Day: December 1, 2020

20 Leading Women of 2020

Pretty and Leading in 2020: CEO Sheena Morgan

Combine tenacity, passion, and leadership, and you have Sheena Morgan. For more than 20 years, Sheena has helped small, minority and women owned business owners realize their leverage and unleash it through strategic plans and strategies that support healthy, holistic, and solvent growth. For Sheena, watching entrepreneurs realize their potential and leverage it to build […]

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New Online

A Kid’s Guide to Being a Mermaid with Denise Lopes

Denise Lopes grew up in Toronto, Canada in a fairly diverse part of the city.  However, as a child, she hardly ever saw examples of what she looked like in the books that she read.  As a mother of two, she wanted to make sure that her grandchildren, and ALL children saw others that had […]

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