JaQuitta Robinson “The Marketing Doctor: Giving Life Is Her Business”

JaQuitta CEO of Chic Next Door, Known as “The marketing and branding doctor”. JaQuitta is a  Cardiopulmonary Practitioner full time, specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of heart and lung diseases. Chic Next Door also offers diagnosis and treatment BUT instead of  patients, it’s BUSINESSES struggling with marketing, branding, increasing sales and social media growth issues. Before coming into the medical field JaQuitta actually received her bachelors degree in marketing and finance. She realized that she can still have a love for the medical field treating patients and still use her love for marketing and helping other businesses at the same time. JaQuitta is passionate about helping other female entrepreneurs because when she started she didn’t have people willing to help.

PWH: Describe Chic Next Door in four words.
JR: Female entrepreneur building others.

PWH: What was the inspiration behind your brand?
JR: I created this brand after seeing several entrepreneurs, influencers and content creators struggling to grow their businesses/brand. This was mostly due to not having proper marketing, branding and coaching. I wanted to take the knowledge that I have learned and acquired over the years and apply it to helping those businesses/brands flourish. 

PWH: You are helping businesses daily, grow in terms of marketing and branding. What have you found to be the most common problem among businesses?
JR: The most common problem is businesses not knowing who their target audience is. You can promote your business day and night but unless you are getting it in front of the right people it is a waste of time and money. Another common issue I often see is businesses not getting any sales which again is due to not knowing the right target audience.

PWH: Do you have any tips for upcoming entrepreneurs with no idea where to start?
JR: Just start the business, you can sort the kinks out later.
Make sure you have a well thought out business name, a clear logo on brand and properly license your business. Dont worry about critics, doubters and naysayers just keep pushing. It will get hard, you will want to quit, DONT! I offer services to help businesses get started at very affordable rates, I offer prices lower then my competitors because we all have to start somewhere and when I started help was not affordable. It takes time for the business to see revenue so why try to break the pockets of an upcoming entrepreneur. 

PWH: What has been the highlight of your career thus far?
JR: The highlight of my career so far has been seeing a business that literally started with a few followers on social media, no sales and the client was ready to quit. After working with her, her followers started increasing and those followers turned into paying customers. Her return revenue was so well that she then was able to start a second business. It was a proud entrepreneur moment, to know that I contributed to another entrepreneur reaching her success and goals. 

PWH: What message do you hope women gain from your platform?
JR: Women have always been looked at as a minority but now we are dominating the business world. I hope for them see that they can take any dream or goal and make it a reality. I want them to see that collaboration over competition will help all women win. We all wear an invisible crown but I will make sure that they all see it.

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CEO/Founder of Pretty Women Hustle Magazine

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