Producer ‘BiggVon’ Is Making Major Moves in the Entertainment Industry With New Projects Underway

DaVon Phillips, popularly known as Producer BiggVon is a phenomenal and industry-leading music producer, Manager, Songwriter, Actor, and Motivational Speaker. Born and raised out of Detroit Mi, He has been involved in the music industry for over 20 years, creating music for numerous big artist across various industries. He owns a Grammy Award-winning production company, super producer, manager and the CEO of (We Got Hits Productions). BiggVon’s company has scored music placements with fortune 500 corporations such as Walmart and Target, and top-selling video games such as “NBA Live,” “E.A. Sports”, and “Madden Football. A great lover of music, his understanding of music is incredible and has contributed tremendously to the growth of the music industry. With a degree in business management and psychology, BiggVon uses both his knowledge and experience to assist both aspiring, fast-rising, and aficionados with quality sounds that match their music style and genre. His expertise cuts across all genres including Hip-hop, R&B, pop music, rock ‘n’ roll, gospel, Reggae, amongst others. Some of his career highlights including producing jingles and songs for different companies and soundtracks played on various Films, TV shows, including Lion Gates, CubeVision, ABC, CBS, HBO, MTV, Bravo, BET, Starz, SpikeTV, Fox Network, ESPN, Oxygen, and VH1.

Patrice: What makes you a man that hustles? Tell us the qualities.

Biggvon: A Man of God, consistency, persistency, prayer, dedication, and faith. These are the things I practice daily.

Patrice: You have a solid career in the entertainment industry as a Grammy-Award winning producer. Taking it all the way back to the earlier days, how did your career in music start?

Biggvon: It started for me when I was in high school; I was in a group with two childhood friends, Ziggy and Darious which we pursued a rap career and I studied management, beat production, songwriting, and A&R consulting which led me to meeting Proof D12 on a Friday night at St. Andrews hall. We became good friends and he showed me the ropes to the music game.

Patrice: What are some of your favorite music artists?

Biggvon: Ice Cube, Snoopdogg, LL Cool J, E40, Rick Ross, 50cent, Eminem, Royce5-9, The Proof of D12, James brown, Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Marvin Sapp, T-Pain, Stevie Wonder, Drake, Scarface, and Jeezy.

Patrice: You have produced records for heavy hitters such as Ice Cube, Fettywap, Lil Wayne and more! What was that like and how has that helped your career?

Biggvon: The feeling was amazing! As a child I always spoke on the artist I looked up to as far as working with them in the future. I’m a very firm believer in speaking things into existence and look where that got me today.

Patrice: Tell us more about your Grammy-winning production company.

Biggvon: I started ‘We got Hits Publishing & Productions’ five years ago. I’ve built a strong production/writing team that consists of BigSoj, Shawnski, Jbeats, Sparkz tha Trackman, myself and we all came together and made hits.

Patrice: What has been some of your memorable records produced and artists that you connected with?

Biggvon: Ice Cube is one that I learned from and built a connection with which allowed us to produce the single to Barbershop 3: The Next Cut. Shout -out to my homie Dion Primo which was a very memorable moment. There were other artists that I connected with but this one was unforgettable.

Patrice: The music industry can be rough at times dealing with all types of things. As a producer, how are you able to stand out from the crowd and from other producers as well?

Biggvon: For me, I never been that guy to follow trends like other producers. I come up with new sounds and ideas and make it a vibe. Sometimes it may be rough, but I stay grounded and focused on my visions; it’s about putting your feelings in music and bring it to life.

Patrice: Are there any new projects you are currently working on?

Biggvon: Yes, my new TV show called ‘Toxsanity’ is about toxic relationships and a comedy show with my partner Jet Wavy and my podcast.

Patrice: Any tips for those who has a desire to fall in your footsteps?

Biggvon: Never give up on your goals and dreams. Bring them to reality, believe in yourself, pray, have faith, dedication, persistency, and consistency.

