PWH Features Black Entrepreneurs- Sensei Saysss INC.

Sensei Saysss, get in line, it is book reading time!

Summertime is upon us, school is letting out, and trying to keep children engaged for the summer may be one of the biggest struggles for a parent. During the offseason, it is important to keep children engaged, otherwise, boredom leads to mischief. As many of us have experienced, working from home and taking care of the kids simultaneously is a daring task in itself, but this summer allow Sensei Saysss INC. to assist in taking the load off.

Akira is the founder and owner of Sensei Saysss INC, which is a program that was started to aid mothers to encourage their children on the importance of reading and providing the resources needed to do so. 

“The average low budget household doesn’t think about providing a continuous supply of books to their children which is where Sensei Saysss INC. comes in. We will help bring the library to your home.”

As a mother of 6 (3 stepchildren) Akira wishes to set an example and be a role model and leader to her children. Starting out as a straight-A student and an avid reader as a child, the foundation she instilled for herself set her on the path to wanting to give back to others. “I was blessed enough to have a surplus of books donated to me through my mothers’ job that fueled my love for reading.”

Being a mother of her own, Akira now understands how important books are to children especially now that the internet and 24/7 exposure to the media and various entertainers infiltrate their minds and generates a variety of societal pressures. Her solution to the problem was to start this organization. 

“We are going to have continuous book clubs for children and adult women. The book clubs will help engage those involved in the power of literature; something being taken for granted lately in our society.”

Being a one-man show isn’t easy and I commend Akira for starting such a great program! If you are interested in getting to know more about her brand or how to sign up to be a part of the movement, visit

We are looking for physical and monetary donations as books do cost, along with shipping our products. Contact and ways to donate are on”

Sensei Saysss INC provides book bundles to mothers and children in need via scholarships, but those who are not in need of funding are able to support by purchasing a book bundle. Simply include the description of genres for your desired child, and she caters the book bundle to your request. 

Also upcoming, Sensei Saysss will be launching a book club for children THIS summer! She plans to provide an interactive and virtual experience for children. Interested parties are able to RSVP for this book club with their child’s information also available on her website.

Stay tuned for all the amazing things this incorporation is doing in the black community, and continue supporting black-owned businesses and black entrepreneurs. Hats off to Sensei Saysss! 


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