Entrepreneur vs Employee.

                     “Are you ready to start a lucrative business?”

Here are a few things you should consider before taking that leap of faith.

Pros and Cons as a Entrepreneur            

Unlimited pay increaseNo health insurance
Work your own ScheduleNo paid time off
Payday is everydayNo social security benefits
Low taxesNo tax refund
You set your own priceNo guarantees 


Being an entrepreneur places most of the responsibility on you. Which is why it can be a difficult transition if you have not set up other alternatives. 

Please be mindful that you can purchase health insurance through the health marketplace, as well as life insurance for you and your family. 

Setting your own price,  managing your money with a savings account and hiring an assistant will help you when you need a break from your own business.

 You can set up a business account that is separate from your day to day checking account. Spending appropriately will help build credit. 

It’s all about taking a risk and believing in yourself and the business you choose to create.

Akilah Roberts

An Authorpreneur of Phenomenal Expressions who teaches you to be expressive in your beliefs, goals, and motives. Follow me via Instagram @quietstormauthor for more.

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