New Music Alert – Watch Me by Lena Byrd Miles

Blessing us with a song that will inspire and move you. Sometimes we have to sit on the the sidelines of life and watch God work situations out that we worry about. Lena Byrd Miles helps us to remember to take a moment and just watch God work. Add this single to your playlist today.

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Lena Byrd Miles, the darling of the Oakland Bay Area has been singing since the ripe ole age of 4.
Coming from a musical family, she launched her singing career at her grandfather’s church where
she faithfully lent her gift until transitioning to serve as worship leader along-side her husband Tobias
Miles, Minister of Music.
Lena has honed her craft and now she is being heralded as one of the most sought-after vocalists in
contemporary gospel. Her sultry, soulful and extraordinary vocal prowess has captured the attention
of musicians and artists alike.
Her gift has opened many doors, and she is privileged to sing with the legendary Edwin Hawkins as
part of the New Edwin Hawkins Singers. Lena also has shared the stage with such luminaries as Tye
Tribbett, Kanye West, Lalah Hathaway, Deitrick Haddon, Dorinda Clark Cole, John P. Kee, the late
Thomas (TC) Clay and more.

Lena’s vocal style caught the attention of Grammy Award-winning producer and President of My
Block Inc., Warryn Campbell. After inking a deal, she joins the ranks of the My Block family where
such artists as Grammy Award winners Mary Mary, Erica Campbell, JoiStaRR, Jason McGee & The
Choir, Jason Champion, and The Soul Seekers call home.
More than an artist, Lena is a wife, daughter, sister, aunt and friend, with a unique ability to connect
with people. Her innate comedic prowess and infectious laugh draws you in, but her compassion for
humanity will cause you to appreciate her heart.

As an innovative game changer, the future is bright for Lena. By taking the torch of the legendary
Hawkins Family, Lena is continuing the journey of the rich heritage of Gospel Music by representing
the new Sound of the Bay.

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