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For this month of August I want to introduce you to the word asset. Asset is something that you own free and clear that is of monetary value. For many adults, an asset can be a home, a car, or jewelry. How quickly you can turn something into cash may also be considered an asset. The most valuable asset is cash!

For a younger person that is still in school or college and does not have the assets listed above, you still have other types of assets. Your personal items, your clothes, your shoes, your jewelry, your iPad, your cell phone, your laptop, your school books, your bike, a hover board or a skate board are all considered assets. These are all assets that can produce monetary value if necessary.

Also another important asset that we often don’t consider is our knowledge. Knowledge is power and knowledge is an asset! The more knowledge you have, the more assets you have. The type of knowledge you have, may help you increase your material / tangible assets.

Remember if you do not have any of the physical items mentioned above, your knowledge is a very valuable assets. Keep obtaining knowledge and physical assets will grow! We can also Leave A Legacy Always, by passing our knowledge onto others.

Dedra Porter

L.A.L.A. Nonprofit Org.

I am originally from Richmond, California. I have obtained over two decades of payroll experience and knowledge and hold a national payroll certification as well as a certification in financial education. I have been blessed to establish a nonprofit organization, L.A.L.A. Nonprofit - Leave A Legacy Always. The mission is to help you improve your quality of life through financial education, while learning how to leave a legacy always. We also help our youth understand how their payroll checks are calculated and provide financial educational assistance. L.A.L.A. Enterprise, LLC, is also established, as an indie-author, I self-published $agacious $candals, the first in a series. By the grace of God, I wear many hats as a parent, grandparent, and business owner. I have yet to achieve my ‘greatest accomplishment’ and I am looking forward to pursuing "it". Please stop by our website and subscribe for updates

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