Day: September 29, 2021

New Online

Meet Upcoming R&B Rockstar: Beauty Marsh

The R&B Rockstar: Beauty Marsh has been a musician ever since she was a child. Whether it was singing or playing an instrument she did it and still does to this day. Beauty has always showcased her love for music and her talent any chance that she got. She performed in talents shows, concerts, events, […]

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Pretty and Creative

Meet Argentina Harris: Creator of 60 Second Clip N Go Hair Topper

Argentina “Tina” Harris, licensed cosmetologist, educator and creator of the 60 Second Clip N Go Hair Topper™ – a customizable styling alternative for women impacted by hair loss. Tina created the hair topper to address her own experience with alopecia and it later became a popular styling option for her clients that are impacted by hair […]

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