Tune In Alert – 36th Stellar Gospel Music Awards

The 36th Stellar Gospel Music Awards will premiere Sunday, August 1st at 8/7c on BET- with an encore presentation at 10/9c.

Hosted by gospel chart-toppers Jekalyn Carr and Tye Tribbett, this year’s ceremony showcased an eclectic mix of gospel legends and industry standard-bearers along with the unstoppable force of young, contemporary artists who are spreading the good news in new ways. The annual celebration underscored the power of artists who boldly proclaim a Christ-centered identity, represent the unique sounds of their region, and display the rich diversity filling
gospel music with a healing and uplifting energy that reaches the masses.

A new generation of gospel artists showed up and showed out during the celebration as a testament
to the genre’s staying power. Among them, Pastor Mike Jr., nominated for multiple Stellar Awards
this year, performed “Big,” and host Jekalyn Carr belted her songs, “Change Your Story” and
“Jehovah Jireh.” Maverick City Music treated audiences to the harmonious sound of “Jireh,” and
various emerging artists such as Jokia, Terrian, and Nia Allen were spotlighted as up-and-coming
gospel talent. 
Big winners at the 36 th Stellar Gospel Music Awards include Pastor Mike Jr., who was named Artist
of the Year and won Rap/Hip Hop Gospel Album of the Year and Urban/Inspirational Single or
Performance of the Year. Kierra Sheard was feted during the ceremony with Song of the Year and
Contemporary Album of the Year, and Maverick City Music won both New Artist of the Year and
Album of the Year. Other multiple Stellar Awards winners include Jonathan McReynolds, who was
named Male Vocalist of the Year, Contemporary Male Vocalist of the Year, and as part of a group
that won Producer of the Year; and Tasha Cobbs Leonard, whose wins included Albertina Walker
Female Vocalist of the Year, Praise and Worship Album of the Year, and Contemporary Female
Vocalist of the Year.

Kierra Sheard gave a spirited offering of “Something Has To Break,” and Sheléa and Christina
Bell sang The Clark Sisters’ classic hit “You Brought The Sunshine.” Leading nominee Jonathan
McReynolds lifted his voice to the sounds of “Grace” and “Movin’ On,” joined by Mali Music, and
CeCe Winans burst into song with “Never Lost” and “Believe For It.”  
Viewers worldwide can expect to witness these dynamic performances and find out who won across
all categories when the Stellar Awards airs Sunday, August 1, on BET, BET Her, and BET Gospel at
8 p.m. ET / PT. The show will also air August 2 on BET International. The ceremony, held at the
Schermerhorn Symphony Center in Nashville, TN, on Saturday, July 10, will also be carried in
various markets for national broadcast syndication from August 7 through September 5.  
The Stellar Awards not only recognizes the year’s best performances in the genre, but also honors
gospel music icons and those who have been instrumental in advocating for the gospel industry. Top
nominees for this year’s ceremony include former Stellar Awards host Jonathan McReynolds, who
received eight nominations this year. Anthony Brown & group therAPy, Kierra Sheard, Maverick
City Music, and Pastor Mike, Jr. each received seven nominations, including a nod each for Artist
of the Year. Other celebrated artists receiving multiple Stellar nominations include Tasha Cobbs
Leonard, The Clark Sisters, Rev. Luther Barnes and the Restoration Worship Center Choir,
the Chicago Mass Choir, and host Jekalyn Carr. 
AT&T is proud to be this year’s presenting sponsor. With support from additional sponsors, including
State Farm (Song of the Year presenter), Toyota, P&G (Traditional Female Vocalist presenter), and
McDonald’s Inspiration Celebration Gospel Tour, the 2021 Stellar Gospel Music Awards is set to be
the gospel event of 2021.

For additional updates, follow The Stellar Awards on social media and check out their  website.

The Life 14:6 Ashli’s Heart Hosts Community Fundraiser

As many children across the country prepare to head back to school – many are excited but for some parents due. to the pandemic supplies may be hard to comeby. This is where Ashil Cotton comes in. Hosting The Life 14:6 Ashli’s Heart Going Back to School Fundraiser that included Free Kid Haircuts and Book Bags with School Supplies. There was an amazing turn out that included 54 individuals being assisted and all of the bookbags handed out.

Ashli is a woman on a mission guided by God. Using her talk show The Life Talk Show and her organization Ashli’s Heart she is able to support her community and reach the masses with a good word and motivation to uplift and be inspired. By providing the necessities for parents who are unable to afford them for their children ages newborn all the way up to college bound students she alleviates the stress that parents and caretakers face. She is striving to ensure that she makes an impact in the world by treating our neighbors with love, respect and kindness.

