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Chaundra Scott is a native of Anne Arundel County, MD.  Her professional background has roots in social work.  For over 15 years, Chaundra has provided case management and community outreach services to children and families in Maryland.  The birth of her daughter, Aubrey, sparked an interest in becoming a children’s book author.  She wanted to share her family stories of self-empowerment and positive affirmations with children everywhere.  

From there, Chaundra wrote her first book called Curls and Coils.  Three other book titles followed soon after:  Beautiful Shades, The All-Star, and Sweet Dreams.  But her love for reading didn’t stop there.  She started her literature and lifestyle business called Curls and Coils.  She specializes in hosting literary events, writing programs, kid accessories, and her children’s book. 

With a dedicated passion for literacy, Chaundra began a career in reading intervention and currently works with Baltimore City Public Schools.  She is also pursuing a second Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction for Social Justice.  Her passion for reading and writing is unmatched.  Author entrepreneur, Chaundra Scott, also is a freelance writer for several publications such:  Sheen Magazine, Leading with Lee Magazine; and the Grown Ass Black Woman Blog.  Scott also founded a nonprofit organization called H.O.P.E., Inc which is the home of the Little Curls and Coils mentoring program for girls.

PWH: Who is Chaundra Scott in four words?

CS: Resilient, determined & inquisitive woman. PWH: You have a passion for motivating and encouraging young girls, tell us about your book Curls and Coils? 

CS: Curls and Coils is a short story about a young girl getting ready for school picture day. While getting ready, she talks with her mother about natural hairstyles. Her mother encourages her to love her own natural hair and to not be like those that she sees on tv. PWH: You have written several books since curls and coils, what is the common message in all of them? 

CS: All of my books have a theme of self-love and empowerment. Children can learn that they are great and have inner strength. They can also be inspired by seeing themselves in my book characters. PWH: Literacy is essential for growth in children, What made you get involved and start your own organization? 

CS: Without proper reading skills, a child will struggle with all subjects. Empowering youth through reading, reading comprehension, and also writing skills; motivated me to start my own organization.  PWH: What advice do you have for young girls wanting to write?

CS: Be fearless and tell your story in your words. PWH: Bonus: What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustle’s?

CS: A woman who lives by her own terms of success and also a woman who values inner beauty.

Stay tuned for upcoming literary events in the DMV area and a new Lifestyle blog titled:  My Sweet Tea Life.  To stay connected please follow Chaundra on Instagram @curls_coils; Facebook @CurlsCoilsMD; and Twitter @CurlsNCoilss for the latest blog entries, new books, and events. 


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