how to do it. 

PWH: What is the passion behind your nonprofit “Quality of Life”?
CT: I love the babies lol…As a Single Mom, my passion began by simply wanting to help make life better for younger Single Moms.  I believe that creates a better quality of life for their children.  Fast forward, our focus is still on children, but we have changed the mission to strengthening families.  The passion behind that is wanting to see all hands on deck to make sure children succeed in life.  

PWH: What are 3 tips you have to help entrepreneurs get to the next level?
CT: • Never underestimate the power of making a genuine connection.

 •  Remove the limits.  Think big when it comes to your vision. If it’s not for you, who is it for? 

•. Establish a charitable giving program.  I believe that when you have a desire to help people that are less fortunate, God finds a way to expand your territory.  You are not only a vessel, but you allow yourself to become a conduit.  

PWH: What can women expect when attending your workshops “Why Am I Here?”
CT: Women can expect to gain useful information that they can begin to implement immediately.  My workshops are fun and interactive, however they are also packed with a blend of sound wisdom, business principles, and practical information that you can apply.  No question is a dumb one and no relatable topics are off limits.  Conversations are candid.  They are real. Women can expect honest, helpful information that will save them a lot of time, money, and heartache if they apply the principles they learn.  

PWH: What is next for you and your brand?
CT: I am so excited to be working on a book.  I know that it is going to help so many people.  We are also launching an online store which will contain inspirational books and resources.  

Bonus: What is your definition of A Pretty Woman Who Hustle’s?
CT: My definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles is one who works hard to achieve her dreams and goals in life.  She doesn’t wait for someone to offer her a seat at the table.  She creates her own fabulous table and then she turns around and helps other Pretty Women build their own table! 

Author Shanteria “Poetizer” Griglen

In a sea of up and coming writers, producers, directors and visionaries – Shanteria “Poetizer” Griglen shines bright as one of the very few young African-American female writer/producers to come from South Florida. Widely known by her alter ego and pen name, Poetizer, she is an uncut, unfiltered author, playwright and poet whose passion for creative writing is fueled by her belief that nothing in life occurs coincidentally nor without purpose.

Her latest book, ​My Soul is Bleeding- Poetic Whispers has a monumental, yet achievable goal – to usher millions of people worldwide beyond their scars. One pathway there would be for people to become comfortable with being authentic and trusting God with things we don’t understand and the pain that comes with brokenness. Through the honesty found in this book, you will be inspired to walk in your truth and allow God’s power to fuel your flaws with purpose. 
This poetic diary is ideal for teen mentoring groups, young adult peer groups, or “just because.” In fact, when you gift this book, you’ll be giving the gift of motivation to forge through life with their heads held high and the confidence to process the purpose in their journey, be it good or bad. 

PWH: What inspired you to start writing?

SG: I honestly can’t put a finger on it, but I know during my years in high school, I was constantly making up these wild stories about relationships and have classmates in my fifth period English class read them and they would be like, “Wow, that was good!” So I kept writing them. I also believe being an only child had a lot to do with my imagination and writing. 

PWH: How would you describe your writing style?

SG: I would have to say it is authentic and comes from a raw place.  I write about things most wouldn’t want to share aloud due to perceived embarrassment or judgment. 

PWH: What was the inspiration behind your book “My Soul is Bleeding”?

SG: My Soul is Bleeding is actually the name of my first original stage production. It has taken on a life of its own, and the book reflects many of the issues that were displayed in the stage play – things like depression, rape, suicide and sexual orientation, to name a few. 

PWH: What message do you hope readers gain from your work?’

SG: My prayer is that my work inspires, encourages and motivates people to embrace their journey and build from their flaws, allowing God to turn their mess into a message that will impact others.

Order your copy on Amazon or

Creating Your Own Lane and Walking Boldly in It with Briana Ross

Strategist. Graphic Designer. Entrepreneur. Boss! All of this expresses the boldness of entrepreneur, Briana Ross. Briana is successfully maneuvering her own path and walking boldly in it. Her current brand of Hello Briana Consulting provides consultation services to female entrepreneurs. “I teach female entrepreneurs how to build memorable brands and create valuable content,” says Briana. “I offer one-on-one services, digital courses, memberships, and more to help women build confidence in their messages and generate more income,” explains Briana.

She is a wealth of knowledge that is offering key factors to individual success. The pandemic is creating more online opportunities for growth in many businesses. Briana has several tips on how women can successfully brand their business online to generate more income. She passionately expresses that “Branding is more than a logo; it is how you want people to feel when they come in contact with your business & experience.” When she advises that you consider the following:

  • How can you get your customers and clients to return to you over and over again?
  • Why do your customers and clients love doing business with you?
  • How can you enhance your experience, and become the go-to in your industry?

