Pretty Holiday Gift Guide 2021

As Christmas approaches there isn’t a better way to shop than from a small business. Shop our Holiday Gift Guide filled with products by women for women.

  • The Bird That Flew With One Wing: Pauly The Peregrine By: Author Amina Aziz

This interactive story and colouring book makes the perfect holiday gift! Readers of all ages will find this compassionate literary experience a heart warming delight. The book explains that a bird flying with one wing, something seemingly impossible, is not too big of a job for The Most High!  

Purchase your copy here:

  • Sweet Delivery CEO: Carrie Jenkins

Sweet Delivery Located in New Jersey, ships USA and Canada

Send a thoughtful sweet appreciation gift to family, friends, clients and coworkers instantly via email or text! They pick their own favorite treats and we ship directly to them! 

Shop your favorites here

  • Tolson Publishing CEO Dr. Raykel Tolson

A family business of author-publishers that publishes books that make you think about what you think about. At this time, they only publish books that they write, but they do offer workshops and self-publishing and writing consultations.

Support Tolson Publishing

  • War after the Military by Author Tammie L. Otukwu

Tammie L. Otukwu is an Author, U.S. Army Sergeant First Class Retiree, Certified Life Coach and she currently works for the Veteran’s Administration as a Legal Administrative Specialist. She holds a master’s degree in Psychology and Management, a Green Belt Certification in Lean Six Sigma and has taken numerous military and civilian training courses. She received a certificate of Appreciation from President Barack Obama upon her retirement from the Army after serving over 26 years.

Her book, “War after the Military” gives a keen insight into what happens mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially to transitioning military personnel and those who love and depend on them. This book will address questions about the military life of a soldier and provide valuable resources for Veterans and their families. Tammie Otukwu speaks from her own perspective as  an African-American woman about her life, military journey and the years of adjustment after the Service.

Purchase your copy here:

  • Nspite of Apparel CEO: Vanessa Tyus

Online business specializing in Inspirational apparel, Books, Health and beauty etc.

Hoodies: $40

T-Shirts $12

Long Sleeves $15

Hoodie/Pants se: $60

Sizes: small – xlarge

Plus sizes 2x and up $3 more 

Colors: Black, Red, Gray, Burgundy, Navy Blue

Purchase your pieces by visiting

  • The Self Care Pusher Brand CEO: Latrina Caldwell

Latrina Caldwell provides Coaching,consulting and mentorship through her brands. Within her company she pushes out Selfcare products, books, collaborations to meet the needs of women in her community.

Connect with Latrina at

  • Mapleberry Tea CO. CEO:  Ashaunti Clemons

The ultimate Southern Tea Experience. Extraordinary teas meet unparalleled presentation for an exceptional experience that could only be Mapleberry Tea Co.

Centrally located in Broward County, Florida. (With mobile services available); Also, online.

Purchase your tea here:

  • Blossom Beautiful Boutique CEO: Laqawanda Dewese 

Qawan started Flor Hermosa Blossom Beautiful to remind herself that despite the pain she experienced  was only meant for her good. It allowed her to Blossom into the woman she is today. Her mission is to remind women to not give up but to allow that pain to blossom them into a badass! #blossombeautiful #idareu 

Confidence is the best outfit Rock It! 

Online Boutique Based in Florida

  • Errica’s Treasures CEO: Errica Treasures

Errica’s Treasures is a handcrafted beaded jewelry business. Our handcrafted jewelry is to help elevate our customer’s confidence, self-love, and body positivity awareness with beautiful handcrafted adornments. Visit our website to view details of our treasures.

Purchase your beads here:

  • Author Yolanda Williams

Tantalizing Tales: Erotic Sexcapades (Volume Book 1):

Here lies within these pages are tales of women who are aware of their sexual desires and not afraid to flaunt them. These women are confident in their skin. They know what they want and have no problems demanding them, as a matter of fact, it is a requirement. They accept nothing less than what they deserve.
Step into this three-part compilation of short stories-Hot, Sizzling, and Blazing. These stories bring you some steamy sexcapades from a woman’s point of view. From the college sweetheart, to a lawyer in need of release, to the stripper who is a boss, you will be tantalized from beginning to end.
Bounded By Love:
Asia Brooks thought she escaped her past but little did she know it has caught up to her. Running away from her abusive boyfriend, she has moved from state to state until she finds herself in Charlotte, North Carolina working as a security officer. As Asia tries to settle into a new life in a new city, she unexpectantly finds love from the one man she never would have thought, her boss.
Darnell Whitworth, II is one of Forbes richest bachelors and has become Asia’s guardian angel without her knowledge. Knowing who she is the moment he laid eyes on her, Darnell secretly swore to protect her at all cost and with that he devised a plan to get her closer to him. Not aware of the extent of Asia’s story, Darnell is drawn into a web of lies, seduction, and a ransom that could destroy his image an that of his family.
Will these two overcome the drama that is lurking around them or will they both fall victims to it.

*This is a revamped version of the original book. You still get the original but with more content to the story.*

Opposite Sides of the Track:Candice Carson is an around-the-way girl from the hood of Atlanta, GA. Her salon and spa, Candyland, is one of the most sought out places for women of all backgrounds to get beautified. This, however, doesn’t take away from the issues she faces in her relationship with her boyfriend Jevar. When trying to keep the spice alive, she made a mistake that changed her life.Bryant Verdell McIntosh is one of the world’s richest bachelors and the CEO of the family business he took over. His no-nonsense to get what he wants in the boardroom and to take his company to the next level, puts him in a compromising situation with his ex-fiancé.A text sent to the wrong number cause these two lives to collide. Before they know it, they are in a whirlwind of a relationship that is not without drama.Will their encounter lead them to a relationship that will stand the tests of time, or will the tests they face fail them and leave them scarred?Opposite Sides of the Track is filled with sexcapades, drama, and action that will have you wanting more.

Purchase yours here:

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Jakia Cheatham - Myles

CEO/Founder of Pretty Women Hustle Magazine

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