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Savon Speaks is Making Moves through Inspirational Podcast ‘SavonSpeaks’ and Pens First Book

Savon Holt is the owner and founder of SavonSpeaks. Her organization was established to motivate and empower women in finding their purpose. Her purpose and mission help them have and live the life they deserve. She empowers ladies who have experienced adversities and life setbacks to rebuild and get back to the life that’s destined […]

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Something Greater

The crazy part about life and where it takes you is quite unfathomable. You end up in places you never dreamed of, both good and bad. The past has a way of catching up to you, and good things come to those who wait. It’s a never-ending cycle of figuring it all out.  Sometimes, life […]

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Breaking Free

You are better than your self-limitations, you are more powerful than you think, and you are more gifted than you give yourself credit for. Stop self sabotaging and letting the cons trip you up, calculating the bad before you even try for the good! Break free from the cycle and jump into your destiny, because you won’t regret it.

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