Meet Author Edwina Martin-Arnold

Meet Author Edwina Martin-Arnold, author of several romance books. She is a hopeless romantic, and a true believer in happily ever after. However, Edwina knows that the path to real love is rarely straight forward. To the contrary, it’s often paved with many turns and a peril or two, in real life and in the stories she creates. When Edwina isn’t daydreaming about love, she’s using her law degree to fight for Civil Rights or is coaching basketball.

She has released a new book Vanilla Chocolate: The Chocolate Romance Series — Book 2.

When asked why she became a writer she states, “ I love to read. When I was a prosecutor, romance was the complete opposite of what I did in my work life. When I began to see Black romances in the grocery store, I decided to write one. It resulted in my first published book, Eve’s Prescription.” 

Check out this Q&A with Martin-Arnold: 

Why do you write about romance and romantic suspense?

I love writing about Black women falling in love with a variety of people in a variety of situations. I find myself cringing, laughing, and thoroughly enjoying myself as I write.

 Describe a typical day for Edwina, the writer? 

No day is typical. I usually think a lot about the love story, and then I write when I can. I write after work, on planes, squeeze it in on weekends, and while I’m waiting for my games to start when I coach basketball.

 Tell us about Vanilla Chocolate? 

It’s my first Interracial. It was a joy to write, and I often found myself chuckling. Basically, what appears to be a one night stand is so much more. The question becomes will the main character, Andrea Flaven, release her pre-conceived notions and give love a try, or will she stay within her comfort zone and reduce her interaction with Marceau LeBlanc to an interesting anecdote! Also, I am almost done with the third book in the series, Chocolate Drop — Love in the Time of Corona.

You were very successful and then you took a long hiatus. Why? 

Well, the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. I made it to Harlequin with the House Guest, but my sister was dying when I got the news. My sister, Paula, was one of my biggest supporters. She loved the book, House Guest. She was thrilled when I told her Harlequin was publishing it. She didn’t live long enough to see it published. In fact, the cover of House Guest looks just like my sister, and I had no input on the cover. It was her looking down from Heaven in approval. After she passed, I cried every time I thought about writing, so eventually I stopped. She passed in 2005. In 2019, I got the urge again. I begin dreaming about my sister frequently. I think it was her saying get over it and start writing again. When I sat down to write, it felt right and good. I published Twice Tempted in 2019. It’s the sequel to House Guest. Then I updated Chocolate Friday, Book 1 in the Chocolate Romance Series, and then, I wrote Vanilla Chocolate.

 How have you changed as a writer since that first book?

Well, I understand Point of View or POV a lot better. My first book, I was switching POV in the same paragraph! Also, I have much more confidence and thicker skin. Constructive criticism is much easier to take.

Book Synopsis: 
Love Comes in Many Packages: Andrea Flaven only dates black men. Imagine her surprise when she wakes up and realizes she was intimate with a white man! To make matters worse she can’t remember the details of the passionate night.
Andrea’s world is thrown off-kilter!
Unintentionally, the gorgeous white man in question, Marceau LeBlanc, keeps her in a state of flummox. Will Andrea release her pre-conceived notions and give love a try, or will she stay within her comfort zone and reduce her interaction with Marceau to an interesting anecdote!

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