Briana also wants fellow female bosses to know these major key steps when leveraging your branding to increase online sales:

  1. Diversify your content. People tend to buy from brands they know, like, and trust. To build your “KLT” factor, you need to diversify your content, so you’re not always entertaining or educating. Sharing your story allows your audience to get to know you. Sharing content, you find entertaining or speaking on political topics will help people determine whether or not they like your brand. Educating your audience and sharing your knowledge builds trust. When you diversify your content to tackle these three areas buying becomes a no brainer to your audience when you market your products and services.
  2. Incorporate videos.Video is a crucial part of building your brand online. Videos allow your audience to see your brand in action, get a feel for your brand voice and personality, and they can see you know your stuff. With videos, you can take your audience behind the scenes and see what goes into building your brand. Give them a glimpse, and take them along for the journey. Let your audience see firsthand why the products and services you offer are so valuable.
  3. Include clear call-to-actions and make it easy for people to buy. Optimize your social media profile bios to include who you are, what you do, and who you serve with a link that leads directly to your main offer(s). Don’t be afraid to share your brand’s products and services. People can’t buy if they don’t know what you offer. Eliminate questions by recording a video discussing your process. Once someone places an order or books a call, what happens? What is working with you or doing business with you like?

Now we know that this may seem overwhelming. However, focusing on the consumer relationship will make your online branding and sales much more easier. “ Branding allows you to humanize your brand, so don’t be afraid to start conversations and get to know your audience. The more you know them, the better you can serve them and create products and services they’ll love,” continues Briana. So create your own lane to walk boldly towards success just like Briana Ross. To connect with Hello Briana Consulting please visit: or follow her on Instagram as @hellobrianaconsulting.

Writer, C. Scott, is a mother of one; author, social worker, early literacy interventionist and entrepreneur. Follow her on Instagram as @curls_coils and @mysweettealife.

Author Catrina N. Frison

Catrina N. Frison has been involved in the arts for over 30 years. A native of Saginaw, Michigan, she represented the Miss America Organization twice locally and has traveled extensively during her career.

A strong supporter of world missions, Frison has traveled with young missionaries on the field in France, Jamaica, and in the United States. Her missionary work has afforded her significant experiences with organizations such as Master’s Touch International and World Horizons. Her belief is that when young Americans see firsthand that other teens do not have the same advantages as they, empathy develops, giving them new gratitude for God and their parents.

Through ministry and mentorship, Catrina imparts the virtues of character and inner beauty, as well as the values of abstinence and healthy living to women of all ages. Catrina is the CEO of Banner Communications, Inc. an entertainment company that specializes in education, training, and the promotion of performing artists. Mrs. Frison enjoys speaking on topics such as worship, intercession, entrepreneurship and marriage from a biblical worldview.

Catrina N. Frison has worked diligently to train and promote Christian performing artists who aspire to excellence. Her book, Entertaining the Godly Life: A Guide to Personal Holiness in the Entertainment Industry, provides insight into the challenges facing Christians in the entertainment industry. Frison resides in the Atlanta area with her husband Pastor Stacy Frison, Sr. and their three children.

PWH: Describe your brand in four words?

CF: Excellent. Godly. Creative. Education.

PWH: At what moment did you realize that music was your calling?

CF: I’d have to say that it was more of a process than a moment. I have been singing my whole life; in church, school, and the community. My only goal as a kid was to become a recording artist. That dream became a reality when I was in high school. I was asked to be the lead singer in a girl group. However, upon graduation, my mother insisted that I attend college, so I went to Morgan State University. While at Morgan, I learned about touring and pursued modeling and dinner theater. During my senior year, the Lord gave me the vision for Banner. Although my major was music, He challenged me to build a company that would educate, train, and promote performing artists with allegiance to Him. The journey took me into full-time ministry in Richmond, VA, where I started the company at age 26. During my first year of business, I discovered that all my years of performance, training, and ministry led me to make this my life’s work.

PWH: What key concepts do you aim to teach new artists with Banner Communications?

CF: Knowing who you are in Christ. We have seen so many artists leave the church to pursue entertainment. For some, the decision cost them their lives. I teach my students that you don’t have to compromise your faith for fame or fortune. God already knows the plans He has for you and can reward for doing it His way. Mastering your craft. I believe that in order to make a positive impact on the world, one must be excellent. I teach my students to become masters at their craft, so they can negotiate their worth. Understanding the entertainment industry. Most of my clients have been newcomers. So, we train them to have a strong understanding of how to navigate the industry. We discuss legal, financial, and brand management, so they are fully equipped to conduct good business. Building a financial legacy. Being an artist generally causes one to work from project to project. Our students and clients learn the art of saving, investing, and spending to create an ongoing cash flow and for them, their children, and even grandchildren.

PWH: What inspired your new book “Entertaining the Godly Life”?