Connect with Biggvon:

Instagram: @iambiggvon

Facebook: Corporate Culture marketing

Twitter: @Biggvon2

YouTube: biggvons world



Ayana Bean, born and raised in Boston, MA, is an activist, speaker and advocate for at risk women. She is a member of several organizations that have an agenda to end mass incarceration by pushing for prison reform. As a former financial aid adviser, music industry event curator and consultant, Bean is no stranger to the rhythm of life’s highs and lows. From being an entrepreneur, to making unlawful decisions that resulted in her being sentenced to prison for financial fraud. Released from prison in 2014 she began her road to redemption. Ms. Bean is featured in the BET American Gangster (Trap Queens) series Part 2. Episode 7

“The biggest challenge I have faced in business and in life is fear. It can be difficult to take on anything being afraid. Fear can stop you. Overcoming it is the win. “

Patrice: What is the name of your business and what does it intel?

Ayana: Besides being an activist and speaker, I am now a new author. My first book called “A Year and A Day” is based on my life growing up and the challenges I faced. Life of crime and heart aches. Through another business venture I purchase commercial and residential property investments.

Patrice: I definitely feel that your story will touch others, especially for women who have been through the same thing you have been through. Have you faced any challenges so far?

Ayana: The biggest challenge I have faced in business and in life is fear. It can be difficult to take on anything being afraid. Fear can stop you. Overcoming it is the win.

Patrice: Fear can definitely stop you dead in your tracks to what and where you want to go in live. Are you currently working on any current projects right now?

Ayana: Yes, my book “A Year and A Day,” working in the community to provide resources for at risk youth, and women re-entering into society from prison.

Patrice: Wow! Sounds amazing! What you are doing in the community is absolutely worthy and needed. How do you face diversity as a woman/man entrepreneur/author?

Ayana: As a woman there is always seems to be a lower standard as far as worth and as a Black woman even lower than that. It’s about facing it and sticking to your values, morals and worth.

Patrice: I totally agree with you! We all know that balancing your personal life and career can be challenging at times. For you, is balancing your personal life, work life and business life difficult for you at times?

Ayana: It used to be. I wasn’t great at the time management at first, but I have mastered it now and it’s much better.

Patrice: Time management can be a working progress but it’s a great tool to accomplish. Do you have any new projects or events coming up?

Ayana: I am planning a book tour once our world tour dates are confirmed to open up safely.

Patrice: Sounds like a plan! A book tour is always great to introducing the world to your new book. So, what does being an entrepreneur or business owner mean to you?

Ayana: It’s means strength; accepting and acknowledging the strengths we possess. We are capable of all possibilities and just go for it.

Connect with Ms. Yana Bean:

IG: @ms.yanabean

Twitter: Ms. Yana Bean

Facebook @ ms.yanabean

“The biggest challenge I have faced in business and in life is fear. It can be difficult to take on anything being afraid. Fear can stop you. Overcoming it is the win. “

Rising R&B Singer-Songwriter MIYA GUGGS Releases New Single ‘Situationships’ As Well as the Visuals

Unapologetic and focused are two words that describe singer and songwriter Miya Guggs.

The qualities that allowed her to be an elite athlete on the basketball court now help the independent artist launch her music career. A woman of many gifts, Miya’s talents on the hardwood allowed her to earn a scholarship to her hometown college basketball team, Kansas City (Kansas) Community College. Nobody would have blamed Miya if she had pursued her hoop dreams to their logical conclusion – a college education, maybe attracting the attention of a Division One school and becoming a Lady Jayhawk and achieving the ultimate dream of being drafted into the WNBA. Miya, however had a different dream.

Patrice: How did your start in music began?

Miya: My start is music began when I was younger, during the MTV music videos era.

Patrice: What are some of your favorite music artists that’s out right now?

Miya: Some of my favorite music artists are Sza, Teyana Taylor, and Jhene Aiko.

Patrice: Speaking of music artists, you are one yourself in the r n b genre with a new single out called ‘Situationships.’ What was the inspiration behind creating it?

