June 14, 2021


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Have a little “Fairy Cornbread” with Author Arian T. Moore

Arian T. Moore, Ph.D. has 15+ years of experience in the field of communications after working in radio, television, and print. She is the Editor-in-Chief of Bibs & Business Magazine, a magazine geared towards working moms, helping them find support, tools and resources for work-life balance. She has a doctorate in organizational leadership (Regent University), holds a Masters of Arts in journalism from Regent University and a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Howard University. Dr. Moore serves as an adjunct professor for a number of universities, teaching leadership, journalism and communications courses. Dr. Moore is also a published author. Her newest release , “Fairy Cornbread,” is an enchanting children’s book that aims to diversify the selection of children’s book options and present a classic story about a modern African American family.

Available on Amazon or www.fairycornbread.com

What inspired you to become a writer?

I have always loved writing. There’s just something about expressing my ideas and sharing them with others. My love for writing stems for my love for reading. As a young child, I loved reading stories of enchanted lands and magical characters. A book can take you anywhere you want to go.

You are the proud Editor in Chief of Bibs & Business Magazine, how can you describe the experience and joy of being able to utilize your gifts for a publication?
The vision for Bibs & Business Magazine was inspired by my own journey as a working mom. As I was knee deep in writing my dissertation, I was on a hunt for inspirational resources and support for moms like me and really didn’t find anything. I wanted this magazine to be a platform for working moms to share stories, be inspired and find the motivation to push through.

What is the inspiration behind your book “Fairy Cornbread”?
My daughter was the inspiration behind this book. I searched and searched for books about a black fairy and couldn’t find one so I wrote this story for my daughter and little girls that look like her. I think its so important for children to see themselves in the books they read. 

What message do you hope readers gain from your book?
I hope readers see the magic of the story while also experiencing black culture and tradition. I highlight black food, HBCUs and black music. 
Life lessons like friendship, love and self esteem are also spotlighted in this timeless story.

What is next for you as a writer?
I am actually in the brainstorming process for my next children’s book. The feedback from “Fairy Cornbread” has been so positive that I wanted to create a book for boys too.

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