CF: It has always been my goal to teach artists how to not only win on stage but also in life.

Over the years, I have worked with aspiring and established artists, and each time God has given me the opportunity to share His truth with them. This book is a testimony of lessons I have learned in my beginning years of being in entertainment. It covers the challenges of working in secular settings and the victories of maintaining strong faith. The book also speaks to the importance of using your platform to draw others to Christ. There is a blessing in having fans and followers when you can lead them to the Creator of the Universe.

PWH: What message do you hope readers gain from your work?

CF: I hope readers decide to pursue a solid relationship with Christ, as a result of reading my book. Allowing Him to guide my personal and professional decisions has been a game-changer. I have traveled the world, made a decent living, and helped others find their calling. I also hope artists read this and decide to give God glory with their gifts and talents.

Connect with Catrina Online at and

Author Verlisa Shanklin

Verlisa is an author who self-published her first book ‘A Black Girl Once Told Me To Never Give Up’ on June 25, 2019, which is about the challenges she had to face on a personal, academic, and emotional level while attending a predominantly white university.

By sharing her story, she hopes to encourage another young black woman to use her story to find the strength, the purpose, and the voice she thought she never had. Also, my hope is to encourage dialogue about the challenges African American students face with adjusting to college life at PWI’s so that programs could be put in place to help black students to not only adjust successfully but successfully graduate as well.

Verlisa has a background in mental health and social services, which aids in her ability to not only encourage my audience but to educate them as well.

Verlisa currently holds a master’s in community counseling from Loyola University Chicago and a bachelor’s in psychology from the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign. Verlisa facilitated her first workshop on the effects of trauma in the Black community at the Black Mental Wellness Expo on September 9th, 2019.

Lastly, no matter how much education Verlisa obtains, she is still like any other black women striving for greatness with purpose amid adversity.

PWH: What inspired you to start writing?

VS: I always had a love for writing since I was young, I used to be geeked to do journal prompts and papers in school. I used to write lyrics, poems and I did a lot of personal journaling too, so it was my dream to pursue my career as an author and speaker. Through writing, I feel like I found the voice, the strength, and purpose I thought I never had. 

PWH: What is the passion behind the title “A Black Girl Once Told me to never give up”?

VS: The title, ‘A Black Girl Once Told Me To Never Give Up’ is pretty significant to me because it’s pretty much a way of living for me. Being a black girl and woman who has experienced my share of struggles in every aspect of my life, I never gave up even when I felt like giving up. So, telling another young black woman or man to keep fighting through the adversity is the least I could do because someone told me to never give up. 

Also, it’s significant to me because my friend who gave me my first speaking opportunity, tagged me in a Facebook post after my speech and it read, “A Black Girl Once Told Me Never Give Up”. So, I felt that there was no other title that would be fitting for my first book detailing my challenges I had to face as I strived to obtain higher education as a black student attending a predominantly white university. 

PWH: What message do you hope readers gain from this book?

VS: The message that I hope my readers gain from my story is that you can succeed in the midst of adversity and you can break generational curses meant to keep you from progressing beyond your comfort zone if you believe and never give up. 

My book is now out on or through my website(for an autographed copy) at

PWH: What is next for you in terms of writing ane entrepreneurship?

VS: Currently, I am working on a guide/workbook based on my book. Also, I am working on my apparel and merchandise line Straight College Flex. TM. Lastly, I  plan to finish my 2nd book by the end of this year or the beginning of next year. 

Author Sad Renee’

Sad Reneé is a philanthropist. She advocates for mental health, the LGBT community, black and brown lives, and children with incarcerated parents. Sad Reneé currently resides in her birthplace of Houston, Texas where she found her love for writing and art. 

PWH: What sparked your interest in writing?

SR: Writing has always been apart of me. It’s been such a crucial part of my survival. Writing has saved my life and continues to do so today.

PWH: How would you describe your writing style?

SR: I feel that my style would best be described as dark poetry.

PWH: What was the passion behind your book “I’m Happy?”

SR: Well, “I’m Happy” is about my journey as I attempt to remove my mask of false happiness. Acknowledging my traumas has not been an easy task. This is my journey as I realize that it’s ok to not be ok.

PWH: What message do you hope readers gain when reading your work?

SR: I want to inspire healing. I want my readers to be able to vulnerable and honest with themselves that they have no choice but to be conscious of their triggers and began to work through them.

To connect with Sad Renee Visit

How To Pitch Like A Boss With Julia Seraphine

Julia Seraphine is a high in-demand Social Media Consultant and Influencer with more than 50,000 combined followers over social media.

She has been invited to speak on National Television, Radio, Podcasts, Internet Shows, and have given a Guest Lecture at New York University. Julia has consulted with clients from all over the world, from many different industries, from CEOs to startup founders, and everything in between.

