She’s Pretty and Black Owned: Meet Allena Grant

Moods was founded in 2019 by company CEO Allena Grant. Her love for funky eyewear turned into her passion of wanting every woman to feel as good as she does when she wears a pair of frames.
At Moods Eyewear they offer eyewear frames that capture your every mood. Whether you are feeling classy or funky, there is a frame for you. Their handmade Italian eyewear is made up of an eco-sustainable cellulose acetate which means it’s eco-friendly fashion.

What inspired the start of “Moods Eyewear”? 

I was inspired to start Moods Eyewear during the pandemic when I was laid off from my job. I really had the time to dig deep and started to research successful people. I noticed a trend in what they were saying and it started with finding your passion. So I searched for my passion and my purpose in life. Little did I know my passion and business had been sitting right between my eyes for years. I realized I had a passion for shades/glasses. I loved going to the optical store and picking a new pair of frames out since I was a little girl. There was no limit to how much I would spend when it came to a pair of frames I had to have. I always received compliments on the frames I chose to wear. So one day it occurred to me that I should start my own luxury brand of eyewear…So I did!

What has been the biggest challenge of running a brand like “Moods Eyewear”?

My biggest challenge has been marketing my luxury brand and finding my target market. I am a Black woman trying to establish a luxury brand. However, my biggest challenge does not feel like a challenge at times because I am following my passion and love doing what I do.

How does ” Moods Eyewear” impact the community?

I have been wearing frames my entire life and I realized that when I receive compliments on my frames it would put me in a great mood. So I wanted to create a frame that empowers women and boosts their self-esteem when they wear the frame. I know that when a woman feels beautiful the community around her is affected by her presence in a positive way. As I grow, my goal is to donate luxury eyewear to domestic violence survivors and underserved communities.

Can you share the creative process that goes into releasing a new frame for Moods Eyewear? 

I find inspiration in everything that surrounds me. I try to keep an open, creative mind when I am taking a walk or even when I am watching an old Hollywood movie. I found inspiration in old Hollywood when designing my first frame. I wanted to create a classic cat-eye frame but with a modern twist. My first frame is cat-eye at the top of the frame but squares out at the bottom. The temple of my frames displays the word MOODS in stainless steel because I wanted the wearer of my frame to turn heads and catch peoples’ eyes. 

Where do you hope to see your brand in the next 3-5 years?

I hope to see my brand established as a worldwide luxury eyewear brand. I also plan to design a men’s frame and incorporate an aspect of technology into my frames. 

What advice do you have for the next generation of entrepreneurs?

Whatever your business idea is please do not be afraid to just start! Your first step is the biggest step you will ever take in seeking your goal. You will be surprised at the doors that will open and where your idea can take you if you just keep believing in your dream! You have to step out on faith and believe in yourself/business even if no one else does. 

What does being “Pretty and Black Owned” mean to you? 

Being Pretty and owning a Black-Owned Business is a blessing. Being Pretty to me is being pretty on the inside which will reflect in your black-owned business. When you are a genuine person with great character people will be attracted to you and therefore attracted to your business. Being Pretty and Black-owned is important to me because I want every woman to feel pretty in Moods Eyewear. 

Connect with Moods Eyewear: 

Instagram: moodseyewear_ 

Tiktok: moodseyewear


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