The Miseducation of Becoming an Adult

The author and owner of Phenomenal Expressions presents an awakening anthology for young mature adults. Born and raised in Rochester NY where Fredrick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony paved the way for women just like her. She has had the opportunity to stay in the heart of the most influential and historical neighborhood; Mayor’s Heights for the past 7 years.

In those 7 years, it’s no surprise that her creative spirit took over, allowing her to leave her teaching job and pursue a writing career. She has held many titles over the years, but an author is one that she carries with grace. This will be her fourth published book within the Amazon market and her goal is to enlighten the upcoming generation.

When did you develop a love for writing and sharing stories?
In school, English was one of my favorite subjects. It wasn’t until college they allowed us the freedom to write on topics of our choice. That was when I tapped into expressing my inner self and using my writing as my voice.

Is this your first anthology, what is special about being able to bring authors together on one project?
This is my first anthology and it started out as just an idea. I didn’t expect to get up to 12 people from all around the USA to unite with me. It means a lot to me because it reassures me that people see me and relate.

If you could use any four words to describe this series as a whole, what would it be?
I would have to say this series is Phenomenal, Heart-felt, Relatable, and Dynamic.

What message do you hope readers take away from this project?
I want them to grasp the reality of each story. Every author put a lot of effort into completing this and many of us cried as we released a lot of pain onto paper. Its purpose is to find those who can relate and share a moment or two.

Walk us through the process of putting this body of work together, what were the most rewarding and challenging parts?
Overall I am proud of myself. It took about 7 months to reach completion. With this being my first year as a published author and book editor, I took everything as a learning experience. A chance to grow my business and make connections with others was my goal.

Who is this book for, who would you say is your book’s audience?
The target audience is college students but overall, adults 18 and over. As they are stepping out on their own I believe reading up on a diverse group of men and women would be beneficial.

Where do you see this book going next?
All platforms including libraries, colleges, and online.

How can readers connect with you and your brand?
I am heavily into social media, you can visit my website, google me or even type my name in the Amazon search bar and all my books will pop up.

Do you offer services for new authors who want to begin their writing journey?
Phenomenal Expressions is my business name. My motto is to teach you to be expressive in your beliefs, goals, and motives. I offer anthology opportunities, to give writers the chance to write on their own topics. I also offer book editing services such as copy editing, structural editing, and proofreading at an affordable rate.

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The Miseducation of Becoming an Adult Anthology Series

This work of art was created to inform the youth about real life trials and tribulations that are common in today’s world. As a child we were protected by our parents/guardians, and they helped guide our actions most of our lives. It is most common to reach a certain age and make choices on your own, however with making those choices it is best to be aware of what can happen after your decision making. Most decisions are made based on emotion. You do things because it makes you happy, it brings you money, it builds your self-esteem, it creates a positive reputation etc. But most do not realize that feelings change. The world changes and people will change. You must be able to adjust to things you are not used to.

Creating a diverse reading of thirteen people from all across the U.S.A explaining their leap out into the world at an early age is presented to help give a reality to the dreams we often create within our minds. Understanding that, of course these situations can be maximized with proper education. Experience will always be your best teacher and for a lot of us personally would agree that some things cannot be learned inside of a classroom. You will have to learn through a series of obstacles. In this anthology we discuss our real-life experiences on topic’s such as moving away, becoming a parent, death of a loved one and suicide and depression to name a few. Each story is tailored made to adapt to the minds of a young maturing adult.


Michele Campbell, Silver Spring, MD, Kimberly Babers  Hinesville, GA, Tmhwriter  Dublin, CA, Joyce Jennings  Smyrna, GA, Jennifer Clark Columbia, SC, Adrienne Fenner  Dallas, GA, Colleen Williams-Rennie  Boston, MA, LaToya Nicole   Baton Rouge, LA, Nikita S Greer, SC, Princess Swank  Rochester NY,  Angelique Hamilton , Jacksonville, FL

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