How To Pitch Like A Boss With Julia Seraphine

How To Pitch Like A Boss With Julia Seraphine

Julia Seraphine is a high in-demand Social Media Consultant and Influencer with more than 50,000 combined followers over social media.

She has been invited to speak on National Television, Radio, Podcasts, Internet Shows, and have given a Guest Lecture at New York University. Julia has consulted with clients from all over the world, from many different industries, from CEOs to startup founders, and everything in between.

Currently, she uses her spare time to volunteer as a Social Media Expert. She is an Assistant Judge for CTNext Pitch Deck Competitions, and assist in judging students’ Pitch Decks. Julia also volunteers as a Mentor to Entrepreneurs of all ages. In addition, she volunteers as the Administrator to the Entrepreneurs Society at Gateway College.

PWH: Describe what you do in five words.

JS: Help you grow social media PWH: What is something about you that your followers can’t find online?

JS: I love to spend my time drawing, drinking coffee, and volunteering PWH: When did you realize you had a calling for helping people grow via social media?

JS: When I started college I did hours of research every day on advertising and growing my own social media, after a few years I then realized I could use my knowledge to help others with their social media too. PWH: Can you give us 4 tips for entrepreneurs to maximize social media for their brand?

JS: – Create content that is addicting to consume so your followers keep coming back for more.

– You can’t grow from posting pictures alone, you need to market yourself as well.

– Use hashtags that don’t have a lot of posts in them if your account is smaller, there is too much competition.

– Invest in measures that make your content of higher quality, like a photographer or a new camera. PWH: What has been the most challenging and exciting experience of working with entrepreneurs and helping them grow?

JS: The most challenging would be dealing with problem clients who don’t follow advice. The most exciting is going to events and meeting new people from all over the world. PWH: How can our readers support you?

JS: Please check out my social media, I would love to connect with you. 

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