About Ashli Cotton

Originally from Chicago, IL. Ashli has always enjoyed entertainment and began dancing and performing at six years of age she graduated and attended Tuskegee University for 2 years. She left to pursue her dreams of entertainment and relocated to Oxnard, CA., where she created and hosted “The Life” Talk Show. She is a gifted written and oral communicator, a certified Transformational Life Coach, and an Author of the book “His Life My Testimony.”

Inspired to create Ashli’s Heart because as a single parent to her son. She was working full time with a heavy load to bare and stretching each paycheck and child support too take care of her and her son and was considered the working poor. She went from living paycheck to paycheck to supporting others.

To make a donation to support Ashli’s Heart you can support via AmazonSmile or visit the website to find out more.

National Friendship Day

Photo by Junior REIS on Unsplash

Bestfrienddddddddd lol! Don’t you love your friends?

I mean like the friends you can run and talk to about anything! I mean anything! They are the ones that keep your deepest darkest secrets. LOL!

Now sis, don’t get me wrong but all friends serve a different purpose, Let me elaborate, you have that one friend where you all turn up, have drinks go out, and much much more. Then you have the friend that tells you that you shouldn’t be doing that could get you in a lot of trouble! Keep them both!

Those friends as you can see show a different purpose, even though the friends can swap roles but if they are separate that’s cool too.

Today is the day we celebrate friendship. You should be grateful that you have someone you can call a friend. There are a few people that don’t have friends, or maybe they had friends and for some reason, they aren’t friends anymore; it happens.

Have you ever tried having a friend of the opposite sex? How did it work out for you? Did you all stay cool or did the friend try to be more than friends? Sis, I know you reading this like hmm those are good questions but that’s just my friend. LOL! Okay, sis stay friends because once you open Pandora’s box who knows if you’ll be celebrating National Friendship Day next year!

All Things Positivity with Natalie Taste of YourInnerFatGirl

Natalie Tate has always aimed for her brand to be a place of acceptance and self love. To stray away from compromising her true self to fit within a certain standard. YourInnerFatGirl may have begun as a way to share Natalie’s love of food and the Crescent City, she has made a name for herself with over thousands of followers that she pushes to be beautiful from the inside out.

The success of “YourInnerFatGirl” has led to Tate being featured on Buzzfeed, co-host of local radio shows in New Orleans, and being invited to many panel discussions regarding entrepreneurship and branding. ‘

YourInnerFatGirl is a company that stands on positivity, promotes self love and supports all.

We had the amazing opportunity to catch up with Natalie Taste and discuss the history and mission behind her brand “YourInnerFatGirl”.

Who is Natalie, when all of the cameras and blogs go away?

I have a chill personality with sweet and sour flavors. I’m goofy with a sassy side that’s itching to come out after a couple of drinks. I enjoy nature, swanky dinners, comedic action movies, travel, and hanging with my friends and family. 

 What inspired the start of “Your Inner Fat Girl

The aesthetic. I always paid attention to how my food was served and that was whether I dined out, cooked, or serving someone. I can see myself taking a photo and say to myself “somebody gotta see this shit” haha. It wouldn’t be solely the food, it would be the details around it (shades, handbags, views) In a way, it seems like I had an interest in food photography. 

What message do you hope women take away from your brand? 

I want women to look at my brand and feel confident in all that they do. I want women to be inspired to stay true to themselves at all times, not only when convenient. In the social media space, it takes strength to not get into the mix of what everyone else is doing to drive up likes on and offline. 

What has been your biggest challenge thus far in your career?

My biggest challenge is seeing projects through. The ideation is the fun part and then comes the logistics of planning and budgeting. Making sure the reward is worth the input of effort. 

What advice do you have for an upcoming entrepreneur?

Take your time to think of how the business will be able to scale years out and also adapt to the changes we’re forever undergoing. 

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles?

I think it’s self-explanatory. Perhaps a pretty woman who looks fierce and is also a businesswoman making moves, sealing deals. 

Darlaina Rose ~ A Rose Is Still A Rose

Darlaina Rose is a health and well being coach based in Philadelphia,Pennsylvania. http://www.darlainarose.com\r\rPhotos by Rena O. of Rena O. Productions http://www.renaoproductions.com

A rose is a symbol of love, purity, joy, elegance, innocence, and passion. All nouns that describe Darlaina Rose. She was born the second child of nine in the city of Philadelphia (Brotherly Love) to a stable and religious household that molded her to know that she was going to be on a path that involves healing. Darlaina was fortunate enough to have a father who was present, always brought in multiple streams of income, and be a pillar in the community. With that he made sure that he instilled those same qualities in his children.

