Inspiring with Stories of Hope – Lequita Sharrock

Inspiring with Stories of Hope – Lequita Sharrock

For the Month of April we are sharing stories of hope and inspiration for National Month of Hope. Sometimes hope is the deciding factor on if we will continue our journey or stop in our tracks. As we share the stories of this amazing individual we hope that you are filled with hope and are inspired to keep on your path of greatness.

CEO/NPO Founder Lequita Sharrock shares with us her story.

Lequita Sharrock is the CEO of Sharrock Media Group, 501c3 NPO Founder of Beyond the Booth, Inc. Sharrock is a certified professional life, business, and Christian coach. Additional credentials include being a mental health first aid advocate and instructor. She’s also the host of a podcast titled UnStoppable with Lequita Sharrock. This show features inspirational commentary highlighting faith-based actions and resilient results. Sharrock delivers superior customer service to all her clients. As the initial point of contact, she greets people over the phone and in-person with her warm personality. As a former two-year business consultant, She also played a vital role in the success of Beyond The Booth’s Co-Founder Adrian Dickey’s recording studio Goldie Sound Productions debut Back 2 School Drive in August 2019. Sharrock loves to discuss her fanhood of contemporary gospel, jazz R&B, and 1990s hip hop. Along with her entrepreneurial ventures, Sharrock is passionate about community service. Currently, she serves as a Social Media Specialist for Pink Peaches, Inc., and while living in the metro Atlanta area, she volunteered at Gentiva Hospice and Wife Talk, Inc. Sharrock is a native of Pine Bluff, Arkansas. She currently resides in Tallahassee, Florida, with her husband, Rory Sharrock, and two sons, Taylor and Grant McCoy. Her youngest daughter Paige McCoy lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

Do you have a story of hope or inspiration? Please share with me. 

Hope and Inspiration is what Lequita lives in her home. She is a wife to a busy Sports Journalist, mother of three college aged adult children. Two sons were diagnosed with schizophrenia and hyper-religiosity; One son is completely off all medication. Hope is a way of living; Lequita is a 11yr Stage 3b Breast Cancer Survivor as well as a survivor of mental health concerns. Lequita is a born Warrior with a heart to lead and serve and she starts at home.

What is the name of your business? What type of business is it?

Sharrock Media Group and NPO 501c3 Beyond The Booth, Inc. SMG-Multifaceted Media, Marketing and Entertainment company. BTB- a non-profit organization for producers, engineers, artist and recording studio owners.

What does hope mean to you?

Hope means never losing trust in my God and the way the Holy Spirit works in me.

What are some tips would you like to share about remaining hopeful or becoming inspired?

Choose to look at each new day as renewed hope, new opportunities of doing things, seeing things and co-creating your Heaven on Earth. Project Heaven On Earth by shifting the focus.

What is your favorite inspirational or motivational podcast? Why should readers listen to them?

UnStoppable with Lequita Sharrock

Share your top 2 inspirational or motivational books and why?

Project Heaven on Earth and my FireBible

Who keeps you inspired or hopeful?

Holy Spirit

How do you remain hopeful?

I remain hopeful by lean on God more than I lean on myself.

How important is it to remain hopeful or to spread joy to others around you?

Continuous firmly rooted hope and trust in God, Jesus and Holy Spirit is the Supernatural fuel additive of UnStoppable Bold Faith that I stand on and keeps me going day by day with nights of peaceful sleep.

What keeps you inspired?

Serving others and being open to being the change agent.

What does community mean to you?

Heaven on Earth for me is a group of like minded individuals that are living a tightly woven cloth life of love, peace, joy altruism, kindness. where we are all transparent and display the utmost respect to each other.

What do you feel a community needs to be inspired?

Shared focus of everyone manifesting Heaven on Earth.

What’s next for you in your business/brand? What can readers look forward to from you?

New faith-based columns in the local newspaper, new “Project Heaven on Earth” on the go community events and so much more.

Is there anything else you would like to share with me?

It is my mission to Break the Stigma on Mental Health, share different ways to view the same situation; all the while spreading joy and love across the world as I co-create with God Heaven on Earth.

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