Miya: The inspiration for ‘Situationships’ came from twitter, and just reading everyone’s experiences. I then just wrote about my many experiences.

Patrice: The visuals to the single are also available as well. How did you come up with the concept for visuals?

Miya: For my visuals I like to imagine it as a movie and apply what I think that movie would look like.

Patrice: What is the next step in your music career?

Miya: The next step in my career would be to drop my EP, hopefully in the summer.

Patrice: How many ep’s or albums do you currently have out right now?

Miya: I currently don’t have ep’s or albums out right now, but I hope to soon drop my EP.

Patrice: If you could do a duet with a singer dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Miya: I would love to do a duet with Sza; I just feel like it would be a very magical moment.

Patrice: Growing up, who or what has been your biggest inspiration?

Miya: My biggest inspiration growing up was Hannah Montana. I loved everything about performing and the lifestyle she lived.

Patrice: Are you working on anything else besides music?

Miya: Right now I’m working on becoming a better dancer. I love the art of dancing, and it’s been really fun to create in a different art style.


Patrice: It is so great to sit down and interview you. Let the readers know who you are and what your business is.

At first, I never thought I wanted to act, but now I love the glam and being in front of the camera. Acting is something, and I am very interested.

Cree: Great to sit with you as well! Thanks for thinking of me to interview. My name is Cree Campbell. I am currently the newest member of Growing Up Hip Hop LA. My father is Luther Campbell, and my dad (Stepfather) is Ted Lucas, owner of Slip N Slide records. I own and operate two businesses ‘Inspire Agency’, an experiential marketing firm that cultivates branded moments and corporate events. ‘Inspire Body Recovery’ is a luxury post-op concierge service to assist “dolls” in their post-surgery journey.

Patrice: Tell us about your advocacy of health and wellness. How important is that for you?

Cree: Health and wellness are vital to me because I’ve seen the downside of not being healthy when it comes to family members suffering from high blood pressure and heart disease. This all stems from not living a healthy lifestyle.

Patrice: You are the latest cast of Growing up Hip Hop. How does that feel?

Cree: Wow! It’s insane! Being the newest member of WE TV #1 show ‘Growing Up Hip Hop LA’ is enormous for me and business overall. It’s an honor that they reached out and wanted me and to hear my story. I am genuinely excited about it.

Patrice: This is definitely exciting news since I’m also a fan of the show! What are you expected to learn from others on the show that has been on there for a while?

Cree: I do not think any expectations are made of me in regards to learning from anyone. However, I am open to learning because I do not know everything. Maybe I will learn something you’ll have to tune in in June.

Patrice: Will do! I will be counting down until June! LOL. So are you currently working on any new projects?

Cree: Yes! Omg, I have some pretty cool new stuff in the works for “C.Swim,” which is my swim line. I also have another brand called ‘FIM33’, “Faith in Motion33,” which is a workout line that Mama Tina came up with, and we are doing a mother-daughter project in regards to that. I am also purchasing land lots in Florida to build luxury single-family homes and duplexes geared towards middle-class families.  I feel like in certain areas, the houses are run- down, and everyone, no matter their financial status, should feel good and peace when entering their home.

Patrice: Wow! You have a lot going on for yourself and I see that you are an entrepreneur of many hats! Congrats to you in all your business ventures! Now since the pandemic hit last year and still is going on in 2021, has it affected your business or planned projects in any way?

Cree: The pandemic has ultimately shut down events for big branded clients, and it’s sad because I have all these concerts and partnerships that were ready to go for 2020 and 2021. But it made me look at life differently. I honestly feel less stressed without doing ground-up events. But I’ve also been given opportunities to partner with others and still execute concerts. My company was responsible for the first two ‘City Girls’ shows in Florida when JT was released from prison. I’ve always wanted to make sure to execute because I am low-key, and I wanted to make sure to put on for not only the city but my state!

Patrice: Blessings on top of blessings!  Have you been on other Television shows?

Cree: Yes. ‘Luke’s Parental Advisory’ on MTV, but I was young and extremely disconnected. It was probably the most awkward thing to be doing at 15 for me at the time.

