Real Estate On the Rise

Investing & buying property

With rent prices going through the roof of something you do not own. Finding a realtor seems like the best way to go. Buying a home is a lifetime investment. Ownership is key to becoming your own landlord. That is what freedom looks like. Giving back to your family and having a place to call yours is an American Dream everybody hopes for. 

How to make the first steps into a Home Purchase

  • Maintain your income and savings
  • Find a credit union to get you pre approved
  • Find a Realtor to help find you the house of your dreams
  • Apply for Grants
  • Get a Lawyer



Many ask “how do I invest into Real Estate”? Thanks to how updated technology is, they have apps to assist you. is one to name a few that gives you the access to bid on properties located within 50 miles of your area. There is a new released app called Fundrise  that allows us to invest with as little as $10 to commercial and residential buildings. These easy to navigate tools open up the possibility of making 6 figures a year.


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