For 30 years, Darlania worked in hospital administration before finally realizing that she, just like her father, can create finances from her many talents. In 2018 she decided to step out on faith and start her own business, her Mother brand, Darlania Rose,The House of Roses Healing House!  Afterwards, it didn’t take long before she earned the many titles that are going to represent her legacy of being a holistic “healer”. Having congestive heart failure and healing herself led her to take this journey.

Today, Darlania Rose, PC. is known as an Emotion Code Practitioner, Health and Well Being Coach. Darlania is also the CEO of Darlania Rose Coaching and the Founder of Just the Gurlz which is a Women’s Empowerment Community. Last, she is the BEST-SELLING Author of her first book titled “How I Got Here – My Holistic Healing Journey”.

We had the opportunity to talk with Darlaina to discuss her passion behind her brand.

Darlaina, reading your bio I was impressed with the fact that your father instilled in you early about multiple streams of income. What is another important trait that he instilled in you?

To always give people grace. He further explained that common sense is not common to everybody. People will cross you, try you and it’s important to not get angry just to give them the same grace that we ask God for every day.

After working for 30 years in Hospital Administration, you branched out on your own. How scary was that? What was the ah-ha moment when I knew I wanted to do something different?

What!!! horrifying!! To lose the security of a steady income and health insurance. I was definitely scared but I felt the fear but did it anyway with my teeth chattering and knees shaky. I was at a job that 1 wasn’t in my gifting and my supervisor who was 10 yrs. my junior straight disrespected me. She sent me an email with CAPITAL LETTERS AND RED WRITING!

I forwarded it to my girlfriend to make sure I wasn’t tripping. My girlfriend called me back immediately! Who the heck is she talking to? That sealed it. I went over to her and had a very calm conversation and told her I would not accept her disrespect. I don’t care what she needs to tell me, it must be done with respect as a colleague and a grown-ass woman. Watch yo’self shawty! lol!!

After that, I sat down in my seat. I was fuming a little. I was in my head like why are you here again yeah, we’re out! I told my cube mates “today is my last day. When I leave, I’m not coming back.” They were like “you not going to give them notice? NOPE, they will notice I’m not here tomorrow! i’m DONE!” Finally, it’s 4 pm. I’m like 30 more minutes, up walks my manager, not the nasty supervisor. She was like Darlaina. I heard something very disturbing and I know it can’t be true because I know that you are more professional than that.

I said “really, what did you hear?” “I heard today was your last day?” I took a deep breath, and said: “oh that is true!” She said “Well that is going to work for me, for the department. It will affect our numbers.” I was like “oh I’m sorry to hear that but this is not going to work out for me.” She didn’t invite me to her office to discuss it. She didn’t ask what happened, she just told me how she and the department would be affected. then she said, “you will NEVER be able to come back here again.” It is a very prestigious hospital in Atlanta. I said “you don’t have to worry about that, I WILL NOT be back” and I left and never looked back. All I could hear in my mind was Tony Robbins saying BURN THE BOATS! Win or die!!

You are the founder of Darlaina Rose, The Healing House of Roses! What is The Healing House of Roses?

It is a place where people will come for Rest, Respite, and Rejuvenation. A place for Emotional Healing. To get tools to heal the mind, body, and soul.

Explain what holistic healing is?

It is healing that considers the whole person. Mind, body, spirit, and emotions.

CEO of Darlaina Rose Coaching is just one of your many titles. You are also an Emotion Code Practitioner and have a Health and Well-being Coaching program. What is an Emotion Code Practitioner?

Emotion code is a modality created by Dr. Bradley Nelson. It allows me to find emotions that are trapped in your body that are causing illness. Emotions are a running algorithm stopping you from living your best life. Using muscle testing and magnetic therapy we can find those negative emotions and remove them. What does the Health and Well Being Coaching program entail? A series of sessions to determine what we need to do for your body, mind, and soul.

Together we do multiple modalities that may include journaling, mirror work, exercise, food guidance, supplements, etc.

Another wonderful role you have is Founder of Just the Gurlz. What is Just the Gurlz?

It is a women’s empowerment community. How can readers get involved? join us on the meet-up app https://www.meetup.com/just-t-he-gurlz-womens-empowerment-meetup-group/ #Meetup #Atlanta. I can also be reached via dm on any social media platform Darlaina Rose.

