Savon Speaks is Making Moves through Inspirational Podcast ‘SavonSpeaks’ and Pens First Book

Savon Holt is the owner and founder of SavonSpeaks. Her organization was established to motivate and empower women in finding their purpose. Her purpose and mission help them have and live the life they deserve. She empowers ladies who have experienced adversities and life setbacks to rebuild and get back to the life that’s destined for them. Savon is also a Licensed Practical Nurse, certified personal/confidence coach, entrepreneur, author, and mother of one wonderful son.  She has had a life full of obstacles to overcome. Being a teen mother has benefited Savon more than what she has expected. She knows how it feels to be a woman and wants to strive more but scared of her past.


The ideal message is letting other women know You are not alone! Many times, we go through things in life thinking no one understands us or that we are alone in this walk.

Patrice: Your vibe is so vibrant, warm and embracing to women all over! What led you to be an empowerment for women?

Savon: What led me to becoming an empowerment to women is knowing that there are women out there who have had to jump the same hurdles as me. And know that there are some women who just don’t have the energy to even jump, to take that leap to get out of whatever unwanted situation they are in.

Patrice: As a motivational speaker, what do you hope to achieve in your journey?

Savon: As a motivational speaker I hope to achieve the goal of positively changing mindsets. The goal is to inspire, empower and motivate someone who is ready to receive the help. I want to be an influencer and use that ability to bring forth positivity. As women we have it hard as it is. We take on so much responsibility that we forget about what makes us happy. So, the goal is getting women to love themselves first and live a purposeful life.

Patrice: Your show/podcast Savon Speaks is very empowering for women to come onto your platform and share their success stories. What was the inspiration of creating your platform?

Savon: I wanted women to know what Savon Speaks is about. From there I created Women Winning Wednesday’s which is my podcast and show. My featured guests discuss their journey to success. They share with their blueprint on how they overcome adversity and life setbacks on their journey to success. We talk about things such as troubled marriages, loss of child, domestic violence, surviving sickle cell disease, molestation, rape, etc, that was overcome and how they push through. Many of the women I have interviewed are businesswomen, authors, nurses, or a successful career in general. My show and podcast is set to be a blueprint for other women who are going through or have been through similar hardships but are stagnant in life because of their past traumas. So Savon Speaks WWW is to help empower, inspire and motivate them women to see that you can do it to.

Patrice: Does your platform have an ideal message for women you are speaking to?

Savon:  The ideal message is letting other women know You are not alone! Many times, we go through things in life thinking no one understands us or that we are alone in this walk. Truth is there is always someone going through worse, so lets not focus on Why those things happen or why things are happening that we feel are not in our favor, but What can we do to fix it so our future is brighter and happier.

Patrice: Because your podcast is so rich and filled with positivity and empowerment, what is next for this platform in the new year?

 Savon: The next step is to evolve. I want people to be able to listen to my podcast all over the world. I plan on making Savon Speaks WWW podcast and show national and international for people to listen and view.

Patrice: What are some of your expectations of being a life coach?

Savon:  My expectations as a life coach is to help my clients reach and achieve goals that they feel are impossible for them to do on their own. And leaving them with the skills and techniques to do it on their own. I look at it just like my nursing career. When patients are admitted, we are already starting their discharge planning. I apply the same method with my life coaching. When a client joins my BeComing H.E.R Coaching Academy, I am already planning from their end result/goal. As their coach my job is to build a meaningful relationship with them, no judgment zone, have my clients best interest at heart, challenge them, support and brainstorm with them, help them reach their goals, motivate, empower, hold them accountable, and help them surface that hidden gem within them.

Patrice: As a life coach, what message do you want others to know?

Savon: As a life coach I would like others to know they are not alone. One of the biggest steps anyone can take, is taking the step towards getting help.

