Balancing Beats and Motherhood: The Inspiring Story of DJ Red Bottom

Desirea “DJ Red Bottom” Coyle is an upcoming international DJ from the Hudson Valley. She expressed her love for music at an early age, and she also has strong community ties. When Highland Falls was hit with torrential rain and flooding, she did not hesitate to help in any way she could.

Allow me to introduce to you none other than the amazing Desirea Coyle, better known as DJ Red Bottom:

Q: Where are you from? Where did you grow up?
A: I’m from Highland Falls, NY, which is located in the Hudson Valley area right outside of West Point Military Academy.
Q: How did you become interested in becoming a DJ?
A: Ever since I was a kid, I was in love with music. I used to dance, rap a little, but I was basically the “DJ” since I was little. I would grab all the hottest new music, record the dopest joints on the radio, and blast my boombox everywhere I went. I played the music at all the house parties and even jumped on the decks at school dances.
Q: What inspired you to pursue a career in music and DJing?
A: Originally, I started out as an on-air personality for an online radio station that a couple of my friends started in 2013, Dope Beats Radio. A while after that, two of the DJs, DJ Bump City & DJ Spin One, took me under their wing and taught me how to really DJ on turntables. I got really good really quickly and started getting booked maybe 6 months after I began. I knew then, after feeling the crowds, the energy, and the nostalgia, I had found my calling.
Q: Can you describe your DJing style and the type of music you enjoy playing the most?
A: I’m definitely an open-format DJ with an urban flair and crazy energy. I love all genres of music, but Hip-Hop is absolutely my first love.
Q: What challenges have you faced as a female DJ in a male-dominated industry, and how have you overcome them?
A: There have been too many to even address, honestly, but a lot of it is jealousy, especially from men. A lot of disrespect and being talked down to or doubted because I’m a female. We face so much adversity and sexism in this industry, and it’s all due to the way we intimidate males thinking this is “their thing.”
Q: Could you share an example of a memorable DJ gig or event that you’ve played?
A: My very first gig was during Super Bowl weekend, and I opened up for Chuck Chillout, whom I had listened to on the radio as a kid. I remember he told me, “Oh, you’re gonna be a problem, son” lol.
Q: How do you stay updated with the latest trends and music genres in the DJing scene?
A: Listening to the radio, traveling, and really staying active in the lounges & nightclubs. Oh, and of course, social media.
Q: Are there any female DJs who have been influential to you and your career? If so, who are they?
A: Most definitely, DJ Coco Chanel. I listened to her as a kid, and she blew my mind. She was doing all the dope stuff the guys were doing on the turntables, at the time not many other women were.
Q: What do you consider the most important skills for a DJ to possess?
A: Knowing your craft, the history, and reading your crowd. I think loving what you do and really embracing it just shines through, and the energy just takes over whatever stage you’re performing. People feel that, and they feed off of it.
Q: How do you engage with your audience and create a vibrant atmosphere during your performance?
A: Giving them the most energy and the best that I can each and every time. It’s not just a show, a performance, or a gig. It’s a complete experience I try to bring each and every time. Talking to them, including them, and making the audience feel like they’re not just there but a part of the experience. It creates memories that they’ll never forget.
Q: How do you manage your time and balance your personal life with your DJing career?
A: I really haven’t completely mastered that yet. Being a mother is always my first and most important thing to me, so everything else kind of comes secondary. I pour my all into DJing and my career but in moderation. It’s all really just a big balancing act, and once you feel like it’s under control or figured out, something else changes or comes along.
Q: How do you handle requests from the audience while maintaining your own artistic integrity?
A: It really depends on the situation. If you hire me, you’re trusting me to provide the musical soundtrack to your event. I take that extremely seriously, so I ask for suggestions and special requests before I’m booked. After that, just let me do what I do…
Q: What exciting projects or goals do you have for the future as a DJ?
A: I have a lot of really big things coming up. I’ll be DJing with Big Daddy Kane at an upcoming event, and I’m really excited about that. I don’t like to speak about too many upcoming goals/projects. I like to keep them at bay until the time is right. There’s a lot of bad energy floating around, so I don’t want to disturb what’s brewing…
Q: Can you share any advice for aspiring female DJs who are just starting their careers?
A: JUST KEEP GOING. Learn the craft and make it your own and ROCK THAT SHIT!
Q: Where can people find you on social media?
A: All social media @dj_redbottom
Q: Any last shout-outs you want to give?
A: Big shout-out to the super entrepreneur DeShanda Carter for her guidance and patience with me. Thank you for ALWAYS BEING YOU, DIVA! My partner in Life DTA Experience (Diamond) for always having my back and pushing me to be great, especially when I’m not always feeling it. You need people who are going to push you, tell you the truth, and make you feel uncomfortable, and I appreciate and admire him more than he knows for that. And last but certainly not least, my daughter; she is the driving force and battery in my back. She keeps me motivated and ambitious. The biggest reason for my being is her.

DC Carter

I was born in Harlem, NY, and was raised in Bronx, NY. I am a divorced mother with two adult sons who currently reside in Orange County, NY. I am a noted actress and member of the Screen Actors Guild/Aftra. I have appeared in one major motion picture, Dangerous Minds, and several other stage and television appearances. I enjoy writing, singing, acting and reading. I am also a retired New York City Department of Correction, Captain. I served my city for 20 years in this field before taking on the role of a full-time entrepreneur. I currently own and operate Simply Carter Corp, Carters Diva Glam Mobile Party, Diva Glam Grown Up Edition, Simply Carter Events and Carter's Caring Hands Inc. I am a 2x published author prior to joing the Pretty Women Hustle team. I have a YouTube channel called Simply Carter Corp where I host a show called When the Blue Comes Off. Lastly, I am a licensed life insurance agent working in the financial industry. My goal is to build a brand that will empower girls and women to become entrepreneurs and let them know anything is possible.

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