How Dr. Robin B is Creating her own lane in the Health,Beauty and Now Fitness Industry

How Dr. Robin B is Creating her own lane in the Health,Beauty and Now Fitness Industry


Dr. Robin B (@dr.robinb) is a pharmacist, entrepreneur, fitness enthusiast, podcast host and social media influencer.

 Dr. Robin B has created her own lane in the health and beauty space by aligning with missions that promote holistic health from the inside out. She has taken the fitness world by storm by partnering with top fitness companies like 1st Phorm and Buffbunny Collection. Fashion is also a passion of hers which has given her the opportunity to work with renown brands like Pretty Little Thing. Her medical knowledge has also afforded her the opportunity to create and produce her very own skin care brand called “Muze Labs” @muze.labs. She is a philantropist and community leader who has curated multiple service initiatives in the underserved community, most recently, sponsoring events at a transition home in Los Angeles called The Alexandria House. Dr. Robin B’s primary goal has been to entertain while educating, which is why she also created a podcast in which she hosts weekly called “The Dose Show”. The podcast @thedoseshow was established to provide a platform for influential guests to provide insight on educational information and training from topics such as health, medicine, personal relationships and career planning. Dr. Robin B is a multi-talented individual in a multifaceted digital world who uses all of her platforms to inspire and educate others.  

When did your love for fitness and wellness begin?

As a former athlete, training in soccer to cheer and dance, staying active has always been a part of my life. In all the sports I’ve played, conditioning of the body was very important and emphasized in order for peak performance. Relying on my muscle memory or athletic physique was a mistake as I got older. It wasn’t until the pandemic hit and we were forced to stay inactive that I noticed changes in my body from not working out. I knew something had to change so I began to focus strictly on good dieting and cardio daily during the pandemic and fell in love with it. The rest was history!

 If you could tribute your success to anyone who would it be?

My success comes from God and myself. I believe we are motivated by others, but ultimately success comes from within. Why? Because we define it. Since we are the ones that determine when we are successful, we make it all happen. Nothing I’ve ever done came easy, but I’ve never expected it to. I really am a strong believer in discipline and hard work so it’s been amazing seeing what comes out of that. 

Some may not know you also have a brand dedicated to skincare, can you tell us about Muze Labs?

Convenience is important to people in fitness or with active lifestyles. Muze Labs is a routine-based skincare system backed by myself, a pharmacist and fitness influencer, built with clean ingredients to combat sweat and provide positive long-lasting effects for the skin. It is inspired by active individuals and athletes that perform at their best and we believe their skincare should too. Our 3-minute pre and post-workout skin sessions will transform your skin as you transform your body. Muze does it all because you do it all.

You have a new fitness app that just launched, tell us about it? 

The Dr. Robin B app was created to help busy professionals transform their minds, body, and spirit through effective workouts and optimized nutrition plans. As a pharmacist, I have a holistic approach to health from the inside out and these easy-to-follow online workouts will get you to your fitness goal. There are programs, targeted workouts, recipes, discounts on athletic gear, nutrition guides, music playlists all personally curated and demonstrated by yours truly. 

 What can women expect from your app, what are the benefits?

Women can expect to build lean muscle, curves, gain abs, and boost their overall immunity through my exercises. There’s also an online community where we can talk and discuss progress. The cute workout clothes don’t hurt either!

How can readers sign up for your new E-Course Academy? It’s not available yet, but stay tuned into to my Instagram page for announcements!

What is next for you?

There is so much releasing for me at the top of this year. All of which will add value to each and every one of my followers and supporters. No more playing small. These projects have been in the works for months and now it’s time to share them with the world. 

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles?

A pretty woman who hustles isn’t afraid to take chances. She tackles every obstacle with fierce femininity and helps out other women around her. She never limits herself. She doesn’t give up on a dream and executes every time. That’s a pretty woman who hustles!


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