Patrice: Not only are you a podcaster, a motivational speaker, a licensed nurse, a femalepreneur, but you are a new author as well! We spoke briefly last year about your new book project “My Truth” and now that it has manifested, what can readers expect from reading your debut book?

Savon: Readers can expect to get a glimpse of my journey. Past to present. My book “My Truth” is a memoir that is intended to be used as motivation and to inspire another person. Letting them know, if I could do it, so can you. Those limiting beliefs will have you miss out on so many blessings in life that you well deserve.

Patrice: Now that you are a part of the Author’s Club, how does it feel to be a new published author?

Savon:  I can honestly say it feels great. To know that I can reach someone with my story from my living room lol. Even if it just reaches one person and that person gets inspired and motivated, I will feel like it was worth they late nights and reliving my past events to write my story.

Patrice: When is your book set to be released?

Savon:  My book will be released on February 5th. People will have the chance to preorder January 22, 2021. I just wanted to make sure it was perfect and that the timing was right. It can be purchased on Amazon and on my website at

Patrice: How hard was it for you to write your personal memoir and for readers to see the pain you been through?

Savon: It was tough because I had to really sit and think about the timeframes. Those events happened so long ago, and I had suppressed the memory of it. Suppressing it was my survival mechanism. But writing my bool forced me to deal with some of those issues head on. It was another self-discovery moment for me. So I would say it was bitter sweet in a sense, but I am proud of myself. I got through another challenge.

Patrice: The pandemic is still going on in the new year hurting small businesses and causing a mental destruction among the nation. Has Covid-19 affected your business as an entrepreneur at all?

Savon: I am still fairly new to the game. However, so far I have been truly blessed during these trying times. I can honestly say, things are going well. I just count my blessings! My business is going well and have a lot of support. I have landed a columnist position at Rochester Women Online, which allows me to continue getting my platform out there and I’m thankful for every opportunity.

Patrice: What can we expect from Savon Speaks this year?

Savon: You can expect more quality and greatness this year. Definitely will be putting my skills to use. For my podcast and show you can expect more great and empowering interviews. You can expect to see me doing more speaking engagements.

Patrice: Any final thoughts?

 Savon: For any woman out there, who want to do something meaningful for themselves, do it. You don’t need permission to be GREAT! You are all the validation you need. Stop being afraid to take chances. Success is the result of failure, so don’t be afraid to fall. Just get back up and find another route to your success. Grow where you are planted. Be your authentic self and watch how much easier life can be. Make 2021 be about Self-Love. Its okay to be selfish when it’s about your needs being first. Turn your pain into your purpose. Let the pain you experience be the reason you want change in your life. Opportunity don’t just come knocking at your door, you have to go get it. Don’t be afraid to take risks. Don’t focus on Why things have happened to you, because we can’t change the past.  However, what can you do to change things. You are responsible for your own Happiness. Write down your goals, plan and execute them. You got this!


You can purchase Savon’s Book Here: 




A storyteller and writer creating her own lane one opportunity at a time! Patrice Rivers is a 9x published author who created her own brand That Riverz Gurl Brand, LLC. Not only is she a certified journalist and freelance writer, but a Sickle Cell survivor and advocate. Patrice created the “Come Learn with Patricia” book series to share her personal testimony of living with SCD. Learn more about Patrice and That Riverz Gurl Brand, LLC by visiting Be sure to follow her on Instagram

Something Greater

The crazy part about life and where it takes you is quite unfathomable. You end up in places you never dreamed of, both good and bad. The past has a way of catching up to you, and good things come to those who wait. It’s a never-ending cycle of figuring it all out. 

Sometimes, life leaves you in the pits. Sad, working hard, feeling like your efforts are meaningless. It leaves you broken and hurting, wishing there was an end to the pain and misery. Through the hardships it’s easy to give up and give in, do whats easiest for a quick fix, without taking heed to what the future might hold. Through those rough times is when our faith is tested. That is when everything we know, learned, heard, or taught through our life lessons is put to the test; the test of life. It’s hard! We’ve all been there, however, when you stay the course, navigate that road less traveled, you will prevail. You get the good that was waiting for you all long. 