You’ve been coined as a BEST-SELLING Author. Congratulations on your first book titled “How I Got Here – My Holistic Healing Journey”. Give us a snippet of what we can expect and where can it be purchased?
This is a book of love, betrayal, forgiveness, and healing. Find ways to heal yourself and there is a health planner in the back. it’s a 2 for 1. it can be purchased on my website www.DarlainaRose.com
Darlaina Rose is a health and well being coach based in Philadelphia,Pennsylvania. http://www.darlainarose.com\r\rPhotos by Rena O. of Rena O. Productions http://www.renaoproductions.com

KiOwana Eunique Phillips ~ O to the E to the Outstanding Entrepreneur

Meet KiOwana Eunique Phillips and yes the “O” is capital and the “E” is silent. She is a wife, mother of two boys, and fur mom of three boy dogs.

KiOwana is an active duty Soldier, Philanthropist, Published Author, Certified Firearms Instructor, Moebius Syndrome Advocate/Coordinator, Personal Travel Agent, Blogger, Honorary Kentucky Colonel, Sergeant Audie Murphy Award recipient, Master Fitness Trainer, Health & Fitness Coach, and Real Estate investor.

She continues to help and train others through health and fitness training, as an Equal Opportunity Representative, Resilience Training Facilitator, and life mentor. She prides herself in pushing others to be their very best while promoting equality for all.

KiOwana is a firm believer in giving back to the community. She does this by holding her annual ‘Team Phillips Back to School Blessings’. Each school year she donates dozens of new backpacks filled with school supplies to families in need across the country. KiOwana also holds an annual ‘Steps 4 Khaleb
Challenge’. Khaleb is their oldest son who was diagnosed with Moebius Syndrome at birth. This challenge encourages everyone around the world to get active with their families by getting as many steps in as possible within those specified five days. ‘Steps 4 Khaleb Challenge’ raises money for the Moebius Syndrome Foundation. During the holidays her family provides Blessing Bags to the local homeless shelters in hopes to bring awareness to homelessness in their community.

As the owner of One Shot Firearms Academy, KiOwana prides herself in teaching the importance of firearms safety and training as a Certified Firearms Instructor. Her goal is for women not to fear firearms but to know how to safely and properly use them in the event they need to. She also makes travel dreams come true through her Prepared Place Vacations business. KiOwana compiled her love for Beauty, Family, Food, Health and Fitness, Self-care, and Travel in one location as a blogger through her It’s a Busy Life website.

Even though it seems she does a lot, KiOwana knows the value of time and peace. Whether her Wonder Woman cape is on or off, KiOwana’s family is her number one priority. RESILIENCE is a word that she uses to describe how she balances her life. From her unbearable challenges to an abundance of blessings, being able to bounce back from adversity is very important.

We had the opportunity to sit down with KiOwana and learn the back story behind her passion and will to help so many.

You are the epitome of Outstanding Entrepreneur! Your titles are Active Duty Soldier, Philanthropist, Published Author, Certified Firearms Instructor, Moebius Syndrome Advocate/Coordinator, Personal Travel Agent, Blogger, Honorary Kentucky Colonel, Sergeant Audie Murphy Award recipient, Master Fitness Trainer, Health & Fitness Coach, and Real Estate investor. What do each of these titles mean to you? 

We are definitely much more than our titles, but my titles means hard work and the fact that I didn’t settle. From a very young age, my mother always told me that I would do great things. The things I’ve done and the decisions I’ve made are to put my entire family in a position to prosper and have generational wealth.

Tell us more about your community efforts, specifically ‘Team Phillips Back to School Blessings’.  During the pandemic, how did your community efforts have to shift, if at all?

Team Phillips Back to School Blessings and Blessing Bags came about from me noticing a need in the community. I can’t help everyone but I can definitely help someone. With Back to School Blessings, our family purchases backpacks throughout the year and fills them with new school supplies. In July, these backpacks are then sent to children ages 5-18 across the U.S. who are in need and don’t have the funds to purchase these items for school. We do not receive any donations.
The same goes for Blessing Bags. Homelessness doesn’t necessarily mean living on the streets. There are so many people in need of basic living items. During Christmas our family packages bags filled with hygiene items, snacks, devotionals, cards, etc. We then take these to our local shelters.

“Steps for Khaleb” is another community engagement. What is “Steps for Khaleb”?  Explaining to our readers what Moebius Syndrome is.

