Breaking Free

Breaking Free

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Breaking free from the norm, leaving the stability of a 9-5, a confirmed source of income, and stepping into the world of entrepreneurship is scary!  Chasing your dreams and not knowing where it will lead is frightening. However, as daunting as that may seem, go for it!  Take the leap and break free! 

It’s our own self doubting beliefs that can hinder us from moving forward and going after more. We feel like we lack, we’re inadequate, or we can’t compete. It can be unsettling trying something new and not knowing what to expect. The leap of faith is always pretrifying, and it takes guts to take that first step! However, the determination and willpower to succeed, along with a strong work ethic will lead you to where you want to be, believe in yourself! Happiness and fulfillment is right on the other side of fear. 

Nothing is wrong with the traditional 9-5, but not everyone was cut out for the ordinary routine life. For those who like to break through glass ceilings, color outside the lines, and want more out of life than the box society seems to place upon our lives, it takes the willpower to say screw it and just go for it! The only way to experience true growth is to overcome the changes and life experiences we face. Those experiences are used to mold us and construct us into the person we need to become to prepare us for our future. It’s never a bad thing, but only good. So take that ideology and apply it to your new start up. The unknown, the doubts, the uncertainty, we all face it. Even the greats didn’t get to be where they are without the self doubts, but they pushed passed all that and kept going. They believed in their purpose and their calling and they went for it.

Your steps and path in life have already been orchestrated, it’s up to you to go after all that life has to offer. You may not know your way through the storm, or don’t think you have the right tools, but one thing I have learned in life is that you wouldn’t have that idea or notion or strive for that thing if God didn’t place it in your heart. It is up to you on how you fuel the passions and gifts brewing inside of you. Go against the tide and do what’s scary and it will be the best decision of your life. The bumps and bruises you get along the journey will only make you greater and stronger. It will prepare you to withstand the tides and the tribulations when reaching new  heights of success. Believe in yourself the way our Father in Heaven believes in his children. You’ve got to be your biggest cheerleader and supporter. Even if it’s just a party of one, keep going, the rest will align itself. God will make a way. Don’t give up! You are closer than you think. 

You are better than your self-limitations, you are more powerful than you think, and you are more gifted than you give yourself credit for. Stop self sabotaging and letting the cons trip you up, calculating the bad before you even try for the good! Break free from the cycle and jump into your destiny, because you won’t regret it. If God can make sure the birds and animals of this planet are fed and taken care of, why wouldn’t he ensure you are too? It takes a hustler to be a hustler, so hustle and catch them coins. There’s much money to be made, and there is enough room for us all to feast. Pull up a chair and join the winner’s circle, don’t let fear hold you back! Break free! 


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