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God knows who we are before we even find out who we are. How strong we are, how capable we are, how qualified we are. During the journey that life takes us on do we figure it all out. In a  world where we constantly battle good versus evil, it is hard to stay in faith and uplifted when our flesh yearns fufilment, even if its temporary.  God loves us so much, he knew we would need a guide. God saw our need for a savior, from the beginning of time, he knew our flesh was weak, and we would need something to believe in, a word that would hold true. 

I’m sure when Jesus was sent to Earth and had to endure the trials, he was looking at his Daddy like Why? What is the reason?!

He had to endure those same temptations and go through those same trials of abandonment, loneliness, and betrayal. Yet, he knew that it was all for a reason, a greater good. He knew that his Father would have never commanded him to go through such a thing if it wasn’t for a grander purpose. 

Though life is hard and the struggles of the world weigh down heavy on our shoudlers, focus on the words you know hold true. God doesn’t give us more than we can handle. Anything worth having takes hard work and persistence. This is not the end all be all, but this work you’re doing, these trails you’re enduring, are preparing you for something even greater. 

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Breaking Free

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Breaking free from the norm, leaving the stability of a 9-5, a confirmed source of income, and stepping into the world of entrepreneurship is scary!  Chasing your dreams and not knowing where it will lead is frightening. However, as daunting as that may seem, go for it!  Take the leap and break free! 

It’s our own self doubting beliefs that can hinder us from moving forward and going after more. We feel like we lack, we’re inadequate, or we can’t compete. It can be unsettling trying something new and not knowing what to expect. The leap of faith is always pretrifying, and it takes guts to take that first step! However, the determination and willpower to succeed, along with a strong work ethic will lead you to where you want to be, believe in yourself! Happiness and fulfillment is right on the other side of fear. 

Nothing is wrong with the traditional 9-5, but not everyone was cut out for the ordinary routine life. For those who like to break through glass ceilings, color outside the lines, and want more out of life than the box society seems to place upon our lives, it takes the willpower to say screw it and just go for it! The only way to experience true growth is to overcome the changes and life experiences we face. Those experiences are used to mold us and construct us into the person we need to become to prepare us for our future. It’s never a bad thing, but only good. So take that ideology and apply it to your new start up. The unknown, the doubts, the uncertainty, we all face it. Even the greats didn’t get to be where they are without the self doubts, but they pushed passed all that and kept going. They believed in their purpose and their calling and they went for it.

Your steps and path in life have already been orchestrated, it’s up to you to go after all that life has to offer. You may not know your way through the storm, or don’t think you have the right tools, but one thing I have learned in life is that you wouldn’t have that idea or notion or strive for that thing if God didn’t place it in your heart. It is up to you on how you fuel the passions and gifts brewing inside of you. Go against the tide and do what’s scary and it will be the best decision of your life. The bumps and bruises you get along the journey will only make you greater and stronger. It will prepare you to withstand the tides and the tribulations when reaching new  heights of success. Believe in yourself the way our Father in Heaven believes in his children. You’ve got to be your biggest cheerleader and supporter. Even if it’s just a party of one, keep going, the rest will align itself. God will make a way. Don’t give up! You are closer than you think. 

You are better than your self-limitations, you are more powerful than you think, and you are more gifted than you give yourself credit for. Stop self sabotaging and letting the cons trip you up, calculating the bad before you even try for the good! Break free from the cycle and jump into your destiny, because you won’t regret it. If God can make sure the birds and animals of this planet are fed and taken care of, why wouldn’t he ensure you are too? It takes a hustler to be a hustler, so hustle and catch them coins. There’s much money to be made, and there is enough room for us all to feast. Pull up a chair and join the winner’s circle, don’t let fear hold you back! Break free!