Black Maternal Wellness with CEO Alexia Doumbouya

Alexia Doumbouya, Founder and President of, an online retail & resource site dedicated to supporting expecting mothers throughout the various stages of their pregnancy. As well as after the baby arrives!

Alexia, is no stranger to balancing work, faith, family and friends while still taking time for self. As the COO of Professional Evolution Agency,, City Director for the National Multicultural Women’s Organization Walker’s Legacy, & Co-host of she has built her platform on the premise of being a resource, creating a network and helping others evolve.

Even as an Award Winning Operational Leader, International Speaker, Experienced Domestic & International Business Liaison, there was still a yurning to do more. After considering her own experiences with pregnancy and Postpartum Depression; along with the experiences of adoption, pregnancy, infertility & child loss experienced by many close to her, Alexia realized her efforts were still needed in the community. This motivated her to become a Doula and launch her latest addition to the Family of Companies, which focuses on Black Maternal Wellness, With her phenomenal project team of fellow black women business owners (Tei, Jasmine & El) by each others side, they’ve witnessed amazing achievements already.

Over the past few weeks since the official launch (July 23, 2020), Alexia and her team have fostered phenomenal relationships, provided affiliate opportunities to other black women owned businesses and formed alliances with other entities who support the Coco Mom Movement. Her husband and 2 children are the light of her world, and while losses are a story of her past, it’s the current and future gains which remind her of God’s grace and promise of prosperity!

PWH: Who Is Alexa in four words.
AD: Engaging, Insightful, Dedicated & Reverent

PWH: What was your inspiration behind starting CocoBump.
AD: To celebrate expecting and new moms. Every woman who has experienced pregnancy and childbirth is forever changed. These events can bring many experiences physically, emotionally and spiritually. We want to ensure the wellness of women during each phase; especially in times of sorrow, when a family experiences a loss.

During my own pregnacy and postpartum experiences, I realized there wasn’t a place where women of color could shop or receive resources that were tailored to them. In addition, so many family members, friends and I spoke about the maternal health disparities, (i.e. postpartum depression, maternal mortality and infant loss) that plague our community; and having experienced bias and a disconnection from members of the medical team first-hand, I knew there was more I could and should do to ensure moms feel valued.

PWH: What is Cocobump?
AD: An online maternal retail and resource site for women of color, where they can also connect with other like-minded women.

PWH: What can women expect when shopping online?
AD: A sense of community. Along with an extensive product line including gift bundles, bags, accessories for mom, stylish teething aids, etc… Coco Bump also offers valuable resources. On the site, you will find uplifting devotionals that can provide an extra ray of light during pregnancy and post-partum. As well as resources that provide compassion for women who have experienced the loss of a child or loved one. The site also provides links to Black Doulas, therapists, and meditation coaches.

PWH: What have you found to be your audience’s go-to product on your website?
AD: Our 3rd Trimester and Postpartum Bundles have been the most popular items purchased since our July 2020 launch.

PWH: As a brand what do you hope women take away?
AD: You are not alone, you are valued, your voice matters, you deserve to be celebrated and receive the best care.

PWH: Where do you hope to see CocoBump in the next 5 years?
AD: We hope to foster change and help gear the conversation about black maternal health and promote self care among black women. Inspiring other brands to make notable contributions in the reduction of health disparities among black maternal health.

PWH: What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustle’s?
AD: A woman who creates, lives and leaves her legacy (as we say on The Legacy Podcast). A woman who values self-care, makes positive deposits into her family & community, and has faith.

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