Pretty and Saved: Meet Dr. La’Quita Monley

Dr. La’Quita Monley is the CEO and master personal development coach of LaQuita Monley’s Solutions, where she teaches her clients how to pursue their purpose with a passion for reaching new heights in life and business.

Since 2010, La’Quita and her husband Ben have dedicated themselves to evangelism and discipleship. Ben’s military career moved the family from Texas to England, and this transition opened the door for them to begin their ministry on an international level. During their seven years living in Europe, the Lord opened doors for La’Quita to preach and teach in England, Germany, and Africa. Living and working outside of the United States enabled the military wife to gain valuable experiences while working with diverse cultures, ideas, and people

From her work in ministry, La’Quita noticed how people’s mindsets could often limit their success in both personal and professional settings. This inspired her to receive training and certification as a John C. Maxwell speaker, trainer, and coach. The personal development coach would then go on to produce her podcast, La’Quita’s Toolbox, which provided implementable life “tools” that lead to lasting success in life and business.

In 2022, La’Quita rebranded LaQuita’s Toolbox and changed the name to La’Quita Monley’s Solutions while still offering the same speaking and coaching services and continuing La’Quita’s Toolbox Podcast.

La’Quita’s undeniable zeal for life change is just as personal as it is purposeful. It was her deeply-rooted faith and disciplined thought patterns that helped her to persevere through the hardships of teen pregnancy and postpartum depression and navigate life as a military wife, overcome the unique challenges of living abroad, and rise as a multi-faceted woman of influence. Time and time again, the McComb, MS native has pressed forward, pulling on her inner strength, wisdom, and boldness needed to continue putting one foot in front of the other when naysayers let their doubts be known. Because she overcame, this woman of faith and purpose has no reservations about others’ ability to do the same.

LaQuita’s life’s mission is to guide, motivate, and equip individuals, small businesses, and corporations to soar to greater heights. This year LaQuita received an Honorary Doctorate and a Business Entrepreneur Coaching Certification from Trinity International University Ambassadors.

What Motivated you to start your own business? 

My business is an extension of my ministry. Through my company, I can serve individuals who never step foot inside a church or attend a church-related event. My passion is people building, and that passion is not limited to those that share my same faith system.

 Tell us about the process to start your brand, what did the beginning stages entail for you?

I was very reluctant in the beginning to step outside of my comfort zone because I was not sure how my business would align with who I am. To be honest, I wrestled with these concerns for several years. Little did I realize, as I continued pursuing my purpose related to ministry, I was simultaneously building my brand. Weekly, I would go live with my then co-host of the “Create Your Future Self Live” live broadcast and share tips to help entrepreneurs. Victor and I hosted the show for two years, and during this time, I was compelled to start my own podcast, and opportunities to speak presented themselves as well as opportunities to train realtors in my local community in the areas of sales and leadership, and communication. I was organically gaining traction and building a brand without really trying. I was intentional about connecting with and cultivating relationships with individuals that I had synergy with.  

Once I became intentional about building my brand, I focused on researching who my ideal avatar was and how to best connect with them. My top priority was building the “know, like, and trust factor” by creating “value-added ” social media posts, podcast topics, live broadcasting, and guest appearances on other platforms.

Tell us about your company  LaQuita Monley Solutions?

Our mission is to help our clients :


Understand Your PURPOSE

Walk in Your DESTINY

Whether your focus is on personal development or scaling your latest entrepreneurial venture, every successful project requires the right tools. LaQuita Monley Solutions’ passion is to partner with forward-focused women that are taking active steps to become the best versions of themselves. We help our clients discover implementable life “tools” that lead to lasting success in life and business.

 What role does your faith play in your business?

My faith is the foundation of who I am, so it is interwoven into every aspect of my business. In my new book, “Redefining Success 8 Tools That I Used To Develop A Growth Mindset,” I discuss my faith’s role in every aspect of my life. 

 How do you balance entrepreneurship and Faith?

That’s a great question and one that I was conflicted about for a few years, but I would grow to learn that I do not have to balance who I am. I am not separate from my faith, nor is my business separate from my faith. My faith is foundational to who I am, so I have learned that being my authentic self draws my ideal client to me. Biblical principles are the foundation of my life and business, and I have found that practicing these principles without compromise is key to what I have determined success to be.

  What has been your biggest lesson thus far in your faith walk?

The biggest lesson that I have learned in my faith walk is the difference between religion and relationship. Religion is detrimental to a healthy Christian walk, but a relationship is life. My intimate relationship with Jesus grows, matures, and produces positive changes in my life. 

How do you remain focused during the difficult moments of entrepreneurship?

In difficult times, my center is my faith. As Believers, the scripture teaches us the power of meditation and prayer. It is time spent in meditation on God’s word that stills the war raging in my mind. In God’s presence is the fullness of joy, and in his presence, I find peace, clarity, and the ability to sift through the clutter and noise to hear clearly and think clearly.

What is next for you, where do you hope to see your brand in the next 3-5 years?

In the next 3-5 years, I see my brand expanding to include a certification program that trains coaches and speakers. 

What advice would you give to other faith-based entrepreneurs? 

I would advise them not to separate business and ministry. Prioritize discovering who your ideal client avatar is and laser focus on how to craft your message to meet their needs. Research your avatar and create content that will build the “know, like, and trust” factor with your audience. 

Basically, be yourself and always add value.

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