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The Baltimore native started at a young age in the Music ministry. From playing the piano/keyboard, leading Praise/Worship, a part of the Liturgical Dance Ministry, Shenee’ (known as Nee’) Woodson, a daughter of pastors, began using her gifts at an early age. At age 18, she wrote and directed her 1st Children’s Christmas musical “David’s Promise” Gaining experience in Music, Marketing, Public Relations and Event Planning while serving several churches in the Maryland, DC and Virginia areas, she continued to grow.

As time went on, her passion for writing began to resurface. She later became the managing editor and writer for several established national magazines. With all of these experiences, gifts and talents, she cofounded Indimogul Magazine. As the Co-Founder/Editor IN Chief of Indimogul Magazine, she began putting her writing skills into full action. Due to her diligence and hard work, Indimogul Magazine in less than a year interviewed many known Christian individuals.

As the magazine progressed, it was laid on her heart to change the name of the magazine to better fit its content. After much prayer and consultation, she did just that! In January 2018, His Favor Magazine was born and soon after His Favor Ministries was launched as a business. Under His Favor Ministries’ umbrella, other publications, His Favor TEEN Magazine, Men Of Favor (spanish magazine, Revista Cristiana Su Favor) surfaced. These publications featured the likes of Joyce Meyer, David and Tamela Mann, Michael B. Jordan and covered red carpet events such as the NAACP Awards, The Stellar Gospel Music Awards and the list goes on. Shenee’ also helped other inspiring publicists to launch their own magazines.

After almost 4 years of success, the decision was made to put her publicist hat down and share content via YouTube and Facebook Live. Shenee’ has also announced that she has been diagnosed with a rare brain disorder, Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

Although she is claiming her healing, she has joined the fight to bring awareness to these chronic illnesses and started her newest business venture, Shenee’ Shares LLC.

Even with all of this, she serves as a professional development trainer for the Maryland Department of Human Services where she facilitates classes such as Public Speaking, Managing Stress, Ethics and Customer Service and many Leadership Development Trainings. Shenee’ is also pursuing a Masters of Arts: Applied Psychology: Developmental Psychology (degree). She also accepted the role as the newest host of Damascus Roads and serves on the board of directors for
Declaring His Works Inc. (non-profit organization to support breast cancer awareness). When it comes to determination and resilience, this woman of God is a great example and has a powerful story that is still being told.

 What has been your greatest achievement thus far in your entrepreneurial journey?

My greatest achievement thus far was when I realized that “His Favor” was recognized by people I never met. They didn’t know exactly who I was, but if I wore one of my His Favor T-shirts, they recognized the logo or heard of the magazine. This meant a lot to me because I always knew that the brand wasn’t about me, but about promoting other people and ministries. This was evidence that the mission was accomplished. 

What obstacles have you overcome to get where you are today? 

I’ve been diagnosed with a rare brain disorder, Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension (IIH) as well as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). These 2 chronic illnesses have taken their toll on me. With different doctors trying to figure out How to treat to 2 simultaneously, I always felt drained, dizzy, nauseous, and even moments of lost vision. It was hard trying to run a publication, finish my Master’s degree and even go to work. But to God be the Glory, I started another business “Sheneè Shares LLC” in the midst of it. I focus more on taking each day as it comes and being productive, listening to my body, and believing in God for healing. 

What role has social media played in your career? 

It has played a huge role! Not just when it comes to promoting and getting the word out about the brands, but the connections I have made with people across the world have been amazing. Some of them are like family that I’ve never seen in person except in a zoom call, but the mutual support of each other is something I do not think would have happened without social media… at least not so quickly.  

What advice do you have for women entering the entrepreneurship world?

 My advice would be to stay true to yourself… the woman that God created you to be. The stereotype that all women compete with each other is a narrative I steer away from. Being authentic in who you are as a woman allows you to focus on exactly how you want your audience or consumers to view you. Do not try to be like someone else because their business is trending or popular. You have to find your own unique sense and remember that there is room for all of us even if you are in a marker that seems saturated. 

  For New Journalists entering the media industry, what 3 keys would you share to achieve longevity in this industry? 

●Work in excellence. Even when obstacles occur, present yourself in a way that is full of integrity. 

●Fail fast is not a saying but it’s true. If an “oops” happens; sit back, learn from it and keep moving. Please do not give up or wallow in the space for a long time.

●Do not be afraid to research and reach out! The interviews are not going to come to you all the time. Constantly network! Even when you think you are known, there is someone that still needs to know you. 

You have recently launched a new interview platform that shares the stories of other creatives, can you tell us about that?

Gladly! I’m so excited about it! I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing some big names such as Michael B. Jordan, Joyce Meyer, and Tamales Mann. However, we are in a time where people are hurting. It has been my own experience that sharing my journey (the ups and downs) has aided in healing to others and even encouraged them to speak their truth. If we as creatives can be transparent and allow people to see the “not so glamorous moments”, yet we are still accomplishing goals and pursuing our purpose, I believe it will inspire others to not give up. It’s another way of saying “If I can make it, so can you”.  

Where do you see your brand in the next 3-5 years?

 Honestly, I have learned where I see my brand is null and void. I don’t mean to sound deep and spiritual, but God has shifted my plans on too many occasions. From changing the magazine’s name to the decision to end the publications and just stream live, I never know what is next for me. One thing I do know, in 3-5 years, I will still be obedient and continue to share the love of God; locally, nationally, and internationally. 

What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles? 

The definition is more than what meets the eyes. It is a lifestyle. It has nothing to do with looks. It is the mindset of a woman who knows who she is from the inside out. It is a woman who does what she can to be there for her family and even friends. She works hard to achieve goals but also works hard to be able to live her life as well. She is not afraid of hustle because she knows the reward(s) in the end. 

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