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Mark A. Edwards began his journey as a writer 5 years ago and has self published 6 poetry books on Love, Romance and Sensuality. His first 2 books (“You,Me, and the Paper”, “Morning Coffee”) were strictly poetry that was written from him to the ladies in hope to reignite a woman’s inner fire so they would understand how a man should treat them and connect to them before the physical connections.

His 3rd book (“Afternoon Devotion-Two Hearts One Soul”) was his way to bring the fellas back into the fold, it is what he calls the ‘His and Her’ poetry. It was written so the man and woman could sit and read to one another, the perfect sensual literary enticement for couples. The 4th and 5th  book (“Love & Trust- A Poetic Novel”, “Loves Retribution-A Poetic Novel”) is as the title states… his very first poetic novels, these two books are a series that is narrated by poetic stories that brings out of Love, Drama, Romance and Suspense, when trust between a man and a woman is no longer an option. Book 6 (“Mattress The Story Holder”) was Author Mark Edwards way to tell over 30 poetic stories that are all based around the mattress, whether your mattress is in an abandoned building, a cardboard box, or the the iron seats of the mass transit system, that place where you lay your head is your mattress, and the mattress has found a way to tell everyone’s secret. 

Mark Edwards has brought the reader deep into his world to be one with his thoughts. We can only imagine what else he has in store as we patiently wait for more jaw dropping poetry and or poetic novels.

What inspired your passion for writing?

Truth be told, I wrote my first poem about about 7 years ago. It was a dare at work between a coworker and myself, the problem is the coworker never wrote her poem, so I showed up with a poem called the “the grass is greener”. I have to say it was badly written, it didn’t flow properly. I edited the poem several times until it rhymed and flowed with what I thought was perfection. Since that first poem, I would randomly write poems in my phone, and from time to time I would read them at work during lunch time to my coworkers for fun. Before I  knew it, I had well over 60 poems written (all sensual poems on love and romance). The overwhelming sentiment was that I should put my poems into a book. 
You are a poet, which of your six books resonate with your soul the most?

Though a writer’s first book would always be his or her favorite book because it is the book that officially made them an author, in my case the book “You, Me and the Paper”. This book was my way to bring back ‘Black Love’ mentally without the physical connection. But, I have to say since that book I continued to write sensual poetry directly directly to the ladies in my follow up book “Morning Coffee”.  But, I felt I was leaving the fellas out of the mix so my third book was for the men and ladies called  “Afternoon Devotion-Two Hearts one Soul”. This book was written with the intention  that a couples could read to each other and strengthen their relation in what I call… poetical foreplay. Still with all that was written, I felt like I wasn’t able to truly give the readers what was the best of me. So, to answer your question, the book/s that resonates with my soul the most is…”Love & Trust-A Poetic Novel”,  and “Loves Retribution-A Poetic Novel” (a two book series telling one story). These two books allowed me to write more than just sensual poems, I was able to combine my sensual poems with poems of the street, poems that was religious, poems that told a story of life entwined with a short novel.

How would you describe your writing style?

I would basically describe my style as narrative poetry. My poetic writings are told through a single narrator, so no matter how many characters may be in my story line, it is the narrator  who speaks for all characters
4. What has self care looked like for your since the pandemic has started?Self care for me was mental strengthening, by focusing on my writing. Pre-pandemic I found myself getting tired of writing and I thought  about giving it all up. But, the pandemic made me realize that so many people (including myself) have lost love ones and many didn’t know  where their next meals would come from or if they would have a mattress to sleep on. This pandemic had hit so many of us in ways we could never have fathom. It was because of these pandemic issues I decided to write my six book “Mattress The Story Holder “. This book allowed me to tell poetic stories that affected each and everyone of us. Not knowing where we could lay our head at night for various reasons of hardships, the only one item in our life that knew our story would be the Mattress, even if the mattress was in an abandoned building, the seats of the mass transit  system or the comfort of our own home, I knew this was a book that had to be written. 

What message do you hope readers gain from your work?

The message that love isn’t only physical, but it must first be mental, and before it become mental, you must first love yourself and understand what you want from love and to not sell your self short. Never settled for lest than you deserve, while simultaneously allow yourself to be strong but not to strong that you push the right person away due to the mishaps of a previous poor relationship. 

What is next for you as a writer?

After writing six books, (releasing one every year), I will definitely take a mental break and hopefully start another book within the next two years. I have an idea for my next book, but I do not want to rush it, so I plan to write towards it whenever the urge hits me or time allows. 

\ How would you describe in your eyes A “Pretty Woman Who Hustle’s” ?

That is such a beautiful question. To me there’s nothing more sexy, and I do not say the word ‘sexy’ to demean a woman’s Hustle to a mere sexist terminology, but to say that a woman who Hustle’s is a keeper. She is the mortar that strengthens the foundation for herself, family, and friends. My definition of a woman that Hustle’s is not only a woman with a business mind and the tenacity to make it on her own in a world that tends to down play a woman’s huslte, but, also the woman that hustle’s for the family and receives no payment or accolade for all she endures through the hard times, for being able to put food on the table when there wasn’t a way, for being a nurse when she didn’t have the finance to take a family member to the doctor or hospital, for being strong when no one is there to help hold her up and encourage her to keep on, for being able to smile during times of sadness and hardship. These are the many ways I describe  a “Pretty Woman Who Hustle’s”

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