Moebius Syndrome is a rare condition where the 6th and 7th cranial nerves in the face are paralyzed. Our oldest son Khaleb was diagnosed with it at birth. He cannot smile or make facial expressions. Steps for Khaleb Challenge is when we challenge families all over the world to get active by getting as many steps in together within those specified days. All funds raised are directed donated to the Moebius Syndrome Foundation. This will be our 5th year.

OK, so I am in awe of all your endeavors; but when I saw One Shot Firearms Academy, my heart filled with joy.  What is it like being a female Firearms Instructor? Do you experience any backlash for being a female instructor?

Being a Firearms Instructor is amazing. My business is blessed and I truly believe that it’s because women are excited to be educated and trained by someone who looks like them. I train men, women, and children but my focus is on women. I truly believe in self-protection and firearm safety. We are our own first responder. Whether you own a firearm or not, you and your family should at a minimum know the Firearms Safety Rules. 
I’ve never experienced backlash as of yet but if that day comes, I’m sure I can handle it will confidence and class. 

  Your blog is located on the “It’s A Busy Life” website. How long have you been blogging?  What is the blog about?

I’ve been blogging for years but never had a location for all of my creativeness. My website covers Family, Food, Health and Fitness, Self-care, and Travel. From delicious recipes to the hottest in travel to self-care love languages, I’ve got you covered.
Every article isn’t for everyone but there’s an article for everyone.

The word RESILIENCE is used to describe your go go go life.  Why resilience and what does that word symbolize for you?
I have been to the depths when it comes to my son’s health, hospitalizations/near death experiences, relationships, domestic violence, depression, career challenges, and life in general. The definition of resilience is the ability to bounce back from adversity. If it wasn’t for God, my mother’s/grandmother’s prayers, and me being able to bounce back from the things that have happened in my life, I wouldn’t be the woman I am today.

KiOwana reminds us of her favorite quote:

“Never get too busy to enjoy the things that make you happy.”


Connect with KiOwana:


Motivation on Fleek: Meet Some of the Ladies of iCrushGoals

Pretty Women Hustle Interview with iCrushGoals

Pretty Women Hustle magazine is joined by a few of the members from iCrushGoals; Lisa George, Eseverere “The 5-9 CEO”, Taneisha N. Ramsey, Sandra M. Chaney and Gissele Donovan.

1.How did you form this group of positivity? What made you decide to do this? 

Lisa: As I get older, I pay very close attention to my soul guidance.  So, in the fall of 2019, I received guidance to do so, and although I was really busy at the time, and did not understand the why, I formed the “universe”.  Today, with all the powerhouses who are members, I understand the why.  Together, we are stronger than individually, and we’re doing great things. 

2. The world is opening back up. How can people adjust and stay positive during this phase of “new normalcy” after such a rough last year and a half? 

Lisa: Embodying the essence of one of Bruce Lee’s quotes would be helpful.  “Be Water, My Friend. Empty your mind. Be formless, shapeless, like water. You put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle. You put it into a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.”

Eseverere: Definitely, a positive attitude can go a long way in times of stress. Take care of yourself. Fill your cup to foster positivity and resilience. Try positive self-talk and write down your strengths. Also, look into starting a gratitude journal.

Taneisha: Remember to be still a little longer recognizing that your own breath and pounding of your heart is a beautiful reflection of life.  Remember to appreciate the gift of not only life but relationships that God has allowed us to sustain. Lastly always focus on what you’ve gained and not what you’ve lost.

Sandra: One of the things I learned during this last year and a half is to honor my feelings and take it one second, one minute, one hour, and one day at a time. Do what feels right for you and your spirit and remember to breathe. 

Gissele: Understanding that God gave us another chance to live and now more than ever is time to start being grateful and positive about hard times.

3. Can you share with our readers what true wealth is? 

Lisa: Health, peace, ease that comes with enhanced financial literacy & applications, freedom to live out my divinely instructed life mission, reciprocal & consistent relationships (in all areas), balancing ‘work’, play, and rest, and living my life as if it is a hobby.  

Eseverere: Personal true wealth is impact. How you make others feel, the ability to bring out the best in others, and the ability to live life in your own terms and make significant impact in life.

Taneisha: My true wealth is peace in my spirit first and foremost. Next, my mental health, relationship health and the way my body feels and looks.  I deliberately focus on these areas daily, remembering Life is a journey that requires keeping a steady pace.

Sandra: True wealth is your state of being, your health, soul, and spirit. There is only one you. Taking care of yourself first in every area of your life will yield the assets of wealth, such as money, authentic relationships, and other desires of your heart.

Gissele: For me, true wealth means being aligned with happiness, health, and passion about life.

