October 26, 2021


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Women’s History Month Feature – Nichole Wright

For Women’s History Month I will be sharing the stories that define and provide examples of women empowerment, uplifting stories of personal triumph and businesses that are inspiring and are making a difference for women. Women’s History Month is a declared month each year that highlights the contributions of women to events in history and contemporary society.

I want to introduce you to Nichole Wright, Founder of Satrell Beauty.

Nichole Wright is a finance professional, wife, mom, and now an entrepreneur, from Charlotte, North Carolina. Nichole was inspired to start her own business after watching the entrepreneurs in her own family. While the beauty industry has a wide selection of products, Nichole believes it’ s time to add her own innovations, free from harsh chemicals, to the mix. Nichole is passionate about making all individuals feel beautiful in their own skin by providing products that allow them to showcase their personalities.

Here is HERstory:

I’m a wife, mother, and entrepreneur trying to make a name for myself in the beauty industry. My background is in Accounting and Finance, but I really love beauty products and decided to create a brand selling those products. The main reason I chose beauty is because you can be creative and expressive.

Her business is Satrell Beauty.

What does women empowerment mean to you?

Women empowerment to me means being confident and not being afraid to take on challenges. It also means having the strength to withstand negative energy around me and speak up for what’s right.

What advice or words of inspiration would you like to share with someone?

I always tell people that you should never give up on anything you aspire to do. There will always be naysayers, but there will also those around you who will endlessly support you. Just keep moving forward with your plan as long as it makes you happy.

What do you want your legacy to be?

I want to build a brand that’s well respected and trustworthy. I also want to show my sons’ that it takes hard work and dedication to build something from nothing. They are aware that one day the business will be passed down to them.

When did you realize entrepreneurship was right for you?

I was inspired to start my own business after watching the entrepreneurs in my family. I then realized that I wanted to be an entrepreneur because I wanted to have a business I could call my own. Yes, it’s a lot of work and you’re responsible for making sure everything is running smoothly, but it’s worth it in the end.

What are you most excited or passionate about? (In both business and life or both)

I’m passionate about my family, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and building a legacy for my family. Through Satrell Beauty, I’m passionate about making people feel beautiful in their own skin and have always wanted to be an entrepreneur who leads with passion, boldness, and trust. We also just launched new lip gloss shades and I’m excited to see what I decide to launch next!

What’s next for you in your business/brand? What can readers look forward to from you?

I’m still in the process of building the color cosmetics line of my brand, but definitely looking forward to creating a skincare line in the future. I’ve also considered creating an apparel line. Be on the lookout because there is more to come!

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