Achieving Health and Wholeness with Author Stephanie Johnson-Rice

Stephanie Johnson-Rice is a multi-talented, multifaceted woman, impacting and influencing those around her. She thrives to edify, educate, and empower each person she encounters. Every individual has a destiny and a purpose. She instructs them to go forth and display the greatness embedded in them. She is an emcee/host, author, comedian, poet, minister, playwright, publicist, and motivational speaker. 

PWH: When did you realize you had a passion for helping women?

SR: I began helping women after I dropped out of college and gave my life to Christ. Before then, I was out for myself; I was selfish and rude!! I began meeting women who were telling me issues and counseled them the best way I knew how.

PWH: What has been your greatest accomplishment thus far?

SR: My greatest accomplishment ironically was my own self healing after going to  jail for assaulting my mother. I was carrying over forty years of trauma and anger and refused to get help. But that all changed following that jail visit.

PWH: What struggles have you found that women are facing that stops them from achieving their goals?

SR: Women are not going forth due to fear of failure. Most do not realize their beauty and worth.

PWH: Can you tell us about your books?

SR: I have one devotional that is self published that speaks on prosperity; prosperity is more than just wealth,It is health and wholeness. The next book is Therapy, which is a journal that reveals the hurt and the healing in my life.

PWH: What message do you hope people gain from reading your work?

SR: I hope that people realize that you can excel in spite of ANYTHING!!! A lot of what’s written in the book are things no one knew I was going through. You can conquer ALL!

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