Have you been Iced? Bringing The Philly Flavor to Vegas

Candese “Candi” born and raised in Philadelphia. Before relocating to Vegas she realized she was missing the summer time “Philly” flavor of sweet water ice and a soft pretzel plus the love for candy, Which created “Luxe Candy Ice.”

Luxe Candy ice is a high quality luxury Italian Ice made with iconic Philadelphia ingredients with a Vegas pop. This sweet treat is similar to sorbet. A rich, smooth and creamy combine with a bold fruit infused flavor topped with signature candy bringing taste buds to euphoria!

Luxe Candy Ice is a delicious blend made for all ages. Almost everyone can enjoy Luxe Candy Ice as we are vegan friendly. No diary, eggs or nuts products used.

The only question left to ask is …Have you been ICED by Luxe Candy Ice?

We had the opportunity to chat with the CEO candese about her passion and inspiration behind her brand

LR: As I was doing the research for this interview, I came across Luxe Candy Ice Instagram Page. I literally wanted to lick the screen! This looks amazing! What was the topping (pun intended) that made you come up with this tasty business idea?

 C: Luxe Candy Ice is bringing a Philly flavor with a Vegas twist.; Serving premium Italian ice infused with fresh fruit and paired with signature lip-smacking candy toppings bringing your taste buds to euphoria.  We are also vegan friendly.

LR:   You have been on quite a few platforms telling your story.  Women Who Lead Series was one of the most recent ones. Tell our readers what it is like to sit on a platform of other powerful women who are making a difference in the world? How has that experience transformed you, if at all?

 C: Telling my journey on such platforms has continued to empower and inspire my thinking outside the box. While, allowing me to remain true to my God giving talent of creativity providing smile and sunshine one cup at a time.

LR:    As a frontline worker, a nurse, first off, I want to say thank you for all you do.  Secondly, how do you balance it all with such a high demand of both your services during this critical time?  People need hope and both of your expertise bring that.

C: Honestly, Luxe Candy Ice has been my positive outlet during this time. I get my inspiration from creating and incorporating current culture with my love for sweet treat.  Luxe Candy Ice brings an experience, that caters to the family, corporate and friendship setting(s) .  

LR: Many businesses are feeling the pinch of COVID-19.  How have you navigated your way around the pandemic in order to stay afloat?

C: During this time who does not need a smile or sunshine? Because, Luxe Candy Ice caters to the family, corporate and friendship setting(s). We focus on covid-19 hands free delivery and covid-19 friendly event settings creating a stay safe and healthy experience that is sure to deliver a cup of laughter and happiness.

LR:  Finally, let’s talk about the Spiked Luxe Candy Ice. That was pure genius in Las Vegas for the adult crowds. It was the genius in that idea for me!  Let our readers know where they can find all the flavors of Luxe Candy Ice.

 C: You can find and follow us on all social media platforms. IG @luxecandyice FB: luxe candy ice and Twitter @ice_luxe.    Our Luxe Candy Spiked Ice is called our X-rated Menu, for up to date infused and regular menu visit our website www.luxecandyice.com

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