4. Can you give us some insight on how to create generational wealth? 

Lisa: Enhancing on what my family taught me.  Also, accepting that there were things that I was not taught (which is okay) and being very intentional about learning those things and implementing them.  Also, understanding and dissecting how emotions drive my financial decision-making has changed my trajectory as I am now able to navigate and am creating generational wealth through a Lisa with higher self-paradigms.    

Eseverere: I believe that when it comes to generational wealth, it’s not much about what you leave for your dependents, it’s what you leave in them.

Taneisha: Place generational wealth and legacy on the front of your mind as a possibility for your family. Start assigning the money you do have, make a budget with a line item for generational wealth savings. Obtain multiple life insurance policies to ensure you’re not leaving any debt. 

Sandra: Generational wealth starts with your inner core values. Everything you do and create starts with how you see and value yourself first. It is an inside job. The creation of wealth starts with an energy that you set forth. Whatever you create based on your inner core values will remain, good or bad. 

Gissele: First, find your passion in what would be that thing that you will do even if they did not pay you for it. Second, take action and develop that business or join a movement to help you reach your goals, and third BE CONSISTENT! 

5. How can we protect our mental health in a time when we are bombarded with such negative news? 

Lisa: Smiling… I do not watch the news.  The inflow of ‘news’ is consistent so if there is anything

that I need to know, I’ll know.  I keep my head to the ground so am very aware of what I need to be.  I stay engaged with taking in higher vibrational things, have hobbies that I love, practice lots of self-care, say “no” to a lot, and am very mindful of who and what I associate with.  Energy exchange is real. 

Eseverere: The easiest suggestion will be staying around from the news as much as you can. You can be aware but not don’t allow it to consume you. Fill your mind with things that make you happy.

Taneisha: Create boundaries that limit any type of negativity in your life. Start your day off in gratitude, meditation, and or prayer. This daily habit will set the tone for the rest of your day.

Sandra: Be mindful of what you’re watching and listening to.  Schedule your time to decompress and release. Protect your peace and space by removing yourself from negative things and people. You are your greatest asset and your mental health drives everything else. Remember to BREATHE! 

Gissele:  Surround yourself with like-minded people and invest in your personal development watching YouTube videos, podcasts or programs that help you grow your mindset then you will bombard everyone with positivity.  

6. What are some upcoming projects you all are working on?

Lisa: We’re still on the Celebrating Life, Celebrating YOU!! Virtual Female Empowerment Tour and working on an anthology of the same name. There are some other things but we are keeping that hush, hush for now – tee hee.  On a personal level, I’ve been speaking and hosting.  I also released my first book of the same name as the motivational tour and the first in a series. – Celebrating Life, Celebrating YOU!!: What that looks like on a daily basis and especially during challenging times – which became an Amazon Best-seller.

Eseverere: Personally, getting on the tour with my Celebrating Life, Celebrating YOU!! sisters and motivating the masses.  Also starting to write my book.

Taneisha: Currently I’m working on a children’s movie script to uplift our children’s self-image. Also I just joined, Believe in Your Dreams Television’s Media Bosses 21 city speaking tour. We are coming to a city near you to inspire and transform audiences into taking action and stomping on the head of fear.

Sandra:  I am working on three new books as a co-author, 1) thriving after a suicide attempt, 2) with my husband on entrepreneurship, love, and money, and; 3) with my fellow tour sisters that speaks to Celebrating Life, Celebrating you and lastly a candle/spa line to help women create their own sacred spaces. 

Gissele:  Helping more women create another income from their phones by looking beautiful and

doing what they are already doing on social media but now is the time to monetize!! Also, keep growing my podcast “THE GIGI FACTOR” and keep speaking FIRE, and re- launch my GisseleCreations sports clothing boutique again.

About the iCG Universe: In the iCG (iCrushGoals) Universe, iCGions are crushing their goals and celebrated – NONSTOP!! The continuous creation of small AND/OR micro wins are encouraged as they lead to GRAND/EPIC goal attainment ~ they lead to things that look like magic ~ as if one is riding air. We celebrate often and connect these individuals to others doing the same. To find out more or join the Universe, please click here.

#AirRiders #WeRideAir #WeCrushGoals #ItLooksLikeMagic #ItAintMagic #TheWorkWorks

Breaking Down Barriers One Voice At A Time With CEO Sherrikka Myers

Sherrikka Myers is a dynamic visionary with a heart for children in her community and across the world. She diligently helps families of children who stutters, have low self-esteem or low self-confidence improve their quality of life by breaking down communicative and social barriers.

