Celebrating With Pride Through Advocacy With Author, Shalamar Parrish

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June is Pride Month. While it’s a cause for celebration, it’s also a time for awareness and advocacy.  Author Shalamar Parrish is using this month to advocate for the LGBTQ+ community in various ways.  Her steadfast outreach continues to grow in amazing efforts.  Shalamar’s support within the LGBTQ+ community is also bringing more awareness to what is needed in order to see adequate change.  In addition to her work with foster care youth and human trafficking victims, Shalamar is also advocating for safer spaces. “I have been trying to bring awareness to transgender assaults and murders. I have seen firsthand how they are discriminated against and sometimes victims of worse crimes,” Shalamar says.

Her outreach is also personal based on the loss of one of her dear friends. ”My friend was a transwoman. She was murdered at the age of eighteen and her murder is still unsolved. I often speak about this at several events and I’ve  written about it in my book “Leading Lady”. Several times a year I still contact the Columbus, Ohio Unsolved Crimes Unit to see if they have solved her case,” she adds.  She is definitely dedicated to having her friend’s murder solved while also advocating for the safety of and prevention of future LGBTQ+ crimes.  Shalamar’s book “Leading Lady” is also a wealth of knowledge, support, and resources for others despite it being a fictional novel.

It serves as a resource for those who often feel isolated and neglected within vulnerable populations.  The novel is also loosely based on the author’s real life events.  “Leading Lady has so many educational layers to it. I wanted to show the reader that despite what they’re going through at the moment, there is always hope and opportunity for a greater tomorrow. The story shows struggles and triumphs,” she continues.

Advocacy can often become weary on those who have a mission for change.  However, Shalamar Parrish continues to rise to the occasion by remaining positive in her passion for what is right.  “I try to stay focused on the fact that we all were created by God. I was taught no sin is greater than the other, therefore I can only hope that everyone that I come in contact with are people who are operating from a place of love,” author Shalamar Parrish continues.

When she’s not writing or advocating, Shalamar is serving as a business owner.  She is the proud owner and designer of her own clothing brand known as 2 Dayz Woman. “I have always been interested in the fashion industry. I was inspired to start 2Dayz Woman Clothing Line at the age of 14,” she adds. “I wanted women to have a brand that inspired and empowered the past, present and predestined woman. 2Dayz Woman is beautiful, educated, motivated, dedicated and opinionated because they are liberated!,” Shalamar expresses confidently. 

So much is in store for Shalamar Parrish.  She is successfully blazing her own path for justice, boss moves, and creative expression. She’s already setting her sights on her future goals within the community. “In five years 2Dayz Woman will be a global brand. My books will all be bestsellers and will have a great impact on our society, especially with foster children. My non-profit organization will be thriving,” she manifests. “In ten years I will be 54. I will be retired and finally able to take a much needed vacation!,” she adds.  Connect with Shalamar Parrish to learn more about her brands, outreach, and upcoming writing projects. 

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