Precious Monét – She’ll Plan & Slay!

 Precious Monét, is an experienced and well-established business woman, who has mastered the art of planning and execution; which has been a huge asset to her journey thus far. She is on a mission to impact lives with her time and talents. Precious Monét is originally from NY, but has been an Atlanta, GA local since 2003. Throughout her educational journey, Precious prepared and planned for the success she has now, equipped with professional roots in event planning, project management along with her obtaining a BA in Administrative Management and completing her certification to become a certified Life Coach. 

Precious is proud of the authenticity her brand provides by connecting one-on-one with people, and especially connecting them with other useful professionals and resources. 

With Pre Planning Management, your vision becomes our mission. You Think it, Pre plan it!

LR: You are taking event planning to a whole new level by crossing all genres, business, fashion shows, charity events, personal events, etc. How did the concept of working across the board come into fruition?

PM: So, in general the concept of working in the event planning business has honestly been ingrained in me. I planned ALL the family events as a child. As I got older and began my career in the corporate world in different companies, I planned all company events. That’s why business event planning seems to come so naturally to me. It’s from experience. I then started to develop a passion for giving back, and that’s when I expanded into planning charity events and personal events. Fashion show planning then began to interest me because who doesn’t like fashion? Fashion events allow me to be the most creative. Every industry you see me expand into is a result of my past experience and a new interest or passion. 

LR: Your tagline is “You Think It, Preplan It” is truly a big task. There are others who aspire to venture into this line of business. What advice can you give them as it pertains to bringing the client’s vision to reality? 

PM: My advice is to do it! If you feel the urge to enter this industry, you are extremely organized, you think outside of the box, you adjust accordingly and calmly for the things that are out of your control, then I’d say you have what it takes to be a successful event planner. Go for it. 

LR: Life Coaching is one of your other gems! In a market that’s saturated with Life Coaches, what is it that makes your approach different and sustainable?

PM: The market is saturated, yes, but there is room for everyone. For most coaches, their personal experiences, individual lifestyles and unique lessons learned in life shape how they coach. Because of this, no two coaches are alike. My approach is different because my focus is different. I focus more on the accountability aspect of coaching. I want to coach my clients into learning how to hold themselves accountable. That’s why I am often told that being coached by me is like being coached by a drill sergeant! I can provide advice all day but what’s advice without action? 

PWH: One of your most recent project releases is the 2021 Planner. Give our viewers a sneak peek into what to expect when they purchase your planner?

LR: The 2021 Prioritize Your Purpose Planner is by far one of my favorite projects! To remain organized, productive and walking in purpose, planners are a must. Your purpose, time and energy all have to be prioritized. In Prioritize Your Purpose, you’ll find features such as monthly and yearly productivity worksheets, which you can use to gauge your productivity level and adjust where necessary. This is a game changer. The first productivity worksheet allows you to reflect on your favorite memories of 2020. Though it was a challenging year, it’s still important to reflect on your progress and use that information to make a game plan for 2021. You’ll also find an expense worksheet to help keep your finances intact, monthly motivational quotes to keep your mind in the right place, a marketing planner, which is extremely useful for my business owners and among other things, a notes section to keep all your thoughts in one place. This planner is an indispensable tool to help keep your life organized and stay motivated. You can purchase it here

LR: You are launching a platform for all Boss Women, Be Her Support Community. Tell us what that community will bring from one Boss Woman to all the Boss Women out there?

PM: This is another one of my favorite endeavors. In today’s world, women are breaking more barriers and leading in more industries than ever before. We are creating new lanes, building teams, curating strategies and making history in areas where women never received credit or recognition before. Be Her Support was created to be an essential tool for us women walking that journey, because we are and will always be stronger together. Be Her Support’s members have access to real insight, savings on events and courses, and our buddy systems, which are perfect for stress relief. It is my hope that members feel a sense of accountability and encouragement as they execute their plans. There will always be naysayers when women pursue big and powerful goals, but with Be Her Support, my goal is to provide a safe space for us. Join the community, love!

LR: Lastly, what can our readers expect from Precious Mone’t in the next 2 years?

PM: I will continue to expand my businesses and brands, impact lives with my time and talent and inspire one boss lady at a time, especially through the Be Her Support community. I see myself and my brands going global. 

LR: Bonus: What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles?

PM: A woman that is pretty on the inside and simultaneously on her grind to make an impact in her community. 

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