Backdoors can find purpose

Damn, I dropped my key.

I always drop my keys , this might mean something.

Shoot I gotta go, he is on his way.

Let me fnd the right key, I gotta get ready.

I gotta take a shower, tidy up and cook.

This is so overwhelming , this takes the fun out of fun.

Welp I have to keep pushing, he cant see me sweat.

A girl gotta do what a girl gotta do.

Time to get up and get back to it.

I gotta stick to the script, hard work and no play.

People like me gotta work harder due to the hand we were dealt.

All I know is the back way, down the alley and up the street.

I can’t stop, wont stop.

Time to get up and do it again.

It’s been a diferent day, something feels planted.


All of a sudden, I have a headache, the enemy always trying to throw a curveball.

Damn it’s time to get off work. I’m almost home , uuuggghhh i’m so tired.

I gotta find my key… here we go again.

Girl stop complaining you got things to do, plus you are tired.

But you know you got this.

As I approached the door, I noticed a mini burst of power inside of me.

Guess what as I grabbed my keys…

This time I didn’t fumble , I was able to find my key to the back door.

As I walked in , I felt different, I felt like I needed to sit , take a moment and clear my mind.

First I was amazed that I was able to find my key with ease.

I have to allow my emotions to speak to me , I need to hear my spirit speak.

As I sat I heard something say “It’s time to use the front door”.

I sat in silence and listened, the voice said “Tap Into yourself, the power is inside of you”.

I started to fill up on the inside with an overwhelming feeling of clarity.

It was like I was able to open the key to my front door.

I was able to own my place.

I felt like I belonged, I felt like GOD didn’t forget me.

He was protecting me from me.

He said the back door has purpose.

Never give up.

Latrina C

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