A Pretty Success Story with Kenisha “Miami Tip” Myree

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Kenisha “Tip Drill” Myree, professionally known as “Miami Tip”, is a living success story. Known for her vibrant and witty personality, it’s hard not to love or know her.
The Long Island NY native was raised by her single mother which helped her become the independent woman she is today.

At 10 years old she moved to Florida and fell in love with The South Florida culture. Throughout her life, she has always been in touch with her creative side through writing, drawing, and dancing. Although she was underage at 17 Miami Tip quickly found success as a dancer and garnered respect from all around.

Miami Tip’s unique dance routines at her show along with her personable personality and stunning beauty attracted fans from all over the world. She became known for her dramatic and daring pole routines, which quickly allowed her to be one of the most influential and discussed dancers in the entire nation, landing her various accolades.

In 2012 Miami Tip was involved in a tragic incident, falling 30 feet from a pole and sustaining multiple injuries, and as a result, was forced to retire. Shortly after her recovery, Miami Tip built her portfolio as a writer, recording artist, performer, author, reality star, and entrepreneur.

Throughout her dance and music tenure, Miami Tip developed many relationships with various powerheads such as artists like Plies and Nicki Minaj. Also, Miami Tip was able to record and work with artists like J. Cole, French Montana, Trina, and Gunplay to name a few.

During the Covid 19 Pandemic, she was forced to pivot and launch her successful lounge and sleepwear brand “Stay Fly In My Sleepwear.”

Fans and supporters can expect to see Miami Tip grace their screens in 2022 after landing a major acting opportunity.

We had the pleasure of sitting down and asking Miami Tip a few questions and gain insight on what a Pretty Woman Who Hustles means to her.

We all know and love the vibrant, go-getter Miami Tip we see on television: Who is Kenisha Myree when the lights and cameras are off?
Kenisha when the lights and camera cut off is a devoted mother and businesswoman. I spend most of my energy building my businesses and making sure my son is prepared to do the same.

At what moment did you discover your gift for music and dance?
I knew since 1st grade I was different. I always had a lot of personality and wasn’t scared to be in front of an audience. So when I started doing dance groups in middle school, I was already prepared. As far as the music it was always just a way of life for me. Music has always been a form of release for me.

Can you remember the song you first created a routine for?
The first routine I did was in a praise dance group and the song was we fall down but get up by Donnie McClurkin

You didn’t limit your love for music to dancing, you are a rapper and songwriter as well, when did you realize rapping needed to be a part of your journey?
I had a traumatic accident that kind of made me get out of my comfort zone and made me realize I needed a plan b and c and d etc. right before my accident I had played around with music as a joke but I gained a lot of attention. People kept asking when I was gonna do more freestyles. So from then I just started taking it seriously and learning the music business.

You have several songs out; one of my favorites is “Low Key featuring Fetty Wap” Can you share what the creative process was like for you?
The creative process for low-key was amazing. I worked with a group of people who really made me do things I wasn’t used to musically. Like singing lol. That was like my first real record as far as production. It was definitely a great creative process.

Take us through the day in the life of Miami Tip, what does self-care look like for you?
The day in the life of Miami Tip is pretty much very productive. I wake up and tend to do all my business which consists of emails, zoom meetings, and strategizing. By mid-day, it’s time for me to focus on my son and by night it’s time for me to get outside have my face on the scene, and network. My days and nights are pretty much all business lol

You are also an author, in 2016 you released “The Bottom Line” can you share the message behind this book?
The message behind my book “The Bottom Line” was basically for me to let people know that exotic dancers are people too. Meaning some of us have struggles or real situations that landed us there. And that we are not to be looked down upon because we doing what we had to do. At least I can say that’s how it was in my generation. This new generation glorifies it a little bit to much for me and to each its own but in that game, only the strong can survive.

If you could leave the next generation of entertainers with a message what would it be?
If I could leave the next generation of entertainers a message it would be to have a goal. Complete your goal invest your money and get out.

What is next for you, what can we expect from Miami Tip in 2022?
What’s next for me is really promoting my book. Turning my book into a series and focusing more on my music artist Alexia JAYY and a couple more I will be introducing.

Take a moment and listen to our favorite song by Miami Tip here.

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