Currently, she uses her spare time to volunteer as a Social Media Expert. She is an Assistant Judge for CTNext Pitch Deck Competitions, and assist in judging students’ Pitch Decks. Julia also volunteers as a Mentor to Entrepreneurs of all ages. In addition, she volunteers as the Administrator to the Entrepreneurs Society at Gateway College.

PWH: Describe what you do in five words.

JS: Help you grow social media PWH: What is something about you that your followers can’t find online?

JS: I love to spend my time drawing, drinking coffee, and volunteering PWH: When did you realize you had a calling for helping people grow via social media?

JS: When I started college I did hours of research every day on advertising and growing my own social media, after a few years I then realized I could use my knowledge to help others with their social media too. PWH: Can you give us 4 tips for entrepreneurs to maximize social media for their brand?

JS: – Create content that is addicting to consume so your followers keep coming back for more.

– You can’t grow from posting pictures alone, you need to market yourself as well.

– Use hashtags that don’t have a lot of posts in them if your account is smaller, there is too much competition.

– Invest in measures that make your content of higher quality, like a photographer or a new camera. PWH: What has been the most challenging and exciting experience of working with entrepreneurs and helping them grow?

JS: The most challenging would be dealing with problem clients who don’t follow advice. The most exciting is going to events and meeting new people from all over the world. PWH: How can our readers support you?

JS: Please check out my social media, I would love to connect with you. 

My social media handles: 

Instagram: LinkedIn: Facebook:

National Bestselling Author K.L. Hall

National Bestselling Author K.L. Hall has penned over two dozen novels, including three children’s books, Princess for Hire, Princess Twinkle Toes, and the Missing Magic Sneakers and Little One, Change the World as Kimberley M. 

At a young age, she found her passion in a pen and knew that writing would continue to be a vital part of her life from that point forward. Hall made her childhood dream a reality and became a published author in 2013. Since then, the Virginia native has been acknowledged as a top urban fiction author in 2016 and 2018 by the Urban Books, Authors, and Writers of America, and a recipient of the 2019 “I am African, and I Can” award.

Each of her novels aims to capture the attention of whoever picks up her book by bringing her pages and characters to life through lessons in life and love and personal growth. Ready to read one? Join Hall’s email tribe to receive updates on all things literary at Follow her on social media at @authorklhall to be the first to know about future releases and appearances.

PWH: What sparked your love for writing?

KL: If you ask my mom, she will tell you that I picked up a pencil when I was 18 months old, so I guess you could say the love for writing has always been in me. I took my love for writing to the next level back in 2013 when I self-published my first book, and have been on my writing journey since. 

PWH: What inspired the title “In the Arms of a Savage”?

KL: I’ve always loved reading and writing urban fiction romance novels, so this was a good way for me to perfectly blend the romance with urban fiction.

PWH: What does a typical writing session look like for you?

KL: I try to find a quiet space, and make sure my laptop is charged. I ALWAYS have a playlist, whether it’s specific to the book I’m writing, or if it’s a general playlist of instrumental hip-hop beats. Those things really help me get in my zone. 

PWH: How would you define your writing style?

KL: As a serial storyteller, I pen enthralling love stories intertwined with the grittiness of urban fiction. My writing style is a fusion of eminently relatable female characters, and the flawed, yet desirable male leads who love them.

PWH: What key message do you hope readers take away from your work?

KL: Each of my stories aims to capture the attention of whoever picks up my books by bringing my pages and characters to life through lessons in life and love and personal growth. 

PWH: What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles?

KL: My definition of a pretty woman who hustles is a woman who is about her business. She is fueled by motivation and doesn’t let anything get in the way of the goals she has set out for herself and the dreams she’s chasing. 

It’s National Singles Week so Lets Turn up!


So I just got into these fun National Holidays and weeks and when I was doing some research, I came across National Singles Week! Yas ladies (and gents), lets celebrate our singlehood and truly embrace it wholeheartedly!

National Singles Week is dedicated to the singletons of the nation. This week of September 20th-September 26th is dedicated for just us singles! So for all of my singles all over, enjoy the rest of today and also tomorrow as it is stated that tomorrow is the last day. Thanks to the National Calendar for creating such a wonderful week for the singles! Here are some fun things you can do to celebrate your singleness!


~Create a video or slideshow of yourself with your favorite selfies. 

~Have a playlist for yourself with all the music you love most

~Buy a bottle of wine and have a relaxing evening with just you

~If you are feeling artsy, then create a collage with construction paper and print out some of your fave pictures and glue them on. Get some art supplies and get festive!

~Ladies if you enjoy dancing, then get dolled up and create a dance video.



Patrice Rivers is a 9x published author, freelance writer, journalist and Owner of That Riverz Gurl Brand LLC. Visit her website at Follow her on IG at