Organize Your Life With CEO Kendra Burnette

Kendra Burnette was born in Durham, North Carolina growing up primarily in Cary, North Carolina. During her early school years, Kendra’s admiration of reading, history and writing inspired her to focus on a journey of always striving for educational interests.

Throughout the years, Kendra developed an immense talent with cleaning and organizing home spaces. She credits her upbringing as a “country girl” watching her Beloved Grandmother with daily household cleaning tasks and keeping the family home beautifully designed with heirloom antiques. As her interest grew, Kendra began cleaning and organizing home spaces for close friends and family members.

After graduating from the University of North Carolina at Pembroke in 2007 with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, Kendra went on to work in various industries including; Retail Management, Staffing and Talent Acquisition, and working as a Legal Assistant at a Law Firm.

Feeling inspired from the past home spaces of her friends and family, Kendra decided to turn her incredible talent of transforming home spaces with cleaning, organization and interior design styling into a business. In January of 2019, Klean Bee’s Nest was officially launched. In April of 2020, Kendra left her full-time job as a Legal Assistant to solely concentrate on her established business.

In her spare time, Kendra enjoys reading, writing poetry, watching educational documentaries, visiting museums/art galleries, home décor shopping, and visiting local wineries. Kendra is also a proud member of Swing Phi Swing Social Fellowship, Incorporated.

How would you describe your brand in four words.

Four words I would use to describe my brand would be: Unique, Engaging, Personable, & Creative.

At what moment did you realize you held a gift for organizing?

I realized I had a gift for organizing when I would go into my close friend’s and family’s homes and just started moving fixtures, rearranging furniture and organizing anything I saw. It was just a natural instinct of mine to just look at a space and want to change or transform it into something different. With my friends and family’s home spaces, I could really experiment with my gift. I continued working with friends and family for a few years until I could really grasp the concept of learning different techniques of organization. When I felt confident in my skills, I branched off to develop my current business.

What are three key organization tips that can keep any room clutter free?

Three key organization tips that are useful in keeping any room clutter free would be: 
1) Plan a monthly schedule that can be incorporated with your home needs. Designating home chores as daily and weekly tasks help to alleviate cleaning and organizing everything all at once. You can assign a Sunday as “Laundry Day”, Monday for cleaning/organizing the kitchen and other any areas in that particular space, Tuesdays can be designated for reorganizing your room, closet, and dresser spaces. You can always switch up your schedule to better suit your home organizational needs. 
2) Keep the areas in home that would be utilized by visitors, “Guest Ready.” If you frequently entertain in your space, keep areas that guests would have access to clean and organized. These areas would be a Half Bathroom, Guest Room/Guest Bathroom, Living Room areas and any space that is used to host for entertainment purposes. Keep these areas refreshed with necessary essentials (toiletries, toilet paper, clean towels/bath cloths, etc.)
3) If your schedule is just too overwhelming, or you just need assistance with decluttering and overall home organization, don’t just LIVE with such challenges. HIRE a Professional Home Organizer! Home Organization Services is an unique and growing industry that can help with keeping your home organized and balanced. Organization is PEACE OF MIND!

What services are you currently offering?

Klean Bee’s Nest is currently offering Organizational Coaching.  Organizational Coaching helps clients with maintaining and managing their spaces after their initial organizational service. We are also offering a special promotion for “Spring Organization” services. Spring Organization services are great for updating and switching out your Winter Wardrobe for Spring/Summer attire. Our Spring Organization service is also great for refreshing your overall home space. 

What is next for Klean Bees Nest?

The next venture for Klean Bee’s Nest will be developing an Organizational Teaching Course for aspiring Professional Home Organizers. 

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustle’s?

My definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles is a Woman who is business savvy, innovative, teachable, uplifts other women either in the same/or different business field, and who always rises to the occasion. Even in the course of defeat and challenges, A Pretty Woman Who Hustles keeps her Crown SHINING and a SMILE on her face!

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