Songbird Rachel Wilson

Rachel began singing at the young age of five, and has been a faithful voice in her local church singing on the praise team and choir. Through her life experiences she has gained passion to reach the unreachable. Many people across the country have found hope, encouragement and inspiration through her music ministry.

Rachel released, “Introducing Rachel Wilson” in 2008, which was produced by Greg Norwood. Currently, Rachel is an Artist with DAF Entertainment Group, with Darin and Adriann Lewis-Freeman, from the two-time Stellar Award and Dove Award winning gospel group RiZen. In July 2019, Rachel released her hit single “Praise Medley” which reached the “Top 40” on the Nielsen Charts.

Rachel has been blessed to spread the gospel through song on major networks such as BET’s Video Gospel, TCT, Bobby Jones Gospel, Atlanta Live, as well as the Emmy-nominated late-night Christian show I’m Just Saying, with Pastor Dan Willis. Rachel has been blessed to share the stage with many great gospel artists such as Ben Tankard, Canton Jones, Doug Williams, Keith “The Wonder Boy” Johnson, Luther Barnes, Earnest Pugh, and the legendary Pastor Shirley Caesar.

Rachel is proud to have recently worked with world-renowned singer, songwriter, and producer Carnell Murrell, along with the skillful and talented Michael Mindingall. The three worked together and released two hit singles entitled “Love Song” and “Anything”. Rachel is currently in studio, again working with Mindingall, and is preparing to work with Gospel Jazz great, Ben Tankard and others.

Rachel you began singing gospel at a very young age. What/Who inspired you to sing? 

The inspiration behind my voice was Pastor Shirley Caesar. I thank God for her blazing a trail for me to come through. As a child, I would try to mimic her voice and sound. I was simply amazed at her vocal ability to sing and preach at the same time.

You have been blessed to be a part of many gospel platforms. The one that many of our readers are familiar with is Bobby Jones Gospel Showcase. What was that experience like?

Bobby Jones Gospel Showcase was an experience like none other. Growing up as a little girl, I have always dreamed about being on his show. When I finally was able to minister on the show, my spirit smiled from ear to ear.  That was a major landmark for my life; and the experience changed my life. Immediately following the show, I received a major connection with DAF Records, and signed on as one of their artists.

What gospel artist do you most admire? 

Although I admire several gospel artists, I would have to say I admire Jekalyn Carr the most because of the ability that God gave her. She started from a young age, winning several awards, and now owns her own record label. She inspired me to know that I can do it as well. 

What words of wisdom do you have for inspiring gospel artists?

The words of wisdom that I’m honored to share with artists are…to stay the full course, regardless of the process. In life there will be ups and downs.  But it’s up to you whether you choose to quit or not. However, quitting is not an option!!! We should understand our purpose as an artist; that we are messengers for Christ. We must fight the good fight of faith!  With that being said, let’s continue to make a kingdom impact on this world by branding Jesus’ life and message through gospel music.

If you could sit on a bench and talk to one person, who would it be and why?

If I could talk to one person, it would be Oprah Winfrey. She is an African American woman that changes the trajectory of black women everywhere! I would like to interview her mind on how she made it to the top and how she kept fighting for a bigger purpose. I’m very interested in speaking to someone that not only changed my life forever but has also made history and changed the world.

What projects are in the works for you?

I have a new single project coming out real soon through DAF records. It will be everywhere on all digital distribution stores. Also I’m working on a Christmas song.  I have a video on YouTube that is bringing hope and love to the world and that song will also be released digitally and dropped soon.

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  1. Wonderful article, very inspirational and I love the work that Gospel Artist Rachel Wilson is doing!

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