Myers created Every 1 Voice Matters, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, after witnessing her first grandchild’s struggle with stuttering. She decided to use the same technique she used as a child herself battling with the same issue as a foundation for her organization. Growing up in a single-family household with limited resources, reading was the only tool that helped get her stuttering under control.

Since then, Myers was determined to help kids grow and prosper in all aspects of their lives, but she knew before she could help them, she had to first believe in herself and believe that her voice truly did matter.

Myers then became a national speaker, children’s book author, certified life coach, creator of Lil Herbie (anti-bullying & stuttering awareness mascot) and the founder of Every 1 Voice Matters & The Lil Herbie Series & Lil Herbie Series Book Collection.

Myers believe that everyone voice matters and travels across the country to spread this helpful message. Every program she has developed has come from first-hand experience of what kids today are facing and going through.

Myers has developed engaging programs such as the Lil Herbie Animated Series Word of the Day, C.L.A.S.S. (Core Life Academic & Social Skills) Lil Herbie engagement activities and much more. These programs reinforce reading skills, financial literacy, mental health, stuttering awareness, self-esteem and build awareness of issues facing our children today

Myers is tirelessly creating things for her community and for the kids in the community. Each year during back to school she gives back hundreds of backpacks filled with school supplies to kids in the low-moderate income communities, she does online virtual events of empowerment for the kids/community, she engages with local community leaders on issue that affects the kids and how they can work together to improve them, she does a coat drive and Christmas pop up during the Christmas holiday and so much more through local events and fundraisers.

As a college degree educated entrepreneur, Myers experiences full gratitude when she sees the reaction of kids when they realize they can overcome their issues. She seeks to help kids not only overcome their obstacles, but also to instill in them the belief that there is nothing they cannot do with hard work, faith and determination and to not let anyone or anything stop them from fulfilling their dreams.

We had the pleasure of sitting down with the beautiful Visionary Sherrikka Myers to discuss her drive and determination to build a 501(C)3 that impacts the lives of so many youth.

  • How would you describe your brand in five words? Impactful, Bold, Outgoing, Ambitious, Unique
  • What message do you hope young children gain from participating in Every 1 Voice Matters? The message I hope young children gain from participating in Every 1 Voice Matters programs is that everybody is made special and unique in their way and we all don’t look the same, sound the same or act the same and that’s okay, but everyone’s voice still matters and to never be ashamed of who you are.
  • What challenges have you faced while starting your business and trying to reach the community? One of the biggest challenges I faced is getting people to realize how much stuttering affects our kids emotionally, mentally, and physically. People didn’t realize how many kids were affected by this speech impediment and how it can hinder a child from becoming the best version of themselves.
  • How do you balance life as an author, speaker, and life coach while running a company? This has always been a hard question for me because I still don’t know how I balance all at the same time. I would have to say running my nonprofit allows me to include all of the different entities. My Lil Herbie Series Book Collection ties into the work I do with nonprofits, which I use to empower kids.
  • What advice do you have for a mother with a child struggling with stuttering? The best advice I can give a mother who has a child who stutters is to have patience and encourage her child to take their time when they are trying to talk. I also would advise them to seek a speech pathologist as soon as they notice that their child is having any type of speech issues.
  • What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles? My definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustle is a woman who knows what she wants and doesn’t have a problem working hard to get it. She knows there will be challenges and sometimes she may feel like giving up, but the hustle and grind in her, won’t allow her to do so. She is pretty, but that is just something that comes with the package because her hustle and grind are what makes her attractive.

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Why it’s okay to make mistakes as an entrepreneur

No entrepreneur wants to make mistakes that could lead to failure because failure is terrifying for most of us. Although our mistakes don’t define us as people, they are difficult to overcome for most people and are therefore avoided at all costs. Yet, both academic research and practical experience have indicated that failures are, in fact, an invaluable opportunity for entrepreneurs to take advantage of. Indeed, failure is often a necessary part of the path to success!

Any successful person can tell you that they made many missteps before getting to where they are today. Failure was part of their journey. Check this out – some of the most famous examples of celebrities who have failed several times and have been enriched by it.

To fail is to have the opportunity to start again in a more intelligent way.” 

– Henri Ford

Although mythical today, Henri Ford was not an overnight success. Five years before he founded Ford Motors Company, he created another business that did not work and made him lose all his money.

Success is a bad teacher. It makes smart people think they are infallible.” 

– Bill Gates

Before building the empire that is Microsoft today, Bill Gates also saw his first entrepreneurial experience fail.

