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Meet Nicole Monay, entrepreneur and founder of Brandifi. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Monay and her team at Brandifi are committed to bringing a brand to life through design. Having the desire to be a broadband service provider, Monay utilizes technical skills to provide personalized designs that are unique to the narrative and identity of companies both large and small. She strongly believes in sharing her knowledge and information with others in order for them to thrive in business. Monay coaches other entrepreneurs, especially women, in business development, public relations, marketing, networking, and branding so that they can become more successful in their own entrepreneurial endeavors. Monay also believes in the power of diversity and creativity, ultimately using her business as a space for minority women to develop greater skills and seek jobs in the technical field.

Who is Nicole Monday in four words?


What inspired your start in branding and design?

I founded Brandifi after a successful but contemplative employed career. I always had an entrepreneurial edge in life and it was not difficult to venture into this world. I founded Brandifi with a broad and change-making vision. The name Brandifi is derived from the word ‘Brand’ which has strong associations with employing creativity to attract customers. In starting my entrepreneurial journey, I created a platform that is designed to fill any brand technical skills gap—from any small business to large companies.

 When it comes to client experience, what is Brandifi’s approach to design and branding? Is it per client basis?

Our mission is to make sure that we are guiding our clients to their definition of success. It’s important to listen to our client’s needs and help them throughout their journey with a personal touch. 

What would you consider to be the top 3 most important aspects of a brand’s online presence?

The top 3 most important aspects of a brand’s online presence: 

  • Understanding your brand’s target audience
  • Knowing exactly how to market to your ideal consumer.
  • Pivoting within your business at all times. Continue to try new and authentic ways to market to your audience. 

 Can you take us through the day in the life of a brand designer?

I start my day by meditating and getting my son ready for daycare and then immediately I begin working, tackling emails, phone calls. My team works remotely and squeezes the benefits of a remote setup for training and other inductions. I truly value effective communication and understand that it is an integral part of running a successful venture.

What are the most common misconceptions when it comes to branding and design?

Most people when they think of branding and design, think about things like logo, color scheme, font styles, and packaging design. These are all concepts that tie into branding, however, the MOST important aspect to branding and design, is understanding your audience. Before you begin on any design concepts or logo creation, you want to figure out who you are marketing to? Who is your ideal consumer? What does that ideal consumer like? The answers to these questions are the things that your logo and design concepts should emulate. 

 Can you share the message behind your new podcast “Sis start your business”?

Start Your Business Sis is a step-by-step guide teaching women in business the steps I recommend when it comes to starting and handling their business. Not only that, within a business, I believe it’s important to walk by faith and not by sight. Trying to grow a business is extremely challenging, and moving by what we see can discourage us. Keeping faith alive while educating ourselves is a must. 

If you could collaborate with any brand, who would it be and why?

Own TV. I would love for there to be a reality TV show on women growing their businesses. Not the pretty, but the hot mess that’s included. It’s important for people to see the truth. 

What is next for Nicole Monday and Brandifi?

NFT’s. The Metaverse. Digital Media and Women in tech are growing in popularity more each day. 

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles?

A pretty woman who hustles, gets the job done each day. Is relentless with unwavering faith. She understands the importance of balance and pivoting at the same time. She lives life to the fullest while never forgetting to share and pass on the love and information to other pretty women who hustle. 

Connect with Nicole Monay and Brandifi online on their site. Visit Nicole’s Brand here.

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