The Queen of Plot Twists

Anastasia A. Jackson loves writing. She has been writing since she was in grade school. She has two children, and plans to show them the world. Anastasia’s free time is spent with her sons. During the day, she works in customer service. She writes every chance she gets. Anastasia’s imagination is very broad, she will envision something and bring it to life on paper. 

We had the pleasure of getting to know Anastasia a little better and digging into her passion for writing:

LC: Who is Anastasia, The Writer?

AJ: Anastasia the writer is a queen. She Fierce, she’s untouchable, she is the creator of the plots and schemes in the stories. 

LC: Share a fun fact that readers don’t know about you?

AJ: I Love Starbucks coffee. 

LC: What do you do for self-care currently?

AJ: I read as much as I can.

LC: Describe your writing space, what does that look like?

AJ: My writing space is quiet (ex. The library, home, and or outside) headphones, a laptop, a snack, water, and a notebook. 

LC: How do you select names and stories for your characters?

AJ: I select names by looking at a baby name book. My stories are sparked by a conversation. (ex. I can talk to you and one thing you say can spark a story in my mind.

LC: What book resonates with your heart the most?

AJ: The book that resonates with my heart the most is When paths cross: A dope love story. This was my 14th book and first love story.

LC: What has been the best way to market your books during the Global shut down?

AJ: I love social media. Social media platforms, social groups, and hashtags help a lot in marketing.

LC: What does success in the writing world mean to you?

AJ: Success in the writing world means freedom. When I say freedom, I get the opportunity to leave the real world and place myself in a story. “When boredom strikes I write” This quote I live by as well as “when in doubt write it out”.

Connect with Anastasia online via her website

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