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T.L. Blythers is a dynamic educator, author, entrepreneur, consultant, & inspirational speaker. Her platform, “V.O.W” 9 points of Impact, is a simple shared message of self-inquiry, which requires individuals to radically change perspectives about decisions & goals in life. Ms. Blythers engages, empowers, educates, and encourages the audience by incorporating her practical, spiritually-based solutions while integrating inspirational personal experiences. Her consulting business, EduVizon, LLC provides empowerment education and hosting/emcee services designed to enhance, provide clarity, transform & achieve desired premium results. She is a master trainer/facilitator, author, educator entrepreneur, & transformational speaker. She has authored several books which include, Mika Dika Foster KidPatches Batches of EmotionsV.O.W. 9 Points of Impact: Transformational Guide to GreaterThe Whole Truth: So Help Me Teachers a co-authored story with other educators from around the nation, and God’s High Destiny Women: Business Devotional, which is a #1 Amazon Bestseller, You Can Have It All, and Courageous Enough to Launch, which is also a #1 Amazon Bestseller, You Are Enough, International Best Seller.

She is the “Upperroom Writer”.

This powerhouse of wisdom and knowledge has educated thousands of challenging individuals to dream BIG, catapulting them to a well-defined destiny. As a child advocate and author, her children’s book series, Mika Dika Foster Kid, serves as a lighthouse of hope, providing a stronger resilient voice for children globally. Additionally, T. L. Blythers serves as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) providing a voice for foster kids in the courtroom. Blythers’ foster care network expands from courtroom child advocate Judge Glenda Hatchett to Grammy Award-Winning R & B artist Anthony Hamilton, who served as one of the national spokespersons for CASA.

As a veteran educator, Blythers has been awarded the title “Teacher of the Year” from the Muscogee Educational Excellence Foundation in 2002 & 2007.

As a powerful, charismatic, and authoritative voice on vision, purpose, entrepreneurship, and empowerment, in 2011, T.L. Blythers was honored and recognized by the Minority Chamber of Commerce as one of Columbus Georgia’s 20 Top Women of Influence possessing distinction & leadership for longstanding commitment to the community, and Outstanding Business Woman of the year 2021 by Iota Phi Lambda Sorority Inc. T.L. Blythers stands firmly on the life principle, “You are a product of your expectations, not the limitations.”

You are a well-rounded entrepreneur, educator, and inspirational speaker: How would you describe yourself as a writer?

As a writer, I engage, empower, educate, and encourage the audience by incorporating my practical, spiritually-based solutions, while integrating inspirational personal experiences.

You are the author of several books: At what point did you realize you held a gift for writing? 

I realized that I had the gift of writing decades ago while teaching language arts & creative writing to my students.

What is the common message you hope women take away from your work? 

The common message I hope women take away from my work is embedded in my platform, “V.O.W” 9 points of Impact, which is a simple shared message of self-inquiry, which requires individuals to radically change perspectives about decisions & goals in life. Additionally, the 3 takes aways from V.O.W. 9 Points of Impact are:

  1. Enlighten to awaken & sharpen your insight.
  2. Empowered to take action & be proactive.
  3. Encouraged to keep moving forward & be progressive. 

Where do you see yourself in the next 3-5 Years? 

In the next 3-5 years, I see my speaking platform touching and transforming more lives. Also, I will have masterclasses and coaching opportunities to assist people facing life’s challenges. 

Do you have any upcoming projects in the near future?

 Here are some upcoming projects for 2022: Born to Be Dope project & summit with an audiobook, Northwestern Mutual “Leading the Way” Conference, & a children’s book release

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