Patrice: Do you see yourself becoming an actress in the long run?

Cree: At first, I never thought I wanted to act, but now I love the glam and being in front of the camera. Acting is something, and I am very interested. Someone should call Issa Rae and tell her I need to be in Rap Shit, lol.

Patrice: LOL. I understand because talent like Issa Rae deserves actresses like you who are hungry in this industry.

Follow Cree Campbell on IG @_itsmecree for more updates.

A storyteller and writer creating her own lane one opportunity at a time! Patrice Rivers is a 9x published author who created her own brand That Riverz Gurl Brand, LLC. Not only is she a certified journalist and freelance writer, but a Sickle Cell survivor and advocate. Patrice created the “Come Learn with Patricia” book series to share her personal testimony of living with SCD. Patrice is also the proud owner and creator of Versafi Media Magazine which is an online publication dedicated to entertainment news, articles and compelling interviews.  Learn more about Patrice and That Riverz Gurl Brand, LLC by visiting Be sure to follow her on Instagram and visit her website for her magazine at to learn more.

Cardi-B is named Billboards ‘Woman of the Year’


The Trinidian and Dominican New York rapper Cardi B started from the bottom and now she’s HERE! It’s been a long time coming for the “Bardi Cardi” rapper who is a former cast member of VH1’s “Love N Hip Hop” where she make her break-out appearance in TV. Cardi has had one heck of a year, but hey, it’s ending on a big BANG being named 2020 Billboard’s ‘Woman of the Year’ event. As soon as the news hit social media, Cardi took it to Instagram and shut her haters down quick; the ones saying she didn’t earned the award. She stated on IG Wednesday, November 18th to let her haters know that she rightfully earned that title. She also shared that she used her platform to help educate those on voting and for the presidential election.

Shame on all the haters who has been doubting this beautiful Queen because she has been truly involved in political and in the community. The “I Like It’ rapper shared that she uses her platform to help educate those on voting and for the presidential election. According to Revolt TV,   Billboard named Cardi B the ‘Woman of the Year’ because of her brand new Reebok deal, her involvement in political activism and her highly successful single ‘WAP’ with Megan Thee Stallion which topped the Billboard Hot 100 Chart for several weeks.

Year in Politics:

~Cardi B sat down with now President-Elect Joe Biden during the summer to talk about the importance of voting, Donald Trump and Coronavirus.

~Spoke out on the police brutality in the Black community

~Voiced her concerns about the state of America and the effect it has on it’s people.

The Billboards Women in Music event will air virtually on Thursday, December 10, 2020 at 8 pm ET right on This year’s host is singer and actress Teyana Taylor. 


Patrice Rivers is a media mogul with the mind-set to tell “inspiring” stories in the world of journalism. She has also published nine books and is the owner of her brand ‘That Riverz Gurl Brand’ that consists of her freelance writing, journalism skills, writing services, media platform and health platform. Learn more about this boss in the making by visiting her website at Follow her on IG at

[ listen now] The Southern Hummingbird is back releasing new single ‘neva felt this way’

She’s back! Yasss Pretty Women! The Southern Hummingbird is back after her three-year long hiatus and is back releasing a brand new single called “Neva Felt This Way” that was hand-crafted by Craigg Brockman and Charlie Bereal. This new single gives you that sultry and good vibe over a piano ballad. Tweet told Rated R N B that the single was “inspired by unconditional love”
“When I wake up in the morning, you put a smile on my face. And if the days a disappointment, I think of you..”
Those are the words of the opening of her new single. It talks about a deep relationship where Tweet talks about feeling a certain way about a special somebody. Ladies! I know some of you can relate to that! Whether you are in a relationship, dating or even married, you may feel butterflies in your stomach every once in a while. It’s a brand new feeling when you experience a new love. This is actually Tweet’s third new single that she has dropped in 2020. The other two are called “I Admit It” and “Remedy” from her upcoming EP which will be released later on this year with Entertainment One.
Listen now!