Creating a Future Together with Avoraza

Creating a Future Together with Avoraza

Erika Klisonyte owner and director of Avoraza, A social media and marketing management agency. Whether your already established or a newly opened business, Avoraza will help you in managing your social media platforms and creating a marketing strategy that works best for your companies needs.

Erika created Avoraza on the strength and impact her grandmothers left in her life. Erika serves as a independent freelancer who wants to help businesses develop and reach their market.

We were able to chat with Erika and learn a little more about her passion:

JM: Describe your brand in five words. 
EK: Young, enthusiastic, creative, passionate, emotional

JM: When did you realize you had a passion for marketing?
EK: My marketing passion was discovered during my 1st year in university in 2015 when I have studied bachelors degree in event management. As part of the course we had marketing classes, but they were only covering the basics of marketing. During the years my passion grew, so I have decided to take my knowledge further and study a masters degree in strategic marketing communications to dig deeper and fully prepare myself for my future career. Now I can use my theory in practice and bring the best results possible to my clients. 

JM: How did the pandemic increase your drive to succeed in business?
EK: I have actually started my business during the pandemic in July 2020, so I can say that it definitely increased my success. A lot of companies are looking to promote themselves in the best way possible, be visible and still be able to sell, so the pandemic has actually brought me a lot of opportunities and advantages.

JM: What marketing tips can brands put to use to stay relevant during this pandemic?
EK: During the pandemic, people spent and still spending more time online, so I would strongly suggest creating a strong social media presence for your brand. Also, do not be afraid to show your emotional side and engage with your audience – talk about the struggles you’ve faced during the pandemic – a lot of people can relate to it, so your brand will be able to bond with the target market and add value.

JM: What is next for Avoraza marketing?
EK: The only way to go is further! I am very excited to see what the future holds for me. At the moment, I am planning a little rebranding in January and will be adding some additional social media platforms for Avoraza’s promotion. In the long term, I am looking to establish a team of professionals who will be working alongside myself, however, I would love to focus on students and recent graduates as a lot of companies are not willing to give a chance to young, inexperienced people who are seeking to know more and develop their skills. As I had this difficulty myself, I want to help students gain experience and become comfortable and discover the areas they can create their path.

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