Meet Upcoming R&B Rockstar: Beauty Marsh

The R&B Rockstar: Beauty Marsh has been a musician ever since she was a child. Whether it was singing or playing an instrument she did it and still does to this day. Beauty has always showcased her love for music and her talent any chance that she got. She performed in talents shows, concerts, events, everything. As Beauty got older and started to discover her sound she realized that she wanted to combine two genres that she loves dearly, Rock and R&B. Beauty Marsh is going to take over the world with her sound and change the way people see rock and r&b. Beauty released her first single in 2020 that has been played on the radio multiple times, played in content creator’s videos and so much more! Beauty released her music video for nostalgia in 2021 on her 21st birthday as a gift to not only herself but her supporters.

Beauty released a NEW single called “X” this year on August 31st. She’s excited that her supporters finally heard her rockstar side.

Beauty’s EP will be released in September of this year as well! Her EP is filled with r&b and rock and things that her supporters wouldn’t expect from her. Beauty Marsh is here to stay and to pave the way for other musicians like her that are breaking down doors and expectations of black musicians.

We had the opportunity to sit down with Beauty Marsh discuss her inspiration behind her latest music.

Describe your music in five words.

Rich, powerful, soothing, euphoric, and bold 

Who would you consider your musical influences?

Rihanna, H.E.R, willow smith, Paramore, Avril Lavigne, Summer Walker 

Listening to your single Nostalgia, what was the creative process like?

Creating Nostalgia was honestly such an easy process for me. When I first listened to the beat which was produced by Shawn Jackson and Co-Produced by Donald Walker, I automatically felt nostalgic and I just knew that nostalgia had to be the name of the song. I literally wrote nostalgia in like 20-25 minutes and it was so easy for me. The words just kept flowing and flowing and it just made me become better as a songwriter. The creative process was honestly one that I would go back to if I could. I remember it as clear as day.

You have a new single “X” Being released this month, what message do you hope women take away from this particular song?

Honestly, “X” is the ultimate break-up song. In breakups, there’s always those stages of sadness and disbelief and then it’s anger. X is the anger stage. I feel as though musicians don’t write about the anger stage enough and if they do it’s glamorized. I want women to feel empowered and know that they are everything and more even after a breakup. For my women that are going through breakups or even divorces, it’s okay to be angry and X lets you know that what you feel is absolutely validated but don’t hold onto that anger forever. 

What is next for Beauty Marsh?

There is a lot I store for Beauty Marsh. I am currently working on my EP which is set to be released in September. I am about to go on tour! The first show is on October, 8th,2021 in Delaware on G&R campgrounds! I will be performing more within my area and continuing to build my fan base.

If you could collab with any musical artist who would it be and why?

This is a very difficult question but I would have to say, Rihanna. Rihanna fits my sound more than anyone. Rihanna has done rock and alternative r&b before and it fits her so well. Those are the specific genres that I’m bringing together and she’s definitely someone that can do it all. Our music would be amazing together.

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles?

My definition of a pretty woman who hustles is a woman that works hard and makes it happen, even if she has to do it on her own! She is determined to achieve her goals and dreams no matter what obstacles she faces and no matter how long it takes. 

Connect with Beauty Marsh by Listening to her music and visiting her Website

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Watch Nostalgia Here:

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