Believe in your dreams, no matter how impossible they are.” 

– Walt Disney

Although today the name Walt Disney resonates in all of us, this was not always the case. The company’s founder was fired by his newspaper editor and was even told that he lacked imagination before going through a series of failures that forced him to close his first business. Fortunately, he was able to bounce back and create what will be a huge success!

For entrepreneurs, the key to success lies in knowing how to react to their mistakes and reap lasting benefits. The only question you need to ask yourself is, what has my business failure taught me? 

Why does every entrepreneur need to fail at some point?

If you’re never failing, you’re probably never really winning either. If you succeed in everything you do, perhaps you are not taking big enough risks and are missing out on many challenges and extraordinary successes.

Failure forces you to adopt a growth mindset keep in mind that every rejection brings you closer to success. This way, you will no longer see failure as something wrong but as an opportunity to learn from it and improve by stepping out of your comfort zone. Use rejection as a coping tool. You can always improve by being willing to go beyond what you know and learn to use rejection as a tool for adaptation. 

With each failure, you will learn how to achieve success with your next move. So, keep failing and keep trying! 

  1. Failure forces you to think differently

Without ever making mistakes, we would all keep doing the same thing over and over again. Because why change if it works? However, by always using the same approach, you won’t have new ideas. The consequence of failure is that it pushes you to innovate and think outside the box, so use it to your advantage!

  1. Failure inspires creativity

I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” 

– Thomas Edison

Making errors is one of the most effective ways to acquire new ideas. Mistakes force you to push limits and look for new inspiring solutions. It enables you to experience a more creative thought. This shift in mindset, which is more optimistic, can provide good energy for creating new concepts and better ideas.

  1. Failure helps us learn to be resilient

As Albert Einstein said, “failure is success in progress.

By making mistakes, admitting them, and growing from them, one can become a stronger person. Overcoming daily challenges requires flexibility and perseverance. Only by stepping out of your comfort zone and facing rejection can you build a solid mental and improve your resilience.

Small Town Hero: Beauty Supply Store Start-up

Do you live in a small town? Do you have to get your beauty supplies from Amazon because the local beauty supply is the size of a closet and only stocks the same 5 items? If this is you…then I’m going to show you how to be the small-town hero and start your own beauty supply chain with little to no start-up money needed. Be the hero in your small town and start a lucrative business in a $380.2 global, billion-dollar industry, expected to reach $463.5 by 2027. (Report by Allied Market Research, as of 2019)

There is a huge surge in natural skincare products and ingredients, advanced beauty treatments, and increased consumer awareness are creating more opportunities than ever before.

How could your online beauty supply store done when COVID hit and as long as beauty supply stores were closed? Do you think that was the last virus we’ll ever see in our lifetime? What if I told you that you too can now be a part of this growing and thriving industry, without having: to look for a retail location, expensive licensure, shelves to purchase, install, then stock; hire employees, or store inventory.

I know you are thinking, “This is too good to be true, what’s the catch, Renee’?” There is none. You are looking at Stewart Beauty Supply Store. We have a physical salon but if we ever have to shut down, our beauty supply business, has everything our clients need with the click of a button.

As of this year, statistical analysis has shown that in the US alone, there are approximately 91,000+ beauty, skin and fragrance retailers, with an annual $21 billion dollars in revenue generated. Whew! Studies show that the industry is on track to grow by 4.7% each year, with Sally, L Brand, Sephora and Ulta dominating the industry, with a growth in products that increase youthfulness.

Despite these staggering numbers, Black beauty supply stores only own approximately 3% of the racial market, despite the low hanging fruit of most beauty supply stores is… Black. We need to start building and supporting in our own communities.

‘We have to stop letting other cultures come in to our communities, who don’t live there, and opening businesses that cater specifically to us. We must start to open our own businesses, especially the ones we dominate financially in. “

L. Renee’

To open a retail location would require licensing and permits with different restrictions per state. You will need staff to run it, find a physical building, etc.

What if I told you that you could have your own Online beauty supply store, fully stocked, with website and payment integration for FREE with no catch. If you really want to supercharge your business, you can add more products and customization for $39.99 a month. Our beauty supply store, Stewart Beauty Supply, does better than the salon some days. #BigFacts

Yes. You heard me correctly.

It’s an arduous journey to open a brick and mortar store and compete with the big boys, so why not join them?

For private one on one consultation on how to best utilize this opportunity, please email me at StewartBoutique.com@gmail.com (It looks weird but please type it exactly as you see it).