“One life, Keep it Moving” Glendora Dvine wants to empower you with knowledge of Telemental Health

Glendora has been a nationally accredited licensed counselor since 2007 and board-certified in Telemental Health since 2014. She founded Dvine Systems GA, a mental & behavioral health practice in 2010. Services to the community were provided face to face before COVID-19, now counseling services are provided virtually via Telemental Health. Glendora has become recognized for her passion in 2 primary areas 1) Family safeguarding through healthy mental living 2) Coaching mental health professionals in their journey of building, scaling, and growing in Telemental Health. Glendora provides workshops on “The Fundamentals of Telemental Health,” for mental health clinicians. Focusing her works on serving not only clients but clinicians as well, Glendora loves to reiterate to all that we as humans only have one life and we must live not just exist. The epitome of not existing is to live your life on purpose by using your words to manifest your visions. Glendora believes that taking action is living whether it is something someone is trying to work to get to or it is something someone is working to get through. She loves to say, “One life, Keep it Moving.” Dvine Systems GA provides an array of therapeutic and professional services to the community. Glendora acquired her master’s in professional counseling. After completing her studies she relocated to the Metro Atlanta area to plant her roots and began to uplift and inspire her community of families. Glendora’s fields of expertise span from professional counseling psychotherapy to clinical director and development of operations for the specified state of Georgia managed care programs (Intensive Family Intervention (IFI) and Core services). Glendora has consulted with numerous companies in the metro Atlanta area related to IFI and Core Medicaid community services. She currently participates with the Department of Family and Children Services State of Hope program where she is a member of the State of Hope Ecosystem. Glendora has hosted a Civic Dinner in her community as part of connecting with “State of Hope” community program where collaboration from nonprofits, philanthropies, government, and businesses closely builds local safety nets that will prevent conditions that contribute to disparities in education, threaten a family’s self-sufficiency and could lead to child abuse and neglect. Glendora through Dvine Systems GA has also created a juvenile sex offender program that is recognized by the juvenile courts in her community. Glendora is an uplifting speaker who has been motivating people for over ten years with her straightforward and encouraging dialogue. Since December 2014, this dynamic speaker has been motivating and inspiring parents and staff in the Youth Intervention Program, Fulton County Sheriff’s Office Community Outreach program (interrupted by COVID-19). Glendora’s passion for others is insatiable, she is continually volunteering in the community as needed; she serves as a paid speaker for healthcare organizations, private businesses, and government agencies. Glendora’s insight and humorous application of new ways of safeguarding your family with healthy living by empowering parents, employees, church groups, organizations, and companies. Glendora hosted her talk show radio program in 2014 entitled, “Something to Talk About”, in which she offered the community tips and coping skills in various areas of society to help them remain lifted as they journey through life. She now uses social media to spread knowledge on how to keep it moving without getting stuck in the mess of life.

What does success look like to you?

Success looks like overcoming obstacles and maintaining humility. Success looks like something you have never seen that brings experiences that are new and exciting. Success looks like intentional self-care to detach from the hard drive on the journey.

What kind of impact do you want to have on the world?

I would like to leave the impact where my work speaks for me. I would love to leave an impact that will motivate others to live their best life not just exist. Helping others in their time of need, making others smile for simply no reason other than to experience joy, and being productive to help our world become better is the kind impact that I desire to leave on this planet.

Have you authored a book? What is the title and synopsis for your book? What do you want readers to gain from your book?

Dear John: Time to Love Me / An ideal journal for someone already in a long-term relationship that is trying to change how they interact with their significant other or this 3 – Part journal can be used as a dating guide to help someone choose who best fits their compatibility for a long-term relationship. This workbook is about self-discovery of feelings and thoughts related to being in a relationship. It helps the reader guide their thoughts on their true innermost desires by creating a blueprint of their wants and needs for compatibility in a relationship. The journal helps readers to start to develop a clear pathway of their thoughts about being intimate with someone so that they can create the relationships that they desire. It teaches self-control and self-love skills and prevents the reader from consciously continuing to make the same decisions when engaging in relationships.Journaling in this interactive workbook is best for people between the ages of 20+searching for self-clarity as they engage in relationships. They have a strong will to build a structure of predetermined morals/values and have boundaries for themselves when engaging with others. This person wants to change the way they have been picking partners when dating. They want to improve their decision-making when choosing a soul-mate, a life-partner, a spouse… This journal provides a thought provoking activity to elevate mental thinking when dating (focusing on habits) over 12 months. Being a relationship and feeling like you are not sure of how to love yourself to love someone else…confusionScare to enter into a relationship because it continues to not work out based on past repeated patterns…Frustrated with feeling controlled by others…Feeling as if you are dating your opposite that never attracted…“TIME to LOVE ME”… Journal is a 3-Part self-guided 12-month workbook to help individuals understand their desires as well as how to communicate those desires once discovered. This journal is broken down in monthly intervals in which self-reflection of action is the focus of growth. Give oneself a chance to deepen your relationship with self. Learn skills to make your relationship work with others by learning yourself. The activities worksheets in this book are for men and women that want to get their relationships and marriages off the rocks and back to smooth sailing through growth and self-clarity.This journaling notebook open-ended spacious lines to allow the writer to openly clear their mind. Featuring open-ended questions and clear prompts help the writer stay focus on the structure that they are creating for their relationships. Once you have completed this notebook, it is time to ponder these questions:What 3 things this year I have learned about me?How did I grow mentally, spiritually, and emotionally?Does my “Blueprint” work for me (help me engage in positive healthy relationships?Am I speaking my life ON Purpose?

What is the name of your business? What type of business is it?

Mental and Behavioral Private Practice – Individual and Family Counseling Agency

What made you choose this type of business?

It chose me – I always served others. I do it naturally.

What hurdles did you personally face in getting ready to open your business and how did you overcome them?

Lack of money. I asked. It was hard to ask for help due to fear of being no. My uncle said yes without hesitation. I learned that day it is okay to ask when you have good intentions.

Does your company help the community where it is located?

Yes, my company helps empower girls and women. We teamed up with a non-profit SheSteams. I personally sit on the board of directors. We have a STEM program, golf, tennis and dance that is offer to young girls.

Why did you choose entrepreneurship?

I need to have the control over my life. I understood early off that working for others means that they dictate your days and nights.

What would you say is your most driving motivation to keep doing what you to do?

I must leave a legacy my daughter can be proud of. Our family is small and there was not a lot of accomplishments to talk about so that ends with me.

Have you ever turned down a client?

Yes, I have boundaries too that I have to protect.

What are the goals you most want to accomplish in your business? What are the goals that you hold personally?

The goals that I want to most accomplish in my business are to help 100 mental health professionals this year become more visible, confident, and competent in their journey of entrepreneurship and to gain the pay and respect for my work. I hold the goal of maintaining a healthy lifestyle (no sickness or illness in my body). I reversed my diabetes in 2020 and I am a breast cancer survivor since 2013.

Did you have any key mentors or people who deeply influenced who you are, what you believe in and what you’re committed to in your work and life? Tell me about them.

Key influencers to have been my father for his work ethic. He always worked hard and provided a comfortable lifestyle. He showed me that if you are willing to do the work then you can have what you desire. My husband of 20 years has been a key influencer in my life for his supportive nature. He has always encouraged me to do whatever I say I desired to do. He has jumped in without me asking filling roles to help me be great in my endeavors. My final key influencer is my business coach. She saw in me what I didn’t and encourage me to try what she saw. I did and she was right!

If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Be yourself. Get around others in the business you are in and network. Introduce yourself and show up as a leader.

What’s next for you in your business/brand? What can readers look forward to from you?

The reader can look forward to more awareness on Telemental Health. They will learn more about the mental health specialist that are signing up to my provider directory that can serve them for their particular issues. Also, they will learn where they can join me for virtual and face-to-face events that are bringing awareness of how to cope mentally in our forever-changing world.

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Integrity and hard-work have always been the hallmarks Chandra has used to build successful and profitable businesses through her consulting firm has worked with entrepreneurs to help them create foundations for success through her boutique consulting and public relations firm, Chandra Gore Consulting. Quietly making strides with placements for small businesses, entertainment, authors, therapists and motivational speaking clients on local and national news outlets she has been leaving her mark as a publicist in the industry. She is also an author, festival founder, producer and speaker on topics such as Business Strategies, Media Relations and Entrepreneurship. Launching Conversations with Chan - her personal brand that includes a podcast, YouTube channel and publication on Medium.com.

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