“You Can Get with Wigs or You Can Get With That…”

~A personal Story from the CEO of Stewart Boutique~

This was me last week, getting slain in my own hair Salon, Stewart Beauty & Barber Boutique, located in Gahanna, Ohio (by my hairstylist and business partner, Joelle Renae’) for Mother’s Day.  Two years ago, I would have thrown a wig on my head and kept it moving.   This has definitely been a journey of growth for me.  As you can see, not ON my head…but more importantly, IN it. 

Somewhere out there, there’s someone reading this personal story, that can relate and I hope that whatever you take from this, you take this. You ARE enough.  You are ALLOWED to accessories and wear weaves/wigs.  You ARE allowed to go natural and you ARE ALLOWED to flop back and forth as often as it is safe and affordable for your hair. (Seek guidance from a licensed professional for the best outcome with minimal damage or hair loss).

Let’s talk about it.

There was only one reason I ever put a wig on my head in the first place.  I naively assumed they were for seasoned ladies, and only came in light gray, medium gray, and salt and pepper. 

My first unit was back in 2010 when I had a bad car accident that left me in the hospital and on bed rest for months at a time.  My hair became matted and I eventually had to chop it all off.  My hair was down to my shoulders at the time,  Back then I didn’t know anything about plucking the part to not make it look so dense.  There weren’t youtube videos of people slaying wigs with a concealer and tweezers for me to watch.

I always cut the lace entirely off so it looked like the wig was growing out of my forehead. and those dense parts?  UGH! I’m ashamed as I look at old pictures. 

I was a hot mess, honey.  It started as a necessity.  Then it became a starry-eyed obsession as I learned to customize them, and the kicker…BUY them already customized and looking like they grew from my scalp and not my forehead.   I guess I kept wearing them after that for convenience, low maintenance, and something I didn’t have to go to the salon to get done.  I cannot braid a stitch of hair ya’ll, I promise! 

I wore wigs from 2010 until 2020. I kid you not.  I have wig stands in my closet.  I have another closet with wigs just on a shelf.  Don’t judge me. They remind me of how far I’ve come and one day I’m going to wash and donate them.  I kept expensive hair honey, so it’s definitely feasible to bring it back to life.  My hairdresser is better than yours, so she has my back! LOL! LOL! LOL! 

So mind you, I have a love/hate relationship with wigs.  We have history.   I have always thought I had big ears, so short hair was a no for me.  I was completely envious of anyone who could rock short hair and still look fierce.  I just never had the “Megan Goode” face.  I still don’t.  Obviously, my face didn’t change, my ears, have actually gotten BIGGER because I’ve been hearing a lot of bullshit over the years (LOL) so what could have changed?  

Over the years, my boyfriend, who then became my husband, started to make little comments about hair being all over the place.  The nagging was subtle at first, and I didn’t catch him paying extra special attention to point out when someone had short hair on TV or how the girl at the car wash’s hairstyle would look good on me.  Now, ladies.  This is my husband.  I’m not saying he’s a TOTAL douche.  LOL! Seriously,  I’m not saying that at ALL!  What I’m saying is that he wasn’t exactly pleased with my hairstyle choices, he couldn’t run his fingers through my lace front and it drove him nuts. ME? The longer the better.  

Eventually, he gave in when he realized that even as I promised to ditch the wigs, throwing them away in his face, and hiding some in a suitcase in the attic, only to appear with one as we went out for the weekend.  I wore him down, ladies!  Just like I did to get this ring!  #Winning

I still was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

What changed was ME! Owning a salon gave me an entirely different outlook on how I see myself and how the world sees me.  I couldn’t claim to be a natural salon if they only see me in wigs.  I can’t call my hairstylist the coldest if she never does my hair.  You still with me?

What’s the point of all this?  The point is, that no matter what the situation, even if you were natural for 10 years and want to start wearing wigs, it’s ok to change for the right reasons.  Not seasons.

I don’t think ya’ll heard me up in here today!  

You can get with wigs, or you can get with that! 








Jo Jo DID that!  

Listen, I’ve been keeping up with the natural hair movement for the past 10 years, don’t get me wrong, there are some FIRE hairstylists in Columbus, Ohio.  My natural hair journey is just now beginning in 2021. I’m learning, but I’m allowing myself to be uninhibited and embrace my natural beauty, trying different styles, letting it grow back out, and going through awkward phases.   It’s all new to me and I’m just now 100% loving my hair short and natural.  The struggle is real, but it’s mine and I wouldn’t go back. 

If you have a hair journey, share it with us.  Enspire someone with your crown! 

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