Julie Shaw introduces Selful: A Beginners Guide to Mental Alchemy

Meet Julie Shaw, aka Jewlz, aka SunGoddess Bruja, aka Ojibwa Atum-Ra. She is Selful: the master of her own mind and healer of the universe in her own right.  An evolving individual growing in her Selful journey. I was able to catch up with the lovely Jewlz and get some insight on the latest launch of her debut book, Selful: A Beginners Guide to Mental Alchemy, and journal, Selful: A Guided Journal birthed from her 5+ year spiritual journey. 

Her journey started in 2016 after two influential losses. Suffering from severe anxiety and depression resulted in medicinal intervention. Jewlz believed that traditional medication would not help her and opted to try something more suited for her. After traveling outside of the country and really opening herself up to the world and exploring life outside of her comfort zone, she was able to see life in a renewed perspective and stressed the importance of holistic healing and being connected with oneself, arising Selful. 

Stepping outside of her comfort zone was hard, but she truly believes- If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you!

  1. What was your purpose and drive for writing Selful: A Beginners Guide to Mental Alchemy? 

My purpose for writing Selful was to be able to give back as well as advance the collective. The principles stated in the beginner’s guide to mental alchemy come from a download I received from the UNIverse. I spent days, weeks, and months understanding, incorporating, and overstanding these principles until I was able to properly apply them to my life. Once I was able to do so, a whole new world opened up for me that I wanted to share with others. I was able to utilize these principles to manifest the life of my dreams so it’s important for me to share this information with the world. 

  1. What impact do you believe you have made with your story? How do you want your story to impact the lives of others?

The impact I have seen my energy create is one of positive action! Very early on in my spiritual journey, I learned that growth does not happen in comfort zones. Each and every day, it takes everything in me to keep going. To get up, to start anew, to not worry about the past, and to be grateful for negative events. That is what I put out into the world as well as what I receive back tenfold. Furthermore, I’d want my story to assist in the healing journey. Diving below the surface and into the DNA of our spirit. Most people don’t understand how deep spirituality is so I feel a duty to expose the rawness and depth of what it has to offer. 

  1. What does Selful mean to you?

Selful isn’t something I do or practice, it’s who I am. Selful is an archetype, it’s an energy field that one can tap into in order to create change. Being Selful means that I overstand the piece of the UNIverse placed within my possession and vow to honor it in every way. The process of unlearning to relearn is essential when upholding the Selful archetype. Above all else, leading with kindness, compassion, and caring for not only others but for oneself. 

  1. How do you incorporate Selful in your everyday routine?

I incorporate the energy of Selful into my everyday life by leading with positive action. I am the master of my own UNIverse- the chariot and the magician. As a mental alchemist, it’s essential to not only flow but create. Through the processes of self-discovery and shadow work, I am able to maintain a clear overstanding of self as well as work to break generational curses. The manifestation aspect of Selful is simple- match the frequency of your desires. Constant self-sacrifices for my greater good assist me in moving in alignment with my highest self. 

  1. What is the selful movement and how can people support it?

The Selful Movement is an array of tools created, curated, and handcrafted to assist one in the journey of becoming Selful. The Selful: A Beginner’s Guide to Mental Alchemy provides you with the knowledge needed to start your journey. The Selful: A Guided Journal is how you apply the knowledge to your everyday life. Selful Yoga meets virtually every week. The fee is pay what you can and it is online every week. The Selful Online Course and Selful Oracle will be dropping soon, as well as the entire shop of tools which includes- alkaline crystal elixirs, alternative medicine, crystal pipes, a variety of smudge sticks, meditation stones, handcrafted skincare items, and much more! We make manifesting simple by assisting you in matching the frequency of your desires. Vibe high.

Purchase your copy of Selful: A Beginners Guide to Mental Alchemy today! 

Selful: A Beginner’s Guide to Mental Alchemy | SGB

Stay active with Jewlz and join the Selful community by connecting with her on social media. She is very active in the community with events and workshops so stay tuned and follow for all the fun things she has in store. 

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Facebook Main Page: Sungoddessbruja – Home

Facebook Selful Group: Selful: A Guided Journal Safe Space

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“If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.”- Ojibwa Atum-Ra. 


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