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Cynthia Marshall, 34, is new author who published her first book “Don’t Be Afraid of Your Journey” May 2020. Writing was always something she loved to do especially creative writing. As a domestic violence survivor, she believed that her story would encourage others and also to keep god as the center of their journey.  She believes that every women’s journey is special and it molds them to become the women they are today. 

 “Our past is not our future. How well we move forward is what’s important”-Author Cynthia Marshall 

 While in transition and healing from her process she focused on turning her pain into a purpose and started having workshops with women in domestic violence housing. She earned her life purpose life coach certification and became the owner of Constructing and Empowering A Woman’s ’s Journey Inc.  Cynthia Marshall is also a Bowie State University alumni who majored in communications. She is a mother of 2 children and also loves spending time with them on her free time. 

“Have hope, have faith, and don’t forget that our greatest pain today will be our greatest strength tomorrow”- Author Cynthia Marshall

“So whats important to you?  Well my journey is important to me and everything that comes with it is a part of me.”-Author Cynthia Marshall 

“Don’t Be Afraid of Your Journey”  is available online on Amazon, Barnes and Noble Bookstore and Iuniverse Bookstore. Cynthia Marshall has also started a children’s book series called The Adventures of Princeton & Ava-Paisley featuring her two children Princeton & Ava-Paisley. The first book of the series is called “A trip to the dentist & A day of sharing. (Released July 2020)  The second book is called “Let’s Feed Mr. Ant & The Creative Cookie Recipe ” . (Released October 2020).  They are all available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble Bookstores. 

What sparked your interest in writing?
I started writing at a young age. I was in grade school when I would love to write short stories. I loved using my imagination and being Creative.  I also started keeping a daily journal and writing about everything became something I enjoyed.

What is the inspiration behind your book “Don’t Be Afraid of Your Journey”?

As a domestic violence survivor, “Dont be Afraid of Your Journey” was a part of my story as a victim. I wanted to share my story with others to encourage them.  God has taken me through a lot and I wanted to share to help encourage victims and others as well.

Describe the process of creating and writing a book from start to finish?

The process of writing my books was not quite hard. I would say the challenges came when I needed to find a book title and also the length . My children’s books were the most challenging because of illustrations and really polishing your work. 4. How would you define your writing style?  My style of writing i would say is called going with the flow.   I do a lot of free writing and writing down my thoughts. After its written then i critique it. It’s a craft that shouldn’t be perfect but it should definitely be yours and unique. 

What can readers expect from you next?

I have a Empowerment journal called “Thoughts of Beautiful Faces ” that focuses on discovering oneself that is complete but will be published soon. I am working on my third children’s book to be added to my book series called The Adventures of Princeton & Ava-Paisley featuring my children as the characters. That will be published by the end of November. 

Connect with Cynthia Online:

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