Meet Author and Film Writer Tia Rodriguez

Tia Rodriguez was born and raised in Virginia. Graduating from the University of Phoenix with a Bachelors’s degree in Psychology. Tia’s love for writing runs deep from an early age. She released her first two books in 2009 before graduating high school.

As time went by Tia invested and molded her craft of writing and eventually released two more books this year. (H.E.R Beautifully Twisted World and The Perfectly Imperfect Mom)

Many don’t know that Tia is not only a self-published author but she has a gift for writing and directing films. September of 2021 Tia wrote/directed a short film (N’Denial) and currently working on her next film “Rose”.

With the success of her books and films, Tia has been able to launch a podcast called “Auntie after Dark” where she can let loose and channel her inner old soul while advising along with her opinion regarding today’s news and gossip.

Auntie after dark is available on iHeart Radio, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and more.

Tia has plans to continue expanding her brand and providing quality content that meets her audience’s needs.

In celebration of the debut of Tia’s new short film N’Denial we had the pleasure of catching up with her to gain insight into her passion.

When did you realize you had a passion for writing?

I loved reading on my downtime as a kid but I hated the fact I could figure out what would happen before finishing the book. This lead me to write in several notebooks until I was gifted an old desktop which made it a lot easier for me to write. I like to make sure that I always add a twist to my work so that other readers would be lost. Lost in my world and they wouldn’t know how to get out until I allowed them to. Balance baby balance.

What is the creative process like?

My creative process begins with “Tia, What would you do if you were in this situation?” Everyone has a alter ego I stand on that. The question is which one will show up and what will the outcome be. In my writing, my character can be a broken female who wants revenge and will tear down anyone who gets in the way. But in the words of Sheree Whitfield “Who gone check me boo?”

What message do you hope women take away from your work?

The one message I hope women take away from my work is that no dream is too big. With faith, dedication, and authenticity you will reach your goal and while you’re on that journey you are inspiring the next little girl to do the same.

Where do you hope to see your work in the next 3-5 years?

In the next five years, I am praying that I am offered multiple movie production deals. I don’t want to be a one-hit-wonder. I want multiple deals for different projects.

What is next for Tia?
I will continue to write and create short films. A queen with experience and imagination can never have too many stories to share.

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