Millennial Mogul Candace Holyfield

Candace Holyfield is a millennial business mogul and spa extraordinaire who currently owns Six Figure Spa Chick, a marketing firm for spa/beauty professionals. Candace strives to exemplify excellence while educating, empowering and uplifting spa professionals across the globe.

The purpose of the Six Figure Spa Chick is to help over 500 spa professionals build, grow and launch their own successful businesses. Her achievements as a CEO of her personal spa Boss Tribe, author of the first Black Spa Magazine, creator of the first Black Spa Expo Awards, and motivational speaker, has inspired other business owners to strive for more success. Candace has secured a clientele base of over 15,000 spa professionals since she began her services in 2011 called “I Love Candy Spa Parties”. Her spa services include: massages, facials, lash extensions, body waxing, teeth whitening and v-steams.

Six Figure Spa Chick is designed to motivate other business owners to develop more wealth, building education, and refresher courses for spa professionals.

We had the privilege to sit down with the amazing Candace Holyfield and get to know the passion behind her brand.

LR: How did being a medical assistant prepare you for your current Boss Life?

CH: Being a medical assistant I was only 19 and fresh out of school. I didn’t know I would one day be my own boss. Being a medical assistant and working with a doctor taught me how not to treat my staff.

LR: You are coined the Millennial Business Mogul and Spa Extraordinaire. What advice do you have for other millennials who are trying to find their way not just in the spa business, but business in general?

CH: In business I suggest everyone to have your paperwork in order. Get your business legalized in the beginning. Be sure to run money in your business checking account and not personal in case you need a loan from the bank. Do these things in the beginning.

LR: Candy Spa parties sound like something edible. What can our readers expect when hosting a Candy Spa Party?

CH: Everyone always thought we set up candy stations. My name is Candace and when starting out in 2010 I did kids spa parties. I picked a name that would attract moms to book for their kids. We provide robes, all spa equipment, massages, facials, and nail services.

LR: Six Figure Spa Chick prides itself on moving spa professionals to the next level. What motivated you to take in the challenge for other spa professionals?

CH: It’s a huge lack of successful African American spa professionals. Many work for franchises or companies. Those who are independent struggle within their business. I mastered how to open and operate a multi six figure spa so I started teaching others.

LR: We are loving the Black Spa Awards! It’s very important that spa owners are recognized. Their jobs are very intense dealing with so many people. How did the Black Spa Awards come about?

CH: I love hosting the Black Spa Awards. I began doing this event in 2016 to recognize black spa professionals because we had no real spotlight.

LR: COVID has impacted quite a few spas. How have you been able to continue with your marketing business to assist them during such a trying time?

CH: During Covid our marketing efforts shifted heavily on retail and several esthetician’s did virtual consultations. Many spa owners who didn’t have a product quickly got one to survive during Covid. I hosted several webinars to educate on how to sell retail and how to get prepared for after the stay at home order was released.

LR: Your A to Z Marketing Guide hit bookshelves in 2019. Give our readers a sneak peek into what they can expect to get out of this book?

CH: My best selling book on Amazon is a short but impactful read with different marketing strategies for spa professionals. One strategy that is often looked over is getting on the news. This strategy creates traffic and money in bulk.

LR: Finally, you have many impressive accomplishments. What can we look forward to in 2021?

CH: 2021 I’m super excited to host my 3rd annual black Spa Expo in September.

Take a moment and connect with Candace Holyfield and “Six Figure Spa Chick” Online via her Facebook, Instagram, Website

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