The Queen of Media: Trenice Brinkley

Trenice (Chi Meechieono) Brinkley is the co-owner of Two Queens Media and a seasoned public relations/media professional with over 20 years of experience. Her areas of expertise include public relations, publishing, brand planning, and talent management. We create and initiate innovative ideas that lead to brand-building opportunities and partnerships.

Trenice is an alumna of both Georgetown University and Cornell University. She also has several professional certificates that include Women Entrepreneurship, Business Technical Writing, and Crisis Communication to name a few. She also sits on the board of Women of Color Leadership Coalition, Inc.

Who is Trencie Brinkley?

Trenice J. Brinkley is dedicated to helping my family build a legacy of success. “I enjoy telling engaging, thought-provoking stories that engage readers and create brand recognition.” I am a U.S.-based Chief Communication Officer / Publicist at Two Queens Media. And your go-to expert for coverage in the U.S., UK, Canada, Australia, and/or France. As founder and co-owner of the full-service public relations, publishing, and talent agency Two Queens Media, I am also known as Chi Meechieono, a seasoned public relations/media professional with over 20 years of experience. My areas of specialization include public relations, publishing, and events. Trenice is an alumna of Georgetown University and Cornell University, as well as holding several professional certifications.

When did you discover your love for media and sharing stories?

Middle school was the beginning of my love for media and sharing stories. Every time I wrote my biography and introduction, I imagined I was on the Oprah show. I would make up stories and mimic the White House Press Secretary. I later became the Editor-in-Chief of a magazine called Teen Times Today while still in high school. The magazine was written by teens for teens. This publication was distributed throughout Miami Dade Public Schools. Consequently, I was fascinated by stories and media very early on in my life.

What has been the most rewarding and challenging part of your career thus far? 

Finding new clients is part of my job as a PR professional. Two Queens Media has been around for quite some time. We have been fortunate enough to have a steady flow of clients since Covid 19; our policy is that we only work with clients that can benefit from our services. Since the pandemic, we haven’t been able to service our clients in person; however, since we serve international clients virtually, converting to a full virtual model was simple. Some potential clients wanted Public Relations but didn’t have the budget or didn’t have a compelling story to communicate about their business or product. Two Queens Media helped companies resolve these issues by providing them with a PR audit to understand what was needed to continue working together. My most rewarding experience as a Publicist is watching something that I helped to build with my clients grow, teaching new publicists, and meeting new people.

Can you tell us about Two Queens Media?

Our mission at Two Queens Media (TQM) is to CREATE brand-building opportunities that INITIATE ideas for engaging brands and consumers that result in partnerships. Our motto is “Your Brand is Our Business”. We’re a full-service public relations, publishing, and talent agency dedicated to advancing business, sports entertainment, content curators, writers, and more. TQM works with clients from launch to market. We specialize in brand and entertainment promotion, product placement, and media exposure. With our industry knowledge and experience, we have paved the way for brands to become industry innovators and household names.

What advice do you have for brands looking to gain media exposure?

Being consistent in your field is the best advice for any brand looking for media exposure. To put it simply, become an expert in your field. Network, network, network because you never know who you will meet and what doors may open due to your network. Last but not least, find a publicist who understands your brand’s direction.

What is next for Trenice and Two Queens Media?

Two Queens Media will launch a new division focused on talent and casting in 2022. 

If you could collaborate with any brand, who would it be?

It would be great to work with the National Football League and the 107 historically black colleges and universities.

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles?

A Pretty Woman Who Hustles is a Queen who works hard while educating herself and her community. She envisions and manifests her growth and reinvents herself along the way. She exudes confidence, and those attached to her understand her magic.

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