Motivation on Fleek: Meet Some of the Ladies of iCrushGoals

Pretty Women Hustle Interview with iCrushGoals

Pretty Women Hustle magazine is joined by a few of the members from iCrushGoals; Lisa George, Eseverere “The 5-9 CEO”, Taneisha N. Ramsey, Sandra M. Chaney and Gissele Donovan.

1.How did you form this group of positivity? What made you decide to do this? 

Lisa: As I get older, I pay very close attention to my soul guidance.  So, in the fall of 2019, I received guidance to do so, and although I was really busy at the time, and did not understand the why, I formed the “universe”.  Today, with all the powerhouses who are members, I understand the why.  Together, we are stronger than individually, and we’re doing great things. 

2. The world is opening back up. How can people adjust and stay positive during this phase of “new normalcy” after such a rough last year and a half? 

Lisa: Embodying the essence of one of Bruce Lee’s quotes would be helpful.  “Be Water, My Friend. Empty your mind. Be formless, shapeless, like water. You put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle. You put it into a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.”

Eseverere: Definitely, a positive attitude can go a long way in times of stress. Take care of yourself. Fill your cup to foster positivity and resilience. Try positive self-talk and write down your strengths. Also, look into starting a gratitude journal.

Taneisha: Remember to be still a little longer recognizing that your own breath and pounding of your heart is a beautiful reflection of life.  Remember to appreciate the gift of not only life but relationships that God has allowed us to sustain. Lastly always focus on what you’ve gained and not what you’ve lost.

Sandra: One of the things I learned during this last year and a half is to honor my feelings and take it one second, one minute, one hour, and one day at a time. Do what feels right for you and your spirit and remember to breathe. 

Gissele: Understanding that God gave us another chance to live and now more than ever is time to start being grateful and positive about hard times.

3. Can you share with our readers what true wealth is? 

Lisa: Health, peace, ease that comes with enhanced financial literacy & applications, freedom to live out my divinely instructed life mission, reciprocal & consistent relationships (in all areas), balancing ‘work’, play, and rest, and living my life as if it is a hobby.  

Eseverere: Personal true wealth is impact. How you make others feel, the ability to bring out the best in others, and the ability to live life in your own terms and make significant impact in life.

Taneisha: My true wealth is peace in my spirit first and foremost. Next, my mental health, relationship health and the way my body feels and looks.  I deliberately focus on these areas daily, remembering Life is a journey that requires keeping a steady pace.

Sandra: True wealth is your state of being, your health, soul, and spirit. There is only one you. Taking care of yourself first in every area of your life will yield the assets of wealth, such as money, authentic relationships, and other desires of your heart.

Gissele: For me, true wealth means being aligned with happiness, health, and passion about life.

4. Can you give us some insight on how to create generational wealth? 

Lisa: Enhancing on what my family taught me.  Also, accepting that there were things that I was not taught (which is okay) and being very intentional about learning those things and implementing them.  Also, understanding and dissecting how emotions drive my financial decision-making has changed my trajectory as I am now able to navigate and am creating generational wealth through a Lisa with higher self-paradigms.    

Eseverere: I believe that when it comes to generational wealth, it’s not much about what you leave for your dependents, it’s what you leave in them.

Taneisha: Place generational wealth and legacy on the front of your mind as a possibility for your family. Start assigning the money you do have, make a budget with a line item for generational wealth savings. Obtain multiple life insurance policies to ensure you’re not leaving any debt. 

Sandra: Generational wealth starts with your inner core values. Everything you do and create starts with how you see and value yourself first. It is an inside job. The creation of wealth starts with an energy that you set forth. Whatever you create based on your inner core values will remain, good or bad. 

Gissele: First, find your passion in what would be that thing that you will do even if they did not pay you for it. Second, take action and develop that business or join a movement to help you reach your goals, and third BE CONSISTENT! 

5. How can we protect our mental health in a time when we are bombarded with such negative news? 

Lisa: Smiling… I do not watch the news.  The inflow of ‘news’ is consistent so if there is anything

that I need to know, I’ll know.  I keep my head to the ground so am very aware of what I need to be.  I stay engaged with taking in higher vibrational things, have hobbies that I love, practice lots of self-care, say “no” to a lot, and am very mindful of who and what I associate with.  Energy exchange is real. 

Eseverere: The easiest suggestion will be staying around from the news as much as you can. You can be aware but not don’t allow it to consume you. Fill your mind with things that make you happy.

Taneisha: Create boundaries that limit any type of negativity in your life. Start your day off in gratitude, meditation, and or prayer. This daily habit will set the tone for the rest of your day.

Sandra: Be mindful of what you’re watching and listening to.  Schedule your time to decompress and release. Protect your peace and space by removing yourself from negative things and people. You are your greatest asset and your mental health drives everything else. Remember to BREATHE! 

Gissele:  Surround yourself with like-minded people and invest in your personal development watching YouTube videos, podcasts or programs that help you grow your mindset then you will bombard everyone with positivity.  

6. What are some upcoming projects you all are working on?

Lisa: We’re still on the Celebrating Life, Celebrating YOU!! Virtual Female Empowerment Tour and working on an anthology of the same name. There are some other things but we are keeping that hush, hush for now – tee hee.  On a personal level, I’ve been speaking and hosting.  I also released my first book of the same name as the motivational tour and the first in a series. – Celebrating Life, Celebrating YOU!!: What that looks like on a daily basis and especially during challenging times – which became an Amazon Best-seller.

Eseverere: Personally, getting on the tour with my Celebrating Life, Celebrating YOU!! sisters and motivating the masses.  Also starting to write my book.

Taneisha: Currently I’m working on a children’s movie script to uplift our children’s self-image. Also I just joined, Believe in Your Dreams Television’s Media Bosses 21 city speaking tour. We are coming to a city near you to inspire and transform audiences into taking action and stomping on the head of fear.

Sandra:  I am working on three new books as a co-author, 1) thriving after a suicide attempt, 2) with my husband on entrepreneurship, love, and money, and; 3) with my fellow tour sisters that speaks to Celebrating Life, Celebrating you and lastly a candle/spa line to help women create their own sacred spaces. 

Gissele:  Helping more women create another income from their phones by looking beautiful and

doing what they are already doing on social media but now is the time to monetize!! Also, keep growing my podcast “THE GIGI FACTOR” and keep speaking FIRE, and re- launch my GisseleCreations sports clothing boutique again.

About the iCG Universe: In the iCG (iCrushGoals) Universe, iCGions are crushing their goals and celebrated – NONSTOP!! The continuous creation of small AND/OR micro wins are encouraged as they lead to GRAND/EPIC goal attainment ~ they lead to things that look like magic ~ as if one is riding air. We celebrate often and connect these individuals to others doing the same. To find out more